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  1. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/08/montreal-impact-release-statement-affiliate-ottawa-fury-ceasing-operations This is the Montreal Impact's statement regarding the Fury's ceasing of operation
  2. All hope is not lost yet man. Let's see what tomorrow holds for Ottawa Fury's future. It could be excellent news
  3. Something similar to FC Edmonton, maybe?
  4. I hope not. I hope it's just us being paranoid. Trying to remain optimistic here. Tomorrow at 11am will be a very important time for Canadian Soccer
  5. I feel that. Looking forward to tomorrow now­čśâ S├ębastien, just to make sure you know, I copied and pasted your original post onto the CPL potential expansion clubs thread. I mentioned that it was you who originally posted that here. I hope you are okay with that
  6. Ottawa Fury to make a major announcement tomorrow... https://twitter.com/24thminute/status/1192547931817226248?s=20 This was posted by Sebastien on the thread Ottawa CPL Club. This could be huge. Assuming this is true, everyone better keep their eyes locked for tomorrow's announcement
  7. Now this sounds like big news. Who knows where this could possibly go? I am not going to lie. I feel like this is something potentially big
  8. I cannot agree with such logic. As Ansel had correctly pointed out, there is a fairly significant francophone presence in both Manitoba and Ontario, as well as in New Brunswick. The other point I will make here is that this is a bilingual country. I know people seem to argue against it, but it is a fact. Therefore, I think it is poor that the CPL did not go bilingual from the get go. Finally, just by the fact that there wasn't a French presence in most of the news articles and live broadcasts, that is going to make it difficult for the francophone community (especially those whose English is not strong) to get engaged with the CPL, or even want a francophone club to join the league. That being said, I hope there are some Qu├ęb├ęcois clubs in the CPL soon. That would make things more interesting. I'm just still keeping hope for one more team in next season's CPL
  9. If you don't mind me asking, which club does this season ticket rep represent? I'm starting to get that feeling as well. About a month ago I actually met David Clanachan face to face at one of Forge FC's games (turns out like me he has season tickets to Forge FC). That was the very question I asked him with regards to expansion. Unfortunately, he gave me the exact same thing we always hear from him. It's frankly starting to get boring. Just tell us whether or not there will be an eighth team next year. I listened to the clip posted earlier, and he mentions that if he was to be paid a buck for every time someone asks him a question regarding expansion, he could retire again. The wait goes on...
  10. Getting back to the topic at hand, I read the article that was linked to this thread earlier today (I reckon it was Ozzie who sent the link, so thank you Ozzie). There was mention that the Wanderers are already preparing their tickets for next season. Here in Hamilton Forge FC are doing the exact same thing. It was said that they were talking about 14 home matches on the CPL next season. Assuming that such is the case, we can still hope for an 8th team coming out in the coming months. In that case, of course, everyone would meet each other 4 times each, twice at home and twice away. I also heard that since York 9 guaranteed third place last night after defeating Valour, they will have a bye in next season's Canadian Championship, starting at the second round. I'd imagine if a new club does indeed join the CPL next season, they will lose their bye and start in the qualifying round with everyone else with the exception of Cavalry and Forge. At last night's Forge game, I saw a banner saying that Saskatchewan is ready for a CPL club for next season. It's the second banner I've seen. Don't give up hope yet everyone. I'm still remaining optimistic that someone will join the league for next season.
  11. I really hope CONCACAF and FIFA step in again with regards to Ottawa Fury playing in the USL. They have absolutely no reason to still be playing in the US system. So far, I think we can agree that the CPL has been, for the most part, a considerable success. We are even now seeing players being called up from CPL clubs for the Canadian national team. What benefit does the Fury have playing in the USL at this point? The adjustment to the CPL in many aspects would not be too difficult for them. They would still be guaranteed 15 home games a year (3 less than they are currently getting, this includes the Voyageurs Cup).
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