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  1. I'm quoting you but this applies to everyone else discussing this. Under no circumstances should we be aiming to return to an odd number of teams in the CPL. It's stupid, it makes scheduling a hassle, and the thought of teams having bye rounds again makes me crumpet. With that said, I know we're talking about golden number of teams in the league. I'm thinking that 12, 14 or 16 would be perfectly fine. If we do a dozen, as someone else said, 22 game regular season then split to have a top and bottom 6. Meet the teams in that section twice more and bam, there's your 32 game season. Works quite well. Fourteen teams? 26 game regular season and then top four plays playoffs, meeting each other twice more. That is 32 games max. Sixteen teams? Simply 30 games without the need for playoffs. There you go. No need to complicate things even further than that
  2. https://twitter.com/cplsoccer/status/1402996475219505154?s=21
  3. Since when have we stooped to the level of the Americans to which we give our spot to last season's champions? Ridiculous. What's next, are we going to give it to the most successful club in Canadian club football history just because they're the most successful? I refer to the Americans because they awarded a CCL spot to Atlanta who won the US Open Cup in 2019 (remember it wasn't played last year) instead of to Sporting Kansas City, the Western Conference Champions. That was even more of an abomination than Rollins' wonderful suggestion. Come on people, such an idea is a farce
  4. I agree with you both here. Ultimately, as I said earlier today, the primary part at fault here is the CSA, as they are the ones responsible for setting a date and time for the match reasonable to both clubs. With that said though, there is no denying that there is a bias towards the Canadian MLS teams in terms of benefactors. This is something that needs to be rectified though, as overall this is substandard for a first world country
  5. Fully agree. There's absolutely no way the Canadian team playing in an American league should be getting an advantage over a Canadian team playing in a Canadian league. Call it whatever you want. It is unreasonable to expect any team to be ready in 2 weeks for a match of such magnitude when they aren't even finished putting their squad together. However you want to slice this, the blame has to go on the CSA. They had this revised format planned from last summer, and we are a month away from the CONCACAF Champions League commencing, yet we do not even know who will be representing Canada on the continental stage. You can say we already had our changes via the CONCACAF League, which is true, but besides the point. For a first world country, this is substandard. None of us could complain if CONCACAF had said today that the Canadian spot is no longer available as a result of the delay. This is poor, and the CSA should be ashamed of themselves for this disaster
  6. That plus opens up the road to promotion and relegation down the road. Otherwise, this all would be pointless
  7. Because the man clearly doesn't know what he's doing. Making groups of 5? Absolute madness. Asking for West Germany vs Austria 1982 to happen again. Allowing for 11 of the 16 knockout round spots for teams from North America? UEFAesque. That's one worse than right now. They should have a maximum of 8. This isn't as good as it may seem
  8. Montagliani talked about the Central American clubs having a separate competition that'll serve in part as qualifying for this tournament. Same will apply for the nonprofessional clubs from the Caribbean (they'll continue to have their own cup, serving as qualifying). Basically, the CONCACAF League as we know it will cease to exist
  9. This is where you and I disagree. If those three Canadian teams want to qualify for the CCL, they should only have two ways in: - Winning the Canadian Championship, and/or - Winning the CCL There is absolutely no way those three teams should be taking American spots away from them, unless they intend to move there and become a part of USSF (something I sincerely hope doesn't happen)
  10. Couldn't agree more. I don't have a problem with the regionalized format, but having odd numbered groups just isn't right. That's a ticket for match fixing. Four team groups, everyone meets each other home and away. Poor thinking from CONCACAF here Plus, the number of spots awarded to each region is badly skewed. Too many spots for North America. They should have a maximum of 8 spots. Central America should have 5-6 spots, and the Caribbean 2-3. I'm disappointed in CONCACAF. I expected better than this
  11. Yeah, I took that in as well. I was pleasantly surprised that such was allowed to happen. Let's hope these clubs can stay in the league for years to come🤞🏾
  12. Yep, was thinking this. Then for playoffs, top 2-4 teams qualify. They can do a group stage like in the last season that was played (2 groups of 4, with the highest ranked team in each group hosting) with the group winners making the final. They can also just do a straight knockout. As for the L2O, I agree. At this point we should be thinking about splitting the league at some point. Don't turn this into USL. There are more than enough teams to do that. Just a side note, Dino Rossi mentioned the potential of having more teams. Going into this season, I can't imagine more than 4 other teams being added. Possible formats for 21-24 teams altogether: 21 Teams - 3 groups of 7, playing the teams in the group twice each. Top 2 of each group qualify for the finals. The teams in the final play each other once (or twice), with the winner becoming champions 22 Teams - Probably 2 groups of 11, playing the teams in their group twice. Top 2 teams from each group qualify for the finals. Either a group stage, or a final 4 format 23 Teams - Two groups of 8 and a group of 7. Everyone plays the teams in their group twice, with the teams in the group of 7 meeting two of the teams in their group thrice. Same process as the 21 team format 24 Teams - Plenty of options here. Can have groups of 12, 8, or even 6. In the group of 6, split them into conferences then divisions. Play the teams in the division twice and the other teams in the conference once, totaling 16 games. Top 2 teams from each group qualify for the finals Just some ideas
  13. Yeah, it looks so. Their women's team isn't there either
  14. As promised, I have come up with something for a potential future CONCACAF Champions League and CONCACAF League format. I think this is something that would work well CONCACAF Champions League: I'm thinking that a return to group stage football would actually work. I would split qualifying into each subconfederations' region. I will start off, however, by pointing out the access list. Mexico: 6 spots (4 in the GS, 2 in qualifying) United States: 5 spots (4 in GS, 1 in qualifying) Canada: 2 spots (1 in GS, 1 in qualifying) Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama: 3 spots (2 in GS, 1 in qualifying) El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua: 2 spots (1 in GS, 1 in qualifying) Belize: 1 spot, in qualifying Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago: 2 spots (1 in GS, 1 in qualifying) All non-professional Caribbean associations: 1, each in qualifying Defending CCL and CL champions enter the GS as well CONCACAF Champions League Qualifying: North America: The 4 teams are paired for a spot in the GS. Winners qualify for CCL GS, losers qualify for the CL GS. Country protection applies here, such that the two Mexican clubs cannot meet each other Central America: Two rounds of qualifying, in the first round, all the teams except the Belizean representative are paired, with the winners joining the Belizean representatives in the final round of qualifying. There, the four teams are again paired, with the two winners qualifying for the GS. The two losers in the last round of qualifying drops to the CL GS. The first round losers drop to CL qualifying. Caribbean: The Caribbean path would be split into four groups of eight*, each with a professional team in it (the other representatives from Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago). The professional teams will all act as hosts for this round of qualifying. Each country will have a mini-tournament style qualifying phase, with the winner of each mini-tournament (4 teams) qualifying for the GS. The losers of the final round would qualify for the CL GS, with the other losers still partaking in CL qualifying. * Currently there are 31 Caribbean associations, with another one expecting to join next year to make it 32. Under this format I am expecting there to be 32 Caribbean assocations. For the group stage, the teams would be split into 8 groups of 4, with the top 2 qualifying for the knockout round. The third place teams would play in a play-in to qualify for the CONCACAF League knockout round. More on that later. CONCACAF League: Same idea as the CCL regarding format, but with 24 teams instead of 32, still in groups of 4, but only 6 groups. All North American and Central American countries (except Belize, with 1) would get 2 spots. Only the 2 Mexican, 2 American, and 1 Canadian team would qualify automatically for the group stage. Outside of that, only the four Caribbean associations considered professional would get 1 spot each as well in qualifying. The losers of the CCL final round of qualifying in each region (2 from North America, 2 from Central America, and 4 from the Caribbean) would qualify for the GS as well. CONCACAF League qualifying: Canada + Central America: Canada and Belize would have 1 spot each here, with the other six countries having 2 each. In the first round, the teams would be paired for seven matches. The winners would qualify for the last round of qualifying, losers eliminated. In the last round of qualifying, the 7 winners would be joined by the three losing teams from the CCL 1st round. The 10 teams would be paired, with the 5 winners entering the group stage. Again, losers would be eliminated. Caribbean: The Caribbean path will seem convoluted, but hear me out. The 16 teams who lose in the first round of the tournament continue to play in a losers bracket in the country they are in. The winner of each losers bracket would qualify to take on one of the 4 Caribbean teams that I mentioned earlier. Of course, depending on which country they are already in, it is that country's team that would meet them. The winners of these tie would qualify for the group stage The eight team that lose in the second round of qualifying in the CCL would meet, first in their losers' bracket. The winners would then be paired by in the following: Haiti region vs Dominican Republic region and Jamaica region vs Trinidad and Tobago region. The winners of those ties would qualify for the group stage. For the group stage, the teams would be put into six groups of four, with the top 2 qualifying for the round of 16. Those 12 teams would be joined by the 4 winners of the CL play-in round, involving the CCL 3rd place teams The final thing to mention here is that all qualifying round ties in both competitions would be single legged, with matches from the group stage onward (including the play-in round) being two legged. I know it's a lot to digest, but I'm here to answer any questions you all may have. Happy New Year
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