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  1. Yeah, I feel you. I'm trying to avoid odd number of group matches (as some teams would get an extra home game), and odd number groups in general. Here's another idea that could work: Round 1: The teams ranked 14-35 (22 teams) are paired with the winners moving on to the second round. Top 13 get a bye Round 2: The 24 teams are grouped into four, with the top team in each group making the Hex Round 3: Your typical Hex I know, not perfect, as you would still have 11 teams that would only play 2 games, but it's still better than the idea CONCACAF came up with. Following CONCACAF's original idea, 21 of the 35 associations would have been eliminated in the first round (of the repechage). That number is almost halved in my format
  2. Well Oceania have a respectable qualifying route in general. None of the other regions have qualifying paths as mindless and stupid as CONCACAF. Not even close. I like the AFC path, outside of the 5 team groups (I don't like odd number groups). CONCACAF are trying to follow UEFA from their club competitions, and they look stupid for doing so. Keep the Hex, but everyone has to qualify for it. Someone had made a post recently (I don't remember who), with a sensible path to the Hex for all teams, with no one getting an automatic bye. A quite ideal format. Just off the top of my head, I could think of something as well. This probably wouldn't work, but it certainly makes sense in comparison to what CONCACAF has come up with. Round 1: 34 teams are paired. Only Mexico gets a bye as the highest ranked team/defending Gold Cup champion Round 2: The 17 first round winners join Mexico and are grouped into six groups of three. Home and away. Group winners qualify for the Hex Round 3: Your typical Hex I know this wouldn't work in this process, and as much as I hate odd number groups, this still makes more sense than what CONCACAF came up with
  3. Let's see, defending CPL champions. Need I say more?
  4. I'd avoid that. Odd number of clubs, a prime number no less, meaning that there will be uneven groups. Never been a fan of that. A straight knockout tournament should work. It would be Forge, Cavalry and the MLS clubs in the quarter finals along with the other CPL clubs in the preliminary round
  5. United too are going through a youth movement. United is a better team if he wants to have a shot at winning trophies 😂😂
  6. Not necessarily. Leverkusen are left in the Europa League and Leipzig are left in the Champions League. If one or both of them win, and Mönchengladbach finishes third or fourth, there'll be five German clubs in next season's Champions League. It's a legitimate possibility
  7. Honestly, I'd rather see him stay at KAA Gent for one more season. They have a great chance at making the Champions League group stage next season, and with him there, De Buffalos will fancy their chances. Arsenal is just a waste of time as not even David can improve that toothless team. Dortmund have Haaland, so I don't see that happening. As much as Leipzig is the big talk, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen. If I had to guess where he'd go in the Bundesliga, I'd say Bayer Leverkusen. With Kai Havertz possibly leaving as well, David would make a great replacement for him there
  8. Fair, but regardless. Once there's the 'best' second place involved, that can always cause trouble. I again point to last summer's UEFA U21 Euros and what happened to Italia. It's the same idea. I definitely think it's a bad idea from CONCACAF to just decide that the best runner up qualifies. It's a reasonable proposal. Don't spoil it with that idea
  9. That's unfortunate, because what he has reported would make more sense. I hope that he is right, as I feel more countries would be willing to get onboard with this format
  10. I agree with the fact that this is better than the Hex. However I disagree with the idea of the best runner up qualifying for the playoffs. Best have all three runner ups and the repechage winner play in a single legged knockout tournament for the spot in the playoffs. Look back at last summer's UEFA Under 21 Championship and you'll see what I mean. Having all three runner ups is the best idea
  11. Those four clubs plus the ones from USL League 2
  12. Signed. Hopefully we get more people to join in on signing it
  13. No worries. I thank you for the links. It's unfortunate that Mexico are in the state they are in. I understand why they have done this, and at least they intend to make amends to the players by compensating them. I honestly hope after the 5 years, they intend on opening back up the system. Honestly, of the things I've heard and see go on since the quarantine, this is by no means the worst. It could get worse, but I don't see that happening. Mexico is a footballing country, thus this won't happen forever
  14. If you don't mind me asking, but do you have any articles talking about this? I'd like to read the articles you read. I thank you in advance
  15. Two very good articles. It'll be interesting to see what will happen to a potential second division. I can easily see a total of 30 markets across the country that can make 2 divisions in this country a reality. Here's hope to the CSA and CSB continuing to bring professional football in our country to a higher level 👌🏾
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