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  1. Format has just (finally) been released. https://www.league1ontario.com/page/show/2309116-schedule-results
  2. Probably makes the most sense. However, PLSQ have already released their schedule, despite OSU playing there and Atleti Ottawa being in the CPL. Sure, that's just one team, but still, it's taking quite some time
  3. Still no schedule release. They are taking forever to release the schedule
  4. Football is nothing without loyal fans to embrace their club. Ultras aren't the be all end all. In a way I feel bad for them. You get a new club and in three weeks since the club's announcement nothing significant has been communicated to them. However, this is a new club, and everything doesn't just happen overnight. The league in general has been quite slow in revealing important information, so I share their frustration. That said, there are much better ways to go about it
  5. Well that's not something completely unheard of. In the Belgian top flight, they also have a championship playoff, however the winner of the regular season is guaranteed of at minimum a Europa League qualifying spot (3rd round). I actually wish that more leagues that have playoffs did something like this
  6. Yeah I do. Just don't know why they'd be applied there
  7. I don't know about having two domestic leagues. MLS is an American league with 3 Canadian teams as guests. I don't know how one could call that a Canadian domestic league...
  8. Thanks Ozzie for this post. Very important post should it be true. My prediction for the two teams would be Saskatoon/Regina and Québec City. I know a few people on here think Fraser Valley, but Clanachan himself has mentioned how there are a lot of people pressuring him for a CPL club in Saskatchewan. I don't think it would be wise to keep them waiting any longer 😁
  9. A couple of weeks ago I posted my frustrations about Forge FC not getting a bye while the Vancouver Whitecaps got a bye to the quarter finals. Before I go on, I will point out that although my allegiance is with Forge, there is by no means any bias involved in my thinking. My justification was that Forge FC won the CPL, while the Whitecaps finished bottom of their Western Conference in MLS last season. Both teams lost in the first round they participated in the Canadian Championship last season. Keep in mind the four semifinalists from last season got a bye to the quarterfinals for this season. Of course, the Ottawa Fury, who were one of the semifinalists last season have ceased operations, thus opening up a bye. My other reasoning for why Forge should get the bye over Whitecaps FC is something that is quite common in many domestic cups around the world. The teams that participate in continental competitions get the furthest byes in comparison to other teams, which is something I can agree that. Examples include EFL Cup, Coppa Italia, KNVB Beker, Toto Cup Ligat Al, and the Scottish League Cup. Yes, some of those competitions are just league cups and are not as significant as a national cup, but the idea is there. Getting back to the Canadian Championship, the Impact and Forge FC are the only Canadian teams participating in CONCACAF competitions, so why shouldn't they be the first teams to get the benefit of a bye? They are going to have to go to at least one other country outside of Canada and the US, making their schedule even more hectic. That is my opinion, and I am interested to hear some other opinions
  10. I feel that they can still incorporate the black of Ottawa someway somehow. For example, sometimes Atléti de Madrid will wear red bottoms with their typical red and white tops. Maybe they can wear black on their shots when they can't wear blue. They could also incorporate black into their away kit
  11. I am in agreement with letting them in. There is more than enough time to make a couple of adjustments. Instead of having them take on Blainville, who have been in the competition for the last couple of years, let them take on Master's Futbol, with the winner taking on York 9. We get a potential early CPL Ontario battle in the cup, but also it would be the battle of the newest clubs in the competition. That's my two sense on the matter
  12. Fair enough. I can understand as well where you are coming from. I guess the only other thing I would point out is the fact that the article did mention the idea of implementing promotion and relegation still, with the bottom 2 teams from each the Netherlands and Belgium being demoted, and being replaced by two teams from each countries' top tier. That is quite a contrast from MLS, who don't even have promotion/relegation (absolutely crazy but that's the US for you). I feel the BeNeLiga is still a bad example for such a comparison. From a regulatory approach, sure, I see where you are coming from. However, generally speaking, I feel there is a lot more involved there than it is here with the Canadian MLS clubs, where it's simply a matter of whether they really should still be playing in a US sanctioned league
  13. We have to keep in mind it the fact that Belgium and the Netherlands are ultimately trying their hardest to keep up with the big 5, while earning more money in order to do so. Comparing the success of both national teams to their respective domestic leagues, it is night and day. Some are for the BeNeLiga, others are against it. As someone who follows both leagues quite closely, I am on the fence about it. I think the proposed BeNeLiga vs Canadian teams allowed to continue in MLS are not on the same wavelength. I compare the Canadian teams in MLS discussion to Cardiff City, Swansea City et al. playing in the English system despite being based in Wales. That is a more comparable example. Generally speaking, I am someone who is for Article 73. In the Welsh teams' case, they can't justify playing in the English league system, and to a certain extent, I can say the same about TFC, the Impact, and Whitecaps FC
  14. Switch Kitchener-Waterloo with Saskatoon, otherwise I agree with you
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