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  1. I'm with you on that front. Based on the attendances for sporting events in the province, and that there is space to play, it would be unwise to push them back farther than 2021. I really hope they get a team soon. When they do, I will definitely support them too.
  2. Now we're talking... https://northerntribune.ca/canadian-premier-league-ottawa-expansion-2020-rumour/
  3. As much as this sounds exciting and all, we still have not gotten any explicit evidence from the league itself (ie. David Clanachan et al). These are just people who claim to be insiders and have 'connections'. Not to be a downer, but let's just wait and see what Clanachan says. It's not the first time we have heard news like this. A very good example would be out west in BC a few months ago. This does seem exciting, but I won't just breathe a sigh of relief just yet.
  4. https://sportspodcastingnetwork.com/2020/01/15/soccer-today-on-spn-january-15th-2020-green-cards-and-labor-laws-cba-talk-and-ottawa-to-can-pl-update/ Starts at about 2:00 and goes to about 6:50
  5. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">The League a few months back have said they made 3 different schedules, one of them included a 8th team. <br><br>In my opinion this will be much better since it will be balanced and will make sure weekend games happen often. <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/CanPL?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#CanPL</a> <a href="https://t.co/cWkU6pKC4n">https://t.co/cWkU6pKC4n</a></p>&mdash; Thomas Nef (@ThomasNef2) <a href="https://twitter.com/ThomasNef2/status/1217512531897380864?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">January 15, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  6. I don't like this idea for the Canadian Championship. Trying to cut down costs for the Semiprofessional teams, fair enough. I won't argue with that. I don't have a problem with Cavalry getting a bye into the quarterfinal, as they earned that, but I do have a problem with Whitecaps FC a bye. They should be playing in the qualifying round instead of Forge FC, the national champion. I would have went for a seeded draw putting TFC and the Impact on opposite sides of the draw (as they were last year's finalists) and put the semipro clubs on opposite sides as well (to keep each side of the draw balanced). The format itself is fine. I am pissed about us having to play an extra round. It's ridiculous. For those talking about Forge getting a bye instead of Cavalry, there was a similar situation in Belgium in their cup (known as the Croky Cup). Last year's champions (KV Mechelen) were kicked out of this year's competition due to match fixing in a league match. Although they were caught, they still maintained their spot in Belgium's top flight, at Beerschot's expense (the team they beat in the 2nd tier final). Usually all 16 first tier clubs for the current season get a bye to the round of 32, but with Mechelen being kicked out, a spot was vacated. Instead of giving it to Beerschot, the KBVB (Belgium's football association) awarded the spot to another second tier team (Union St. Gilloise) due to their performance in the previous season's competition (they reached the semifinals, losing to KV Mechelen). So a situation like that isn't alien to people. Should Forge have been given the bye? I think so. If Cavalry had won the cup last year, that would have been a different story. However, there is no way that Forge should be playing in the first round as national champions while Vancouver gets a completely undeserved bye
  7. I agree with the four, but just slightly different. I would keep it similar to how USPORTS (the university sports association) divides the conferences. Canada West (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia), Ontario, Quebec, and The Maritimes. It also works very well with the disperse population. Ontario and Quebec have by far more people than the rest of Canada, so it would make sense. We could be seeing somewhere around the lines of 10 teams per conference. Maybe an 18 game season (home and away against the other teams from their conference). Regarding promotion and relegation from CPL, I would say probably the winners and runner ups of each division make a playoffs. Split them into two groups, each with two group winners and two runner ups. Each group plays their opponent once each (at a neutral location). The group winners play in a final and both get promoted. In other words, two teams would get promoted.
  8. Fully agree. Shouldn't be going up to any more than 5 million for next year. If 9 million is the case, that's greedy and over the top. That could also be why there's very little chance of a new team next year
  9. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/08/montreal-impact-release-statement-affiliate-ottawa-fury-ceasing-operations This is the Montreal Impact's statement regarding the Fury's ceasing of operation
  10. All hope is not lost yet man. Let's see what tomorrow holds for Ottawa Fury's future. It could be excellent news
  11. Something similar to FC Edmonton, maybe?
  12. I hope not. I hope it's just us being paranoid. Trying to remain optimistic here. Tomorrow at 11am will be a very important time for Canadian Soccer
  13. I feel that. Looking forward to tomorrow now😃 Sébastien, just to make sure you know, I copied and pasted your original post onto the CPL potential expansion clubs thread. I mentioned that it was you who originally posted that here. I hope you are okay with that
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