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  1. I think we can keep Le Bourhis and develop him more, and while Thomas had his moments, that defense was not up to par. We need like a veteran piece or two to give some much-needed guidance to the youth in the back. Don't ask me who, but I'm sure we'll find one or two.
  2. When I think of "Maroons", I think of hockey automatically. Besides, I think we can come up with something more unique than "Maroons" or "Reds". Hence why I'd like a name that's more army-related, like "Troops" or something.
  3. Lions is cool and all, but I think we can do better in terms of nicknames. I was thinking something simple, like "The V" or maybe "The Troop"?
  4. It's true. It also doesn't help that their marketing efforts have been mediocre at best. They're really not advertising themselves to the entire city. We have a huge immigrant population that could benefit from seeing Valour not just as a local club they can root for besides their own in their home country, but also as affordable entertainment. It's kind of unfortunate that Valour is run by the Blue Bombers, because even if they own both teams, they need to realize that they can't market to the same demographics.
  5. Honestly, I'm not happy that the games are behind a paywall so to speak. If you want to establish yourself as a league and want to reach out to as many folks as possible, why are you making them pay to watch your content? At least with the EPL, it makes sense, but if you're just getting off the ground, most of the games behind a paywall and only a selected few on CBC, it does not reflect well on you in the long run.
  6. Maybe another season will do him good. I really think that we should keep most of the squad around. I think they've just started to gel really well and have been playing better and more structurally sound over the last few games. Switching to a 4-3-3/3-4-3 awakened something. Now the boys know each other well and it would be a shame to get rid of that just to be better short term. I hope Gale is planning long term with these guys.
  7. Sacramento could come back while Ferguson is gone. That is what I'm reading from that news article. Either way, I hope DS comes back. He has what it takes to succeed.
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