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  1. https://www.barrietoday.com/local-sports/kempenfelt-crew-kicking-up-support-to-bring-professional-soccer-to-the-city-1964587
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    I love my Dazn. I was tired of getting ripped off by shaw/bell and rogers and decided to cut the cord a few years back with missing my soccer fix being the hardest and relying on dodgy streams until i got Dazn. I dont really watch sports other than soccer and I find DAZN brilliant.It has all the Premier League,Champions League,Europa League and the MLS with lots of Italian,Spanish,Japanese and load of other soccer.Its basically the netflix of sports.I really like the way games stay on there for about a week giving me plenty of time to watch as much soccer as i can. Personally i cant stand most tv programs.movies other than factual documentaries and when my wife starts watch her dreadful tv shows/movies i can slip off to the spare tv and immerse myself in a game or two.
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    Hello guys,let me introduce myself. I am an Irish immigrant who has been in Canada for the last 11 years. I grew up supporting soccer and some of my earliest memories were on the terraces of my Dad and I's favorite team Shelbourne F.C (who just got promoted from the Irish First Division this week and my Dad now that he is retired writes for their program). I am a third generation Shelbourne F.C and Manchester City fan( My Grandfather spent some time in Manchester in his youth). My Dad and I regularly watched Shels and we also went to England to watch Man City play a few times a year. Since moving to Canada I have tried to immerse myself in soccer over here and when I lived in Toronto I used to watch TFC. I moved to Barrie 6 years ago and I dont get down to TFC much and do most of soccer watching on TV (I have DAZN and love it). I am very interested in the Canadian Premier League and its development but have yet to see a game( I have watched highlights and bit and pieces on youtube etc) . York 9 FC would be the nearest CPL team to me but I have felt no affinity to them but I will do my best to get down to see a couple of next season. I would love to start a supporters group for my new home city Barrie,Ontario and would love some advice from you guys on how to start one. Being a guy in his late 30's and not growing up in the city my social circle would be small. I would like to find like minded individuals who would love to see a CPL team come to Barrie. Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
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