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  1. According to the official CPL website (under Teams dropdown menu) the name is "Ottawa Deposits". please fix this
  2. those locations match up well with the guesses made on this thread. noice. Ontario-based = K-dub?
  3. America’s Wildly Successful Socialist Experiment In sports, and in life, Europe and the United States see their societies differently—just not in the ways you might expect. Tom McTague is a London-based staff writer at The Atlantic, and co-author of Betting the House: The Inside Story of the 2017 Election. September 14, 2019 Memphis, Tennessee, is known for lots of things: Elvis Presley and B. B. King, the blues and barbecue. All these things, and more. But not Grizzly bears. I did not think much of this while on holiday from London when my wife and I escaped th
  4. What did I miss? We've passed David M's deadline.
  5. I’m home. :-) And thanks for cleaning my profanity. Promise not to do it again
  6. Without any concrete knowledge (which puts me in good company on this board) I predict “CDN Don Garber” will announce a new team on Saturday’s Finals or make a Duane Rollins announcement of “tada - no new team for 2020”. this “nth” version of a national league has come off as credible, without being reckless, in its launch, promotion and delivery. It’s only season fucking #1. And if teams get small dedicated crowds to start, better that, than posers. Happy for Calvary and Forge (which sounds like a Game if Thrones Final) to achieve what they did outside CPL. winter is coming, which only
  7. A GTA based CPL team will find it difficult no matter which of the 9 cities in York Region (I’m being facetious) it’s located in. So just a hunch that it would be better suited farther from the GTA than it is now, which really only means Durham or Oakville. Mississauga should work, but only with a city centre stadium. York9 playing some games in Newmarket or Aurora?? Maybe. But until CPL gobbles up players from Vaughan Azzurri or Woodbridge Strikers, it makes it harder to stay near York U.
  8. Just a guess that it will be a Quebec team....
  9. CPL (IMO) is giving more field and less bench to potential CDN players. I treat this league and its teams with the same regard as any ardent fan of QPR or Scunthorpe or Tranmere. Everything I see has been done more properly than previous versions of a Canuck league. So stay on course, adjust accordingly (like making the top 4 teams get into playoffs) and don’t grow the product by dousing it with too much water or you’ll just drown it before it takes root. CFL is not NFL but their ardent fans don’t care. Give CPL a 100 years, and get back to me. 😜
  10. I don’t think this radio station offers the York9 games: http://1059theregion.com/
  11. I think it was majority CBC coverage for TFC until TSN/SNET started sniffing. So until it grows bigger for them, they a) won’t purchase rights b) won’t show highlights
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