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  1. Wants to play for Netherlands. Not that I think that will ever happen, but disappointing Canada still doesn't get mentioned despite our recent success.
  2. "on a surface they won't be happy with" and did they ask their own players on this? Cause I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the Canadian players aren't thrilled they're gonna play on concrete. It's such a dilemma. Playing away from the the typical 3 Canada cities lowers the chance have having Mexican fans take over the stadium (heck, we also have to hope the weather doesn't scare away Canada fans too), on the other hand, the playing conditions are awful and could back fire on our own players.
  3. Didn't do much but believe me, if you watched the game that was the summary of every player on the field. It was an extremely uneventful game.
  4. Having interests from Wolfsburg doesn't mean he was good enough or would be a lot better now had he gone. They were also interested in a tfc striker during the same time (name escapes me atm) but he really didn't turn into anything. There's a lot of players that left mls academies to Europe and didn't do anything.
  5. Those 2 defenders look tfc quality.
  6. Zator was on the bench most of his time there. Only managed 2 starts and that was at the very end of his time there. Ongaro also didn't do a whole lot. 2 goals in 8 games. I personally think people jumped on the bandwagon way to fast on these 2. I never understood the idea where Zator was the best defender in CPL imo, and Ongaro showed signs that he has a lot to work on. Like, a lot.
  7. Pleeeeassseee don't start creating drama Davies.
  8. I don't know man. If El Salvador fans really show up today with a smaller population compared to Jamaican's in Toronto, then I think they for sure could fill the stadium up better Btw, the Jamaica anthem that day was something else lol. Having the guy sing it and I think he purposely made it longer. Still haven't forgotten about that.
  9. Would be nice if Canada had more soccer specific stadiums up to standard. There's just some games in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal where it's just hard to create a good home field crowd. Really have to "strategize" our home games. I love to watch games at BMO, but man that game against Jamaica? Keep that game the hell away from here. That's just asking for trouble.
  10. Yea I've seen him a good amount over the years. The 2 sites I usually use are https://footybite.cc/ http://fans.freestreams-live1.com/football-streamz5/ I have others but these 2 are my main ones really. Streams are hit and miss. Some weeks are good quality that never freezes, other weeks are kinda bleh. (sorry if I'm not allowed to post these)
  11. No I'm saying that there's different factors at play here. Just because Dias isn't playing first division soccer, doesn't magically make him worse or less ready. He's playing for Sporting, which is a much harder team to break through than a mid tier team in Serbia. If he was playing for the same team as Mitrovic, he could have very well be playing first team minutes, who knows. Mitrovic has the luxury of being in a good position to improve his game more in his situation, but again, doesn't mean he's good enough now or better than other players. He's not unique. We've had plenty of young players playing in small leagues before. People here were already crapping their pants we were going to lose bleepin Hakkinen because he was starting for a Finnish team and playing for Finland youth teams. Look how that turned out. Everytime we see a player join a different national team, it's panic mode that we lost out on some next prodigy. 99.9% this isn't the case. Seriously, the kid isn't exactly lighting it up in Serbia either. He has a lot of very average/poor games. I haven't seen much change in his games since he made his debut a few years back. Yes, I know he's a kid, but he still has ways to go. By this logic, we should be calling him up over Corbeanu and Millar back when they was playing reserve soccer.
  12. Because getting the start with a much weaker team in a much weaker league while the other kid is playing for the Champions of Portugal u23 team does not make him a better player?
  13. So here's the thing. Dunn just played his first game last week. That was after going an entire year of not playing any professional games. So I gotta say, are people surprised that he's going to look rusty/poor? I would personally wait for more games to better judge. He should've been with TFC2 a LONG time ago. AS for Rutty, him and Nelson were actually GREAT in June. They both played upfront together and looked much more confident and comfortable. Unfortunately Rutty got hurt and called up to tfc and went over a month without playing and the same with Nelson. That right there, is on management, not the kids. TFC forgot that these kids didn't play at all last year because TFC2 didn't have a season. So that's already a wasted year, but to then take them away from TFC2 or not loan them out to sit on the tfc bench for months was time well wasted. We also seriously can't expect a 16-17 year old to play with consistency and actually dominate older experienced players. I think sometimes people see that absolute superstars in Europe and are getting confused thinking it's normal for these young players to just come out and dominate. The reality is, it isn't. All this is going to be on TFC though, they need to ease him into their level, not neglect him like they've been doing. Not long ago, an American writer for MLS even criticized Canadian mls teams of how they are handling their academy kids. This is pattern for the Canadian teams. The talent is there, they just have no bloody clue how to bring them up to the senior level.
  14. This was my biggest fear, that Herdman was going to force all the players at once even if it creates the team to be unbalanced. Felt like somebody's personal FUT team. Larin and David together feels so forced. Would like to see Hoilett in the middle like in the gold cup. Tajon could be forcing it too. If having a player like Oso to add more "steel" in the midfield is needed, do it. It's really okay to sit these guys and use them as "super subs". Please don't force it.
  15. Not long after tickets went on sale, I noticed the El Salvador game was selling out faster than the Honduras game when I checked ticketmaster.
  16. ok so how does this work? The window closes tomorrow. Stephen has a game on Thursday. Won't he have to travel to turkey to take a medical and then fly to Canada afterwards if all of this was true? Seems like an awful tight schedule, no?
  17. Watching the latest highlights, I hope he has a much better game when playing for Canada... especially dealing with headers.
  18. I like this. The team really seem to be building chemistry, bringing in a "captain" who thought he was too good to show up for the games against minnows isn't what the new bonding is all about. I'm fine leaving him out. But on the other hand, it is Wheeler reporting this so who knows if it's even accurate.
  19. Haven't watched it yet, but just so you guys know I think Russian games are all on youtube on their official page. Still kinda shocked by this. Watched a couple of his games before and he didn't really show a whole lot. He was playing as a winger back than so maybe/hopefully a different central role would suit him better.
  20. He's been the main pk taker for several teams in Portugal. Also has a history of taking free kicks. Should also note that he was the one who was fouled for the pk. He's a handful for corners. Him alongside Kennedy can be really good for Canada on set pieces.
  21. I meant his last match. I watched the other European matches. So the match against Hammarby and the Swiss cup match are the only ones I missed. This is going to sound harsh, but in the end it's only my opinion. Personally, I don't really care that he got an assist against what was basically a semi-amateur team in a swiss first round cup and I don't think he's worthy a call up because he got someone to knock the ball into his own net. Sorry. These 2 things don't all of a sudden justify everything for me. I still saw a player that was still trying to find his feet at a new club, which is expected. I know Basel is a tough team to get into. I liked the move when it was announced because I thought it was a good place to develop. It's good that he's getting minutes. But my argument was about September. Is he ready for a call? My personal opinion is no. In the end I didn't see much. If he does get a call, I would still feel more comfortable seeing other players ahead of him in tight sub situations. Does this mean I think he'll never be worthy of a call up? No. He has the whole season to learn and grow from a good environment and I'm hoping that happens. Eh, I still think people here are under estimating our attacking options at times. For the record, with injuries to players like Cavallini, I'm almost expecting him to get a call. My argument was that at this point in time he's a last option attacking depth player over some others.
  22. I did not catch his European match, he very well could've been great, but having watch the rest of the games, I say he's gonna need to prove more. Hasn't really done a whole lot imo, and that's me ignoring the no goals and assists.
  23. Kinda disappointing it's against their reserves. Would've liked to see how well he matched up against a full squad or at least close to a full strength squad.
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