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  1. Hard to tell, He did get a few minutes against Brugge however. Think 2-3 regular starters weren't called up either.
  2. Unfortunately he kinda over committed to a tackle which lead to a goal.
  3. This is such an odd take. In the end of the day, Laryea started in 16 matches last season while ZBG started 9. You can't exactly call ZBG a starter too. I mean, we just witnessed Piette starting over him last match. A player not starting is not always a reasonable argument imo. Managers make moves we don't always agree with. I would personally rather see Laryea over Auro, just like I'm sure people didn't agree with seeing Piette start over ZBG. And people need to quit it with this whole "defending" thing with Laryea. What has he been doing to make people still think like this? He played RB all season last year, he's had plenty of games to show what he can do defensively. He has been tested and has done well, so I don't get the problem here. If I remember right, I recall seeing his defensive stats outshining Auro's last year.
  4. I wasn't fully focused on the game, but every time I saw Tabla with the ball he was hogging it and failing to beat his defender.. He brought energy ya, but i saw him lose possession a lot. I don't know, maybe I missed something here. Just noticed I'm saying this in a ZBG topic, huh?
  5. I can only hope to God this isn't giving Herdman the wrong idea.
  6. Confirmed. Really really hope players get sent on loan.
  7. Not sure if I should post it here, but it looks like TFC2 won't be taking part of the USL1 season. So now the question is, what's next? They play somewhere else, or send players on loan?
  8. Really happy to see this. Hoping he does well.
  9. Kinda odd imo. I really don't think he's ready for that kind of jump.
  10. He did reasonably well. Made at least 3-4 crucial blocks and was good in the air. Not a perfect game, as he did make one poor giveaway and 1 goal (that ended up being disallowed) probably should've done better. Other than that he was fine. Looks like he's not ready for the full 90 just yet however.
  11. Oi, just got his second yellow for a blatant dive in the box.
  12. THIS! Said it before but I really do believe he is a USL level player at best. He has very noticeable weaknesses that I don't think will change much in the near future.
  13. Ugh, now I REALLY wish to see Perruzza finally get his deserved chance. Hopefully Piatti can actually stay fit to help ease this loss a bit. Also, with the new reports from "the bubble" of players still getting covid, I can't get behind this idea of playing matches over there. I honestly would not be upset if TFC refuses to go.
  14. Could've sworn he made a twitter post back in the day saying he would love to get a call up from Canada. I'm guessing CSA just weren't interested/didn't know about him.
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