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  1. Wow....Just when I thought I've seen everything....
  2. ****, Canada's luck in a nutshell. Extra time goal for Salvador. Need to see it again, but it looked offside at first look.
  3. Oh damn, didn't realize it was on the app. Kinda hidden.
  4. The live stream just got taken down due to copyright issues lol. How does onesoccer allow that to happen?
  5. Tell me about it. Herdman had the opportunity to change something. Maybe change to a 4-3-3, pushing Davies up and Kaye at LB all without making a sub.
  6. Fully agree. I liked how he played in the last match, but I also mentioned how he was overly aggressive at times. He pushed up to close down Bradley multiple times and all it did was allow Bradley to make simple passes behind Piette to find a wide open player. And yes, under pressure he's scary with the ball. Doesn't have the composure or technique as Kaye, Hutchinson, or Eustaquio. Also, when needing a goal, Kaye should've stayed on. Piette provided some hard tackles, but man we needed Kayes' vision and passes upfront.
  7. Dear... God...Not only is he not phased by his performance today, but he also thinks he's better than Alaba...
  8. Ya, but Davies is also starting at LB with Bayern due to injuries as well. In the end, I would much rather have an experienced LB over Davies anytime. Adekugbe may not be the BEST around, but my God does he look much more at home in that position than Davies. Davies just looks awkward to me everytime he plays there.
  9. Why do people hate the idea of Adekugbe or Miller being our LB? Why do I keep seeing Davies and Kaye being mentioned? Kaye needs to stay in the mid and Davies needs to be upfront, end of discussion. I dont give a rat's ass what he did against Dortmund. He doesnt have the same players supporting him here. Believe it or not, he still showed signs of weakness in that game. Davies was giving them hell when he pushed up to the box. We were missing that the whole game, but nope, gotta place him alllll the way back at defence. Ffs. The 2 strikers today were disappointing today. Cornelius should've started today too. Not at all happy Herdman decided to **** around with a line up that worked so well last time. Even more concerning was his quote about Davies after the game.
  10. True. Vancouver did go to Korea a few years back, however Henry wasn't there. They also played a few Japanese friendlies, mostly lower tier, but they did play against Sapporo. So there is a possibility I guess that a Korean or Japanese team were keeping track of those friendly matches.
  11. South Korea don't really challenge as much these days. Seems China has surpassed them as of late. At least, that's the impression I get.
  12. Chapman leaving doesn't change a thing. He was not getting called up and when he did play, he played out of position out wide. He isn't going to be picked over Delgado. Different style of play, they have different roles. The only player in Fraser's way is Bradley. That's it. And if Bradley plays, Fraser won't see the bench. I really see him going on loan or being let go.
  13. Not really mentioned in the twitter post, but based on the interview, he talks about trying to respect Fraser's needs to grow. It really did sound like he isn't ruling out selling Fraser. At least, that's the impression I got from it. If Bradley comes back, there's no chance he'll play. Worse if it's a multiple year contract.
  14. https://twitter.com/joshuakloke/status/1194675571760017408
  15. Assuming nothing changed, Eustaquio plays a similar style to Bradley. However he isn't as big of a ball winner. Better passing and composure on the ball though. If you think he's gonna be this big ball winning mid, you're gonna be disappointed. Again, this is assuming nothing has changed during his injury.
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