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  1. Just typical Portuguese media honestly.
  2. I believe on May 22. I'd be very shocked if we don't seen Rutty and Nelson get a lot of mins there.
  3. What am I reading here? Not strong enough? They're teenagers. They all grow up differently. You guys should know this. Not good enough because some other 16 year old is doing better? So what? That kid had the privilege of playing with the reserves. Rutty didn't. It's going to take time and experience. What are you expecting here? Not every 16 year old is going to adapt quickly. Doesn't mean he's some failed prodigy. It's like giving up on a 18 year old because he didn't make his debut at 16, what's the logic here? Heck we've seen 16 year olds like Adu make a quick
  4. Oh God, Nuno isn't going to want this result to hold. It won't look good on him. Theo's chances just diminished a little.
  5. Some people have made a decent point in that there is a chance Laryea can move up to the role Delgado is currently playing in.
  6. Did they move Smith to CB? Cause the vid I saw had him playing as a CDM.
  7. Once Poz is back, Oso is going to take the Delgado role and Delgado is going to take Priso's spot. That's my fear.
  8. lol okay straight up, tfc passes the ball better than this. How is this team top of the table? The simplest of passes are turned over.
  9. I still have to see more games because some of the defending from him last season was just horrible. Can only hope he improved on that. One thing is a guarantee though is his crosses. Perhaps the most dangerous crosser for Canada.
  10. Halfway through the first half I thought his performance really took a hit. He has the attributes, but his style of play was always going to be hard to transition to the senior team. He needs to learn when take on players and when to not. That shit works against other kids, not against professionals. Very young and needs more experience to learn. Can only hope he has a good head and learns from the mistakes and adjusts his game.
  11. Really? I didn't think he looked good at all. Missed some real sitters too. I really don't think he'll be reaching his true potential. His ego is in the way and he still has a lot of improving to do. Feels like a lost cause for me.
  12. Kinda frustrated that Herdman gave Arfield the captaincy with him having this kind of mindset. This is not how a captain should think. I can only hope Herdman doesn't do what he did last time and just basically play 2 defenders and just throw in all the attacking players. It doesn't help team chemistry and throws the balance off. Should treat this opponent with respect. I would've liked to see players like Bustos called up instead of wotherspoon personally.
  13. It's really nothing to worry about imo. It could be tactical/style changes from the manager or teams are now closing down on him more etc. We've seen him do it. We know he's more than capable of doing it.
  14. Reality finally kicked in for him I guess. The Portugal dream was long dead. No. He had some clear rust in his game when I watched him last year. The fact that he barely played this year is even more concerning. We're talking about a guy who has serious injury issues and played a handful of games in the past 3 years. He's not the top of anything and it's ridiculous to even say that even with our CB issues.
  15. His contract is still MUCH more expensive than the rest of the squad. That money will be used in other places. With the season he's been having, plus his cost etc, he's going elsewhere for sure. Pacos can't afford him.
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