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  1. It's really nothing to worry about imo. It could be tactical/style changes from the manager or teams are now closing down on him more etc. We've seen him do it. We know he's more than capable of doing it.
  2. Reality finally kicked in for him I guess. The Portugal dream was long dead. No. He had some clear rust in his game when I watched him last year. The fact that he barely played this year is even more concerning. We're talking about a guy who has serious injury issues and played a handful of games in the past 3 years. He's not the top of anything and it's ridiculous to even say that even with our CB issues.
  3. His contract is still MUCH more expensive than the rest of the squad. That money will be used in other places. With the season he's been having, plus his cost etc, he's going elsewhere for sure. Pacos can't afford him.
  4. 1. He hasn't done anything yet. 2. People slip through the cracks all the time. It's just reality. I will say though, Vancouver punishes hazing (rightfully so) but sexual assault? Naw that's okay.
  5. I don't know, I still think playing 3 players in our clearly weakest position is baffling.
  6. What makes you say that? He only ever did that once.
  7. Finishing higher in the standings will get a lot more attention. Very good thing to see.
  8. Most of those guys would be kicked out of the team the very next day. That's what I think...
  9. Ya looking at it I think the Twitter account made a mistake. Perhaps getting it mixed up with the previous match.
  10. That sucks. Didn't see his name on the sheet so I didn't bother to record the match. Good to see he's getting looks now though. Because of the lille connection I had a feeling he was going to see minutes evantually.
  11. I believe they haven't won a match with him starting on the bench. Should tell you something. He may not have the goals, but he is impacting else where.
  12. Caught part of the game. Did record it so I'll watch the rest soon. From what I saw there was quite a bit defending which isn't surprising based on who their opponent and he was a early second half sub. So I won't worry to much about those ratings.
  13. Caught the game. He did a step over nutmeg on their LB that I think it ended his career lol. Not a bad performance overall.
  14. Again, what's the same here? Canada not making it to the world cup? What big chance did Canada have in the past? They never had any. Today's situation is so different I have no idea why we're even comparing it. Between Canada and Bulgaria, today's situation favours Canada imo.
  15. I don't know what your point is here. I'm talking about one thing and you're talking about something else.
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