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  1. David had a goal disallowed for handball unfortunately.
  2. Good to see. Really excited for both Nelson and Rutty. Let's all hope they hit their potential.
  3. Decent move only if he actually plays AND gets the promotion.
  4. Well, congrats to him. Hopefully he gets a lot more action with tfc2 this year. He was being looked at by teams from Europe apparently. Not sure how it works, but did they do this because there was a chance he could leave for free? I know some other mls teams ended up losing big prospects for nothing. Was expecting Nelson and Perruzza to get their contracts first, but that could still potentially happen.
  5. You conveniently left out some details there. Yes, he did come back as a starter for TFC2 .... and than lost his spot. 1 start in the last 7 games of the season. That was due to performance. He wasn't really playing well. He was average at first, showed some good passing from the back, but over time he was getting beat to easily. Boskovic started for TFC2 last season when he was here, in the USLC, not USL1. He went to Ottawa with a half chance of getting starts. It took a while to gain the manager's trust, but he did end up earning a starting spot. It was only unfortunate that he ended up getting hurt several times during those starting spells. A side note. Can we not use the second division of Denmark as a measuring stick over another player, please? Canada fans need to stop this praising of players playing in really low tiers and hyping them up to oblivion because it's "Europe".
  6. Nope, sorry. This should've been given to Boskovic imo. He's more ready. Romeo struggled when he came back from his loan.
  7. As a number 8, I really can't see Bradley being that player at all. Let's hope.
  8. Traded his brain for muscles. This is the sort of comment you see from teenagers. There's this mentality that being Canadian isn't "cool". Really dumb thing to say when you play for a Canadian heavy team and at a time when we need to get rid of this kind of mentality leading up to hosting the world cup. It just puts him and Whitecaps in a awkward spot in front of the media.
  9. Famalicao was really high pressing and playing a fast tempo. Pacos struggled a bit at times because of it. I personally didn't think the quality was as bad as you made it sound. Quality looked better compared to their previous match.
  10. Vanney would force him to play out wide and he would look poor every time. He is just not a wide player.
  11. I'm hoping Carducci gets the chance to prove himself next time. we conceded a total of 3 goals and Crepeau played a big part in 2 of them. Not good.
  12. Not thrilled that we went the whole game with 2 DM's. We needed creativity. Waiting to take out Ricketts at the 90th min is a joke. There were a few bright spots. Brym played very well. Bassong and Nelson looked good too. Much better second half, it's just a shame we had 2 strikers doing nothing.
  13. Way to slow against a team that's sitting back. Need to switch the flanks much faster, that's the only time we had space to create anything. Oso and Fraser are capable of doing it.
  14. 4-3-3 or one of the strikers is being pulled back. Surprised with the CB duo.
  15. Crazy how quickly things have progressed with him. Can only hope he does really well and help out the CB problem with Canada a little bit.
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