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  1. Has he even played in any of the friendlies?
  2. That must be a big confidence booster for the kids too hear.... Truly doesn't trust the kids and trying to avoid using them as much as possible. If Auro didn't get hurt, his only sub would've been Jozy, which is pathetic considering you have 5 subs to use.
  3. Last match he started in the midfield, but did play a little bit in the CB position in the second half before getting subbed off. He looks lively and aggressive. Still makes some rookie mistakes however but if he can get minutes this season this stuff can be ironed out over time.
  4. Still strongly believe if you want to protect a bad backline, you add a extra midfielder. You need to crowd that space as much as possible. Adding an extra bad CB isn't going to make the other CB's miraculously play better. Even TFC showed this when they switched to a 5 with Armas and they ended up looking much worse. If he insists on still playing 5, then maybe it's time to think about playing with 1 striker instead. At the very least, maybe a Attacking mid role. We've seen David there with Gent. He covered the most distance in Belgium, he came back very deep.
  5. Will be really interesting to see how the defence handles proper pressure while in possession. We get a lot of space in these kind of games but against the States and Mexico that won't be the case. The 3 CB's today look more capable playing out of the back compared to the other CB's we have.
  6. Coupland's big moment and Hume is tearing him apart because of the miss earlier. Needs to ease up a bit and let the kid have his moment.
  7. We have Vitoria, Henry, Miller, and Sturing.
  8. So how does Brennan plan on firing himself?... Always have a good team on paper, but they never really play like one most of the time imo.
  9. Ok, I missed Bustos time in Vancouver. Was he really that bad or something? I look at him and for the life of me he looks a lot better than most of the players they have now.
  10. He may just settle with Laryea or Miller at LB at this point. Kennedy is a huge loss. Doesn't he get to decide? This is not what I was hoping for heading to the world cup qualifiers. Really wanted these players to be tested and gel more.
  11. He was subbed off in the last match and was seen getting treatment. I remember even the commentators bringing it up.
  12. Got hurt in the last match though, no?
  13. I hope this encourages them to not play 5 at the back anymore moving forward. We have a group of young wingers coming up and I think it's a mistake putting out a formation that won't use any. Time to settle on a formation that uses it imo.
  14. He's a good shot stopper. It's when the ball is at his feet things get scary. The same during the Olympic qualifiers. He really needs to work on his distribution and decision making. He puts his team in bad spots way too many times. There is potential here. I'm hoping the experience will fix these mistakes.
  15. Not his biggest fan, but did well last night. Hold up play looked good.
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