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  1. Everybody supports the big 3 there sadly. Not enough local support for most teams. I still remember the days when Leiria used to play in that new 30,000 seat stadium and they were literally getting less than a 1000 people showing up. Beira-Mar was another one.
  2. It's not our job to play Davies as a LB. He's not gonna play LB once every 2 months with Canada then just "get it". He needs consistent minutes with Bayern for that. They can try to convert him all they like, but as of now, he is not a lb TODAY. So we have no reason to be playing a winger in a position he can't play. Bayern are already playing him as a winger multiple times this season so I'm not even sure if they're even fully committed at this point. The suggestions of starting every single attacking player, regardless of the position they play just for the sake of having them on the field is amateurish to be honest. you need balance, you can't force these things. Someone has to sit down. It's a good thing to have a really good bench option. Davies can't play LB, David isn't as effective on the wing imo, Arfield certainly can't take that defensive role (or asking him to drift wide), Hoilett sitting back deep isn't logical... both of those lineups aren't even using the players to their best strengths. We would be handicapping ourselves if we ask players to play in positions and roles they can't even play in.
  3. Well I mean, some of them ya. Depending on the ceiling they have. Chapman was never gonna be anything to special, so his place on the team isn't really that shocking to me. Never rated Faria. Shaffleburg and Srbely, imo are good enough bench players, but that's about it. (well still sorta on the fence with Srbely, he could be better over time ) but again, if they want a starting role, than ya it's best to leave. I don't think they have a high enough ceiling to get that start here. Fraser and Okello on the other hand should stay for now. We don't know if Bradley is coming back next season (either way his time is almost up) so that could be Fraser's chance. Okello still has high potential to be a starter in the future and is still young. Doesn't need to be rushed out of here. We also don't know Vanney's fate. If new management did come, they could be more willing to play these players. We don't know.
  4. I think it's best for him to move on. Okello is maturing and their is honestly better options than Chapman from the tfc2 team imo.
  5. Borjan Laryea-----Vitoria-----Cornelius------Miller/Adekugbe Hutchinson---Eustaquio** Hoilett-------------David------------------Davies Cavallini ** Depending on his situation. Note: No I don't think Herdman will play this lineup or formation, this is just something I kinda wish for. Hutchinson is set to make a return from injury. He hasn't officially retired from the team. Until that day comes, he should still be on the team imo. Despite his age he still has quality. Eustaquio's case is based on fitness and if he can regain his old form. If not, I put Kaye there instead. This is a hard one, cause this formation and lineup does keep out players like Kaye (for now), and Arfield out of the lineup. But had we gone with the 4-3-3, it would force players like David out wide, or risk Cavallini on the bench. Regardless, either formation will have to have some sort of sacrifice. A good problem to have. I picked this one cause I think it suits the players we have more. David does come back well for Gent in this formation, he isn't the BEST at defending, but he's certainly not lazy. Having players like Huntchinson, Eustaquio, or Kaye in this kind of formation is the only way this formation would work imo. Atiba and Eustaquio are both DM's, they play good defence, but importantly, they are creative and have the quality and vision to bring the ball forward. They can find David in the pockets to build up the attack. They are capable of making space for themselves and play quick short passes when under pressure to get themselves out of tight situations better than our other players. This lineup wouldn't work with a player like Piette imo cause I don't think he has the quality to do that. Defensively he'll be okay, but when trying to build up, especially under pressure now that he may have a little less support in this formation, I don't think a player like Piette is able to do it. (could be wrong, worth an experiment) I like Adekugbe, but my 1 main fear of him playing on the same side of Davies is that it takes Davies out of the game a little more. Adekugbe likes to overlap and hog the touchline, I personally think this is where Davies should be. Playing Adekugbe kinda forces Davies to either pass for the overlap or cut in on his weaker foot more, which I prefer he doesn't. The reason why Miller might work is because of what I see him do with Orlando. In Orlando, he doesn't push up very high at all. He tucks in more infact, this gives players like Nani more space out wide to take on players. I think this is what could benefit Davies. Give him that space for him to use that speed of his to get around his marker.
  6. I have seen him play. Imo Laryea is better than him. Cordova is okay attacking (Still think Laryea is better in that department too), but his defending was iffy to me. Every time I watch him, the opposing team seems to get most of their chances from his side. I'm hoping it's just bad games I saw, but I'm not holding my breathe. Better than Godinho however.
  7. Disappointed with the lineup choices. I still believe he should be starting his expected starting 11 to build team chemistry and run up the score just in case. We all know players like Wotherspoon isn't going to be a regular starter for us, or even a consistent back up. Wasted start. No one stood out, especially the front line. Davies early in the game kinda showed me why he shouldn't be LB once again. Possession with no creativity. Conditions weren't ideal but man, I want to see some chances here and there. Henry, I have no idea what goes on in his mind. He's trying to lose his spot or something? Idiotic to do that with the USA game coming up.
  8. It was against Madison. Think it was a preparation match for Ottawa. His performance (which was very poor) may of turned off Vanney. But if that was the case, Zavaleta and Morgan should be getting the same treatment since they played in that match and didn't excel themselves. TFC manages that tfc2 poorly at times. Good to give young players starts, but then he starts older players like Ovalle, which makes me question why not just start Fraser instead if he isn't going to bother calling him up to the bench at the very least? They rather have him go week after week with no games?
  9. Did Herdman acknowledge that Canada played poorly the whole match and not just the second half? Ya we were winning, but it was very poorly played. Haiti's high pressure caused us turn over after turn over. We couldn't build up anything. That's a concern. It's also a concern that he's showing signs of nervousness in front of his players.
  10. Pretty much my other preferred line up. It's hard to decide which formation Canada should use in the future. This line up allows more of our attacking power to start, but it may leave our already weak backline less protection. It's hard to judge though. David does come back well for Gent, but I think the mid will still have to be balanced with good defensive players to make up for it.
  11. I hope Herdman doesn't do the same thing he did during the Nations league qualifiers where he would play wingers as defenders, play formations he doesn't plan on using etc. I know its Cuba, but he needs to play the formation, lineup, and tactics as if he was playing a better opponent. The team needs to build chemistry and figure out their identity. Doing what he did previously doesn't help us build anything. My personal line up would be Borjan Laryea - Henry - Vitoria - Adekugbe Piette Kaye - Osorio Hoilett - David - Davies The CB position still has a lot of questions. I know Vitoria is starting in Portugal, but he still shows signs of his old self at times from what I saw. I would like to see Miller tested as a CB aswell, I'm just concerned that he maybe a better LB than he is at CB. Laryea gets the start for me. Been in very good form. I'm personally not really hyped on Cordova having watched him play. I hope the games I saw were just bad examples....
  12. He played VERY well. Made some very crucial big tackles in the box to save them. Was involved in the attack a lot as well.
  13. Meh, I feel they have a solid front line with those 3 (Petrasso, Paolucci and Bustos) and also have a strong and aggressive cm's. They would show glimpses of what they could be, but they're so highly inconsistent with this management.
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