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  1. Yup. Can you imagine if a CB or 2 get hurt? We would go even deeper in our already weak selection. Having 3 makes no sense for this team. We simply don't have the depth for it.
  2. Didn't watch last night, but should be said that he had no preseason matches. Was injured the whole time and then kinda thrown into the starting lineup. He could still be trying to find his fitness and form through all of this.
  3. The rest of the highlights showcases some of his defending and mistakes.Mistakes he continues to make today. He nearly handed Miami their first goal today.
  4. Nothing. I don't think we should be calling him up at all. He is not a quality standout. He doesn't distance himself from the other CB's. With his age, we need to move on. I'm not against older players, but they have to be playing at a clearly different level for them to still get the nod, like Hutchinson. In Dejan's case, we have younger players playing exactly his level right now. I think people are exaggerating his quality a bit right now. We've seen him with Canada. We all know the results. There's no reason to cling on to him for dear life. The CB position is by far the weakest, and as I've said in a different topic, it requires the most experimentation. We need to bring in new faces, like what we've done with players like Didic, hopefully Waterman etc, and see how that pans out. This game is a good example why we need to change things up. They both got burned multiple times in that game, even forcing Zambrano to take out Vitoria and put in James to get someone to match the speed.
  5. Of course when he finally starts I couldn't find a stream. It seemed like they played 5 at the back and Borges was the right back...
  6. My only disappointments is that there is no N'sa, Malyk Hamilton, or Halbouni. Feel like they're better options than some of the ones called. Other than that it's pretty close to what I expected/wanted.
  7. Obviously most likely he won't play, but he was called up to Bologna's bench today.
  8. Gonna have to agree to disagree. Ya made some tackles, but I still saw him getting exposed from over committing too tackles he had no business making. His positioning at times made it easy for the the more pacy/tricky players (that he usually struggles against) go around him with ease. The passing was a whole different story. Still thought he was the worst player on the field.
  9. He was horrendous. All of his worst attributes was displayed in full force. Controversial, but like I've said in the past, it's these reasons why I don't rate him too highly and he shouldn't be a regular starter for Canada.
  10. I hope he has adapted his game playing on the right side. He was always a much different player when playing on the right, just wasn't as good. Especially since it took away his best attribute, putting in crosses with his left foot. Hopefully he can pull it off this time.
  11. The second was also his fault. He ran back to get 2 Leon players onside without ever needing too.
  12. We need to move on from Jakovic. Can't just fall in love with 1 performance. Especially when he played a big part on Leon's second goal. Out of the capped players, the regulars like Henry, Cornelius, Vitoria, Maybe James and Miller are sadly still the best options we may have currently. Didic against higher quality attackers scare me. He still has speed and agility issues. The fact he hasn't even been signed by Vancouver, while they signed a different CB recently, shows the doubt. Waterman we will have to see. He was fine in CPL, has good vision from the back, need to see if he's able to do it in higher quality league. This season, it's all about the kids. Hope and pray they turn out well. Yao, Halbouni, Norman Jr might be used as a CB, etc. To me, the second Canada has the chance to actually experiment with their squad, instead of calling up Nelson and the Okello's, call up these CB's and give them a chance to prove something. Make their club's managers do a double take and consider playing them more. Give them exposure. The current or old CB's that we regularly call up, we know they're not strong enough, so experiment a little more in that position. Why settle? Look what happened to Kaye when he was actually given the chance to prove something. Think I've said it here in the past,but heck, if they really want to test things out, why not even try Fraser in that position? He was originally a CB and even played 1 game as a CB with TFC. A CB that can pass well too.
  13. well, until he has to face the strikers from LigaMX.
  14. The second you mentioned Rongen the story made a whole lot more sense. So glad he's gone.
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