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  1. I don't know if it's his dad, agent, or w/e but it really feels like this guy was mislead on so many parts. They tried to pull something sketchy and the pandemic potentially ****** them a little. Surely this wasn't the result he was hoping for, right?
  2. Would've liked to see them maybe give Bassong a trial at least. Would be a better move if he had impressed and get to save that international spot for something bigger perhaps.
  3. Mohammed never signed with TFC As for his performance, I thought he was actually okay. Having watched him for a while though, his temper and aggression is a big worry. It's one of the reasons why I'm always a little hesitant about him signing with TFC. He gets himself into a lot of trouble.
  4. Binks got in his head early in the game and Lucas couldn't focus for the rest of the game. Poor composure.
  5. I know it's not the case of everybody here, but I HAVE watched him. I've watched him a good amount of times now. Including his last match just the other day. Yes, there are people here hyping him without watching him, but the thing is you're guilty of doing something similar . You just completely discredited him without watching him. If you're going to call out people for hyping a player they never seen, than lets not drag the players name through the mud without ever watching him either. It's one thing to maybe be skeptical and not join in on the hype, that's fine, but to completely call him out for having to play in a empty stadium that you saw on youtube is such an odd argument. Again, especially considering he's in a much better position at his age than a lot of our current players were when they were 20 years old.
  6. @Free kick I made a post about it earlier somewhere in this thread, but can you remind me where players like Piette, James, Kaye, Osorio, Miller, Laryea etc were all playing in their early 20's? Because they were in a even less than admirable position than Yankov right now. He just got the start for the top team in Bulgaria who participates in Europa cup often. Instead of looking at youtube and google, actually watch him play instead of coming up with that God awful argument of yours.
  7. Other than maybe a slight lack of confidence on his shooting, I thought this was his best match. He dragged back linking with the mid well, continuing the flow of the attack, his hold up play was good, and got in better scoring positions. He's been steadily improving each game. I think once he gets that 1 goal, we'll start to see him at his best again imo.
  8. Yankov just scored. First time shot. Kinda watching this and the CPL game in the same time so I'm not overly invested in the match. His team surprisingly defending a lot from what I'm seeing. Despite at home. Yankov playing as a 10 it seems btw.
  9. Got the exact same feeling about it. At times it really does feel like he's just kinda forcing the starts.
  10. Having watched Portuguese soccer for most of my life, my opinion is this. In recent years, the quality of the league has gone down. Pretty drastically. Especially the top 3. One of the reasons I can think of is that signing players through 3rd parties is restricted now. Something teams in Portugal heavily relied on. Getting that out of the way. Outside of the top 4-5 teams, I believe the rest of the league may struggle a little more against the top mls teams without a doubt. The mid table mls teams, some maybe hit and miss. The bottom teams of mls however don't have a prayer even against the bottom teams in Portugal. The quality is worse the lower you go, but most teams in Portugal are still better at moving the ball and tactically disciplined. Especially defensively.
  11. His dribbling and technique really makes him a interesting project. With the right coaching and guidance I can only hope they unlock his potential. Not taking advantage of a a tall player with his skillset would be such a waste.
  12. I'm kinda shocked how little talk Velado-Tsegaye has gotten. I know he hasn't played a whole lot, but imo I thought he has looked good. Plays very "mature" for his age. Good with the ball at his feet.
  13. Ya I'm not sure what he did wrong yesterday that got this reaction. He wasn't a standout, especially compared to other games, but he really didn't do anything wrong either. It's life. People really giving up on him for 1 average performance lol. His quickness on making forward passes and decisions is actually a breath of fresh air compared to what we get with Bradley, who tends to hold on to the ball too long and kill attacks because of it at times.
  14. They already had to reschedule the WCQ matches in a all ready tight deadline and we have no idea what the future holds. Part of me thinks this won't even happen.
  15. I don't know about that. Tfc had loads of possession, but man did we create very little with it. It's been a bad habit with this team lately.
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