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  1. I believe they haven't won a match with him starting on the bench. Should tell you something. He may not have the goals, but he is impacting else where.
  2. Caught part of the game. Did record it so I'll watch the rest soon. From what I saw there was quite a bit defending which isn't surprising based on who their opponent and he was a early second half sub. So I won't worry to much about those ratings.
  3. Caught the game. He did a step over nutmeg on their LB that I think it ended his career lol. Not a bad performance overall.
  4. Again, what's the same here? Canada not making it to the world cup? What big chance did Canada have in the past? They never had any. Today's situation is so different I have no idea why we're even comparing it. Between Canada and Bulgaria, today's situation favours Canada imo.
  5. I don't know what your point is here. I'm talking about one thing and you're talking about something else.
  6. When I think of International soccer, I think it's safe to say a players main thinking point is "can I make the world cup with this team?" Canada, most likely, will be going and hosting a world cup. And with the recent rise, we could potentially be heading to Qatar as well. Who knows. Bulgaria is finishing in their groups with less than 5 points on the regular these days in a MUCH tougher competition than us. You can bring up scouts and exposure all you want, but throwing away a real big chance at a world cup appearance, a life long dream for many and also grants them the biggest ex
  7. Fraser's contract is up after this season. He's most likely just gonna refuse to re-sign and look elsewhere. Really no point in him staying.
  8. As a Portuguese descent, this is accurate lol.
  9. Really making some nice plays in the last 10-15 minutes. Looking really good, even if he may not score in this match.
  10. Can't remember if I posted it here already so I maybe I'm repeating myself. But at the start of the season when TFC changed to this formation, I already said that this was the end of Fraser. This pivot role imo doesn't suit him too well ( Neither for Bradley imo ). This works well for box to box players, especially ones that are good at defending. Priso showed that. He's not really the most offensive player when watching him with TFC2, but he is more capable of going up front than Bradley and Fraser. It's also why I really want to see how Okello does in this role since it matches his styl
  11. Hard to say because i remember seeing twitter posts of Dunn joining up with the team in Hartford. Even had some pictures. With the CPL season done, surely he's eligible to play for TFC now.
  12. Shame. Thought he played well at times. Was hoping to see a little more before he makes up his mind.
  13. He has a habit of showing up for these kind of games. Got motm against Benfica when he was with Chaves. Not the first time he scored against Porto as well. Good to see.
  14. Just it a volley off the crossbar and then off the line.
  15. Sold Danilo to PSG, so technically there is a spot open...
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