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  1. My formation has David as the CAM, but regardless, put him up top in a 4-4-2 or up top in a 4-3-3 with Hoilett it doesn't matter. Those are my front 6 in any exact formation Canada plays. We're all talking very similar formations, I don't like getting caught up in exact roles To clarify our front 6 should include: Cavallini, David, Davies, Hoilett, Kaye, Arfield
  2. our front 6 is clear as day after the last couple months: Cavallini (Larin, Akindele bench) Davies----David----Hoilett (Millar, Osorio, Tabla bench) Kaye-------Arfield (Piette, Johnson, Teibert bench) Assuming Hutchinson is retired
  3. i think he meant they are all friendlies in the sense that we are already out of the 2022 World Cup, these games are just preparations for 2026
  4. While you are absolutely right in most cases, our defenders are so bad and our substitute midfielders are so good that you have to consider switching it up. It is definitely a problem though and we really are 4 solid defenders away from being a top 3 CONCACAF team. Unfortunately with the WCQ system the way it is, we won't have a chance to play top concacaf teams and are already out of the World Cup
  5. What the hell was the point of Nations League? Other than FIFA Rankings has 0 purpose. If they wanted it, it should have served as real factual world cup qualifying and they should have told every CONCACAF Nation prior to starting. Us qualifying for League A served no purpose in making it to a world cup, we could win this nations league (and even let's say we won the gold cup) and still be out of the world cup prior to qualifying beginning
  6. When is this really late April Fool's joke going to be over and they announce the real qualifying format?
  7. I still think this qualifying format is a joke that was leaked and concacaf is in on the joke, there is no way in hell any format could possibly be this stupid. It doesn't even make sense having 2 separate and completely different paths for one confederation. In no sport in history have I ever seen that. If this format stands, Canada won't play a world cup qualifier for almost 12 years!! This world cup is already over, and we will probably get a free pass to 2026. It's really unfortunate, world cup qualifying games are ones I look forward to most and it's been taken away from us
  8. those are all fair legitimate ways of losing
  9. or imagine this: We smash 3 minnows, Haiti, Panama, Jamaica and Mexico. We go 14-0-0 with 100 goals for and 0 goals against. Then tie Brazil 0-0 and lose in Brazil 1-0. We miss the World Cup
  10. ^ 1/116 =-0.8% chance which is a smaller chance than 3.25/6 = 54% it's simple math. And if you say teams 7-35 are all easy, we still have to win 2 more knockout rounds which puts us at 25% instead of 54% chance if you make the fake hex it is completely our of our hands as they incorporated FIFA ranking from 3 years ago that no one knew mattered that much
  11. tickets should be cheap, just get people into the damn stadium. once you're in, you will pay for a burger, beer whatever, you'll make money on concessions. not to mention the hats and shirts are really nice, you'll get merchandise sales too. Just get people in the stadium honestly $5-$10 that's it, you'll make money on everything else
  12. exactly correct haha and i might be optimistic in the later rounds
  13. 6 rounds of qualiying lmao 29 teams competing for a quarter of a spot lmao embarrassing
  14. we literally have to win 16 games in a row to qualify for the world cup. 29 teams are competing for a quarter of a spot. its over. focus on 2026 theres only 6 teams competing for the World Cup in concacaf this year
  15. lets make a realistic qualiying tournament for canada to qualify: Round 1 - Top a group of USVI Puerto Rico and Guyana (90%) Round 2 - Beat Guatemala home and away (70%) Round 3 - Beat Jamaica home and away (50%) Round 4 - Beat Panama home and away (40%) Round 5 - Beat Costa Rica home and away (30%) Round 6 - Beat Uraguay home and away (20%) LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO imagine..... i wouldnt even get excited about winning a world cup qualifier until like round 5
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