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  1. First of all thanks for this great work. Maybe the reason there was no discussion as you mentionned 2-21-2019 was that before Forge played, it was not evident how important the index was for determing fixture in the future. As Rintaran mentionned, i doubt Concacaf will use the same point system for the preliminary round. As we can see Saprissa will have already 8,5 points for the preliminary round. If they draw the 2 games in the round of 16 but lose on away goals they will have 10,5 points and Agila only 4.5 if we use this points system. So by creating the preliminary round in Concacaf league, Concacaf basically created a third level of competition. But the prelimanary participants cannot get 0 point in that round because there must be a way to go from pot 2 team to pot 1 team and getting the advantage of being the receiver of the second leg in the future years of the tournement. I don't have a clue about how they will adress this problem...
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