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  1. Haha, donโ€™t get me wrong Iโ€™m definitely a sympathizer, but itโ€™s not that shocking to talk about Canada on a Canadian forum ๐Ÿ˜…
  2. I was actually going to go last night but I ran into a problem and in the ene didnโ€™t buy the tickets. I certainly didnโ€™t use Peruvian football as an excuse for that!
  3. I'd be happy to go to games mate, just as long as they don't conflict with Peru matches. I love this country a lot, but I identify more with my Peruvian side since I was born there and lived 7 years of my life in Lima.
  4. Jesus, all those El Salvador fans have completely wound up the Voyageurs on Twitter. I have my theories, as well as my own case. Firstly, we must analyze if these Salvadorians were born here, if they just work here, if their parents were born here, etc. Secondly, keep in mind that El Salvador has always had a bigger footy culture than Canada. Perhaps not a bigger history as they've been average to bad for most of time, but the football culture has always been there. That's always been more appealing. Canada not having a league, not even having a professisonal team til about 2007, has not helped. I honestly cannot blame them and think that these sort of things come with time, with how everything is changing in the footy community here in Canada. I am not CanMNT at all. I am just a bandwagoner. If they go to the World Cup, or play in the Gold Cup or Octo, I will sympathize. However, I was not born here. My family isn't Canadian. Even if Canada were regular World Cup winners, I wouldn't support them over Peru, even though I love this country and think I am here for life now. I was born in Peru, my parents and grandparents were born in Peru, and everyone after that was born in the UK. So I have my pick, and also Peru's football history appealed a lot more. Now, if you were born in Canada, your parents were born in Canada, you don't have an excuse. That's the sort of people that get to me. None of this "my grandfather is Italian" shite. I know USA has had to deal with those sorts of people even when they were in World Cups.
  5. We will be incredibly lucky to keep Abzi after this season.
  6. I'm going to play devils advocate. For a team with the quality of Honduras, these antics are what win games. I am South American and have seen Chile win the Copa America twice, who were a very dislikeable team with similar sort of provocations. If you're able to wind up the opponent with these antics and get away with it, it's a talent and almost a necessary one to win in the modern game. Canada will need to learn to not fall for these in order to survive against opposition like this. Players like Vidal, Gonzalo Jara, Luis Suarez, Walter Gargano, and a more familiar Jose Escalante have this talent, and it's part of why they are so successful for their leagues or their team. It unsettles the opposition.
  7. I was watching Peru bottle it, but I had this on in the background. Felt like a bit of a wake up call for some of the cheerleaders. Despite that, I do think the team were a bit nervous for their first game in the Octo. I don't expect them to win against the USA, but if they show a promising performance there, I won't be too worried. If there are dropped points vs El Salvador, or god forbid a bad performance and scraping a win, that's when I would start worrying.
  8. I remember when Piojo Herrera made similar claims on how the Canadian Police attacked him and his players. I just remember laughing, and telling my family that they would probably say "sorry" for arresting certain people and they would stop you on the road to have a conversation. In other words, they are seriously out of the loop on how unimportant football actually is in Canada.
  9. I still wouldn't hit the panic button. The league has it's flaws with marketing, but honestly the attendances dropping after year 1 is normal. Happens around the world in weaker leagues. When a new stand is open in an expanded stadium, they flock in the first year and then attendances plummet afterwards. We just need to keep growing from this and not take rash decisions. Now FC Edmonton is concerning. With York we have definitely seen an increase in fans after the first year (despite the inflated 2019 average), Edmonton looks to have decreased on their already low fanbase.
  10. We definitely want to keep growing this league and hope they eventually reach MLS, or slightly below level of attendances, but despite that I for one will miss the community this league has created. Pretty sure I was the only away fan again, just like in Winnipeg.
  11. Going back home now. Wonderful ground TD place is. Way better than what Forge or York ourselves can offer. Everyone was engaging and it was a sea of red and white.
  12. What is the Ottawa supporters group and where can I meet them pre-game?
  13. Pacific have proven here they have plenty of depth. Very smart choice to rest their starters, because they probably couldn't walk for a day after that Whitecaps game.
  14. We play Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil next. Uruguay without Cavani and Suarez will feel like a false sense of security. Hope we can win or we'll never hear the end of it.
  15. The commentators' voice just died there. So many cracks ๐Ÿ˜‚
  16. Seems to be more people than usual today, love to see it. Hope the official attendance supports my point though!
  17. Honduras from recollection, is always a bogey side for Canada. Recent form supports points towards a Canada win though. If this was in Honduras maybe it would have been a different story, but at home I don't see Honduras taking this.
  18. Count me in if so. I'd be willing. I can also speak Spanish fluently and have been to Costa Rica, so I'd like to think I'd be of help ๐Ÿ˜
  19. What about it? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Quick research here tells me that Costa Rican league games are behind closed doors, but Panama is open to public. Obviously NT will be different and things can change by now til march.
  20. Away game to Costa Rica/Panama would be my choices, if they are open. I'm staying away from Honduras though.
  21. Great stuff! Happy to see CONCACAF League back here.
  22. Going to Ottawa this Wednesday for our game there. Can't wait.
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