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  1. I've been in Iqaluit so I couldn't see this game. I was also in Montreal for the Impact game. It's like I said before, we are cementing ourselves as the third best team in the league I reckon. As for Halifax, with the squad they have they need to be doing much better.
  2. I am feeling confident about this game for Forge. Antigua are not one of the big clubs in Guatemala, a league from a football country that isn't very good to begin with.
  3. All I ask is to give it a fight. I am about to leave for the 6 hour drive to Montreal. Come on you nines!
  4. I know it will never happen, but I am personally for all 3 MLS sides to join the CPL. We are not American, we are Canadian. Screw having teams there and lets focus on our own league. I think CPL's biggest killer is the MLS teams. Right now only York 9 is properly competing (and losing) but it also gives us less locations to place teams in.
  5. Frustrating game. We were all over them in the first 45, but in the second half we barely touched them. Ingham looks a tad better than the previous games but still a bit nervous. Telfer was making terrible decisions on the ball and played perhaps his worst game in a Y9 shirt. Estevez came on and tried to dribble past everyone. Never let go of the blooming ball. Adjei and Aparacio were invisible. Only one I liked today was Porter as his off the ball movement was decent. Now to think about Wednesdays game against Montreal Impact.
  6. Fair play, that was a really well worked goal. Klose vs Brazil 2014 anyone?
  7. Cavalry resting a few I suspect for the Whitecaps game on Wednesday. They are still favourites though, that rotated side is still very solid. Come on you nines!
  8. Well yes, but if we are looking at squad quality they have more than enough to challenge for titles, if you ask me.
  9. They are. The problem is they are managed terribly. Stephen Hart has got to be one of the worst managers in the league.
  10. Awful watch, but at least we got another goal to heat things up for the last 30. Terran Campbell only a goal behind Borges now if I'm correct. I will repeat it again: Hart is an awful manager
  11. Perfect free kick from Victor Blasco. This week is full of bangers.
  12. So I just learned that Tyler Attardo had played (or at least trained) some times with Rangers de Talca of Chile. Very interesting, I was always under the impression that people from Manitoba had never been outside of their province! 😂 (It's a joke, please don't hate me for that!)
  13. Kadell Thomas hasn't been playing as much as the start of the year has he? He's not as good as Borges but still has a ton of talent. Incredible goal. Reminds me of Gervinho vs Colombia in the 2014 World Cup, but from a tougher angle and a better finish.
  14. Attardo is fantastic. 3 goals at 17 years old in not too many starts is quite impressive. He's certainly not been the best young player of that league but may have the most potential.
  15. Toronto FC plays today, and of course it's the one time we're playing away from home...
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