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  1. Missed this entirely yesterday. Was doing something else. Not at all surprised at the result though, I have to wonder if Valour's comments on their social media on York the other day fired us up, because we looked a totally different side.
  2. Jared Ulloa looking bright again. York on the other hand are playing their best football since 2019.
  3. You are talking between Gasparotto, Zator, Didic or Edgar. Out of those only Edgar comes close I think.
  4. I thought the same, I haven't been watching the Peruvian league either as the domestic cup is ongoing. Simply not keen on it with the Copa and Euros. Pandemic has been a significant hamper to the league, but I'm sure it will recover as soon as fans return home.
  5. Feel like the interest has been lower this year. Hope Valour fans prove me wrong tonight.
  6. Didn't read the whole thread tbf, that ones on me.
  7. Very nervous, but I can dream. Feel like it's Brazil's to lose though. This meme accurately describes me.
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