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  1. I fly to Winnipeg tomorrow morning. #ComeOnYouNines
  2. Oyegunle with a solid debut so far. I'm a York 9 fan but given he was my brothers teammate I'm very keen to see how he does.
  3. Embarrassing. I was at the game for the first time in forever, you shouldn't concede at such a crucial point in the game when you're up 2 men. I hate to admit it, but that Jordan Brown sub as stupid as it seemed at the time, was pure brilliance and nearly got Cavs the win.
  4. I don’t get the praise for Hart. He’s a very average manager.
  5. Booked my flights to Winnipeg. This time for real. We're coming for you Valour!
  6. I personally find it embarrassing. It's like the Bundesliga clubs who laugh at themselves when they lose. Imagine being down about a defeat and then have the Twitter account of said team put up memes.
  7. BTW, if this by any chance is seen as advertising, feel free to delete the post. Didn't mean it in that way but rather sharing my interview with Valours young prodigy!
  8. That Easton Ongaro kid is special. I still maintain though that Attardo > Ongaro.
  9. If we were this consistent game in and game out, we would be fighting for the title with Cavalry and Forge. For now I maintain Pacific is the third best team though.
  10. N'sa has had a fantastic game it must be said.
  11. Not a great advertisement for the league that half given it's on CBC.
  12. Juan Diego Gutierrez will be at Deportivo Coopsol next year. Bookmark this. Very disappointed in him. No strength or unpredictability.
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