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  1. Great signing. While Jair Cordova never got a chance to prove himself in Peru's top flight, he was great in the second division which is not that much worse than current CPL. 23 goals for Alianza Atletico in 2018 if I recall correctly. Wasn't bad for Juan Aurich either.
  2. I am a 5-10 minute walk from there, so I’m all for OSC. Only downside is no pre-game away feel.
  3. More like the "two-faced" derby as York 9 supporters will have trouble picking who to support in that game. 😁
  4. As I said in the York 9 thread, this pretty much confirms that there will be no new teams in 2020. If that wasn't a certainty yet.
  5. Only downside to this is that this pretty much confirms no new teams for 2020 in what was already an unlikely situation. Lets hope 2021 will change that.
  6. Part of me thinks it's rigged to see York Lions fill up, but I can't complain. TFC is a dream away, and the home game will be packed.
  7. So are we playing Masters FA in the CanChamp then? If so, look forward to Scarborough away!
  8. I agree with the departures. None left an impact (though Gogarty has his moments). I’m really happy Kyle Porter is being kept too. Some of the takes that he’s been garbage for York 9 are ludicrous in my opinion.
  9. And it's been announced as a "new signing". First HFX, and now the Eddies. Contract renewals aren't "new signings" lads!
  10. Inb4 Ottawa Fury announce new sponsor for 2020
  11. Tajikistan is a very defensive team and they reached the final in Asia. Argentina are a dull side that usually win by 1 or 2. Again, with your goal difference I wouldn't hold your breath. It's possible but a very slim chance.
  12. Looking at your goal difference, I wouldn't hold your breath.
  13. Angola are better than you, they have a very good side this year with players like Capita and Zito Luvumbo. The latter has actually trialed at Manchester United. Will be nice if Canada prove me wrong but from what I've seen, Angola is the 2nd best team in this group.
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