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  1. Lisandro Cabrera representing Pantoja against Monterrey means we have more CL presence than Forge FC 🤣
  2. I am doing Peruvian Liga 1 games (which used to have rights) and Libertadores games, right now I'm not the best option as I'm still in practice mode, but in 2-3 months I will be more than ready. I'd be happy to commentate on the CanPL. I even have my home studio with a professional mic and interface. The big problem is finding someone to co-commentate.
  3. Would be interested to investigate if there are indeed rights, but given it's the same person is a tad worrying. I have almost 2-3 months to find out thankfully.
  4. does anyone know if there are radio rights in the Canadian Premier League? Obviously there are image rights so I can't record the games myself, but some leagues have rights to narrate over the games in general just via voice. And I was curious if this is the case in CanPL. Been doing some commentating for Peruvian games and am maybe keen to try it here too.
  5. For totally selfish reasons, I hope it's somewhere like Trois Rivieres or Quebec City. The away day would be sweet.
  6. Everyone is guessing it will be Quebec, Fraser Valley or Saskatoon, but knowing the Canadian Premier League's secrecy they'll come out as us with Whitehorse or something.
  7. CPL's PR team is the best of all time, up there with Chadwick Boseman's PR team. That shit didn't leak once.
  8. Sweet! They look pretty isolated indeed. Care to maybe add a bit more context if possible though so I know where I'm headed with this?
  9. Hi, so I'm making a sports documentary on obscure teams in difficult home grounds to reach/leave. However, due to the pandemic, it's a bit tough to film outside of Canada so I have to find a team here to talk about. I had a few teams in mind. Yukon Selects SC Thunder Bay Chill Okanagan FC These seem to be isolated. Yukon Selects though plays in the Alaska division, so it's not that bad. Okanagan or Kamloops isn't that far out either, so the choice may be Thunder Bay Chill who play far from everyone besides Winnipeg and Wisconsin. I don't recognize ot
  10. I'm all for a rebrand just as long as we stayed in the York Region. I won't lie, when I was in Peru last year one of my main reasons for wanting to come back was being able to support a team in an actual domestic leagues. Do away games, etc. So I'm glad I am able to continue supporting the side.
  11. Did anyone else receive a call today from York 9? They called me to offer me a season ticket + surveyed me on the experience. That confirms to me that they are staying in the region.
  12. Is this confirmed to be staying in the GTA? That's my only concern with a rebrand.
  13. Not happening. Ugarriza has refound his form in Peru at Cienciano, and he turns 24 in January which I believe makes him non-eligible. I would love to try again with him but I don't think it's feasible.
  14. Yes, Tauro *should* theoretically be a tougher game for Forge. I'd even have the hammers as underdogs here. I can't say I'm an expert on Panamanian football, but I know as much as this: their sides tend to be a coin toss in continental competitions. You can either get a really weak side who just embarrass themselves, or a surprise package such as Arabe Unido in 2016-17 who beat Monterrey home and away, and also Independiente in 2019 who slaughtered Toronto FC. Teams from El Salvador aren't good. I've seen their league a couple times a while back, and the standard is lower then the Canadia
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