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  1. Hey all, long time no talk. I've become a singer since I last posted, and was thinking about making a fan tribute York 9 song to unite everyone. I don't know about that though, what do you think?
  2. Come on hermano... you're better than that. Playing for Alianza is a bigger task than any club in the CanPL. Not only that but he was a backup at best. With less pressure and no toxic media like Peru's constantly attacking him, he will have a better time. Not only that but a lot of players that have joined CPL have had poor scoring records in their own leagues before joining. Look at Gattas. Prime example. He's gonna do well here. Trust me.
  3. Mostly from Aliancistas who are criticizing, not realizing Peruvian football is a notch above the CanPL and also that he had good moments at other smaller clubs.
  4. Ingham Doner - Gasparotto - Arnone - Abzi Petrasso - Manella - Aparicio - Hamilton Vasconcelos - Ugarriza Apologies if I got a few positions wrong. What a team though!
  5. He's right though, Carlos Stein didn't win the Copa Peru originally. Llacuabamba had fielded an ineligible player though in one of their promotion matches and were stripped of the title. Llacuabamba gained promotion in the end as well anyways through another playoff.
  6. 300 teams? You need to research a bit harder. The Copa Peru in full has 52,000 teams if I recall correctly! 😁
  7. The third division of Peruvian football (the Copa Peru) is actually the 2nd. There's also another division called "Liga 2". Or that's how it was supposed to be. The Copa Peru hasn't aged well. Back in the 1960's, Peruvian football became descentralized and was played outside of the capital for the first time officially. The Segunda Division however continued to only have teams from Lima, while the Copa Peru would have all the other provincial sides. So technically they were both the second tier. One team gets promoted from the capital and another from the rest of the country. Around 2006-2008 (can't remember the year exactly) the Segunda Division added teams from the provinces and it was no longer an all-Lima league. So that killed the purpose of the Copa Peru and is now seen as a third tier. The only reason they still give promotion to the top flight nowadays is because of tradition.
  8. I actually guessed Ugarriza would go to Cavalry when I had been told they signed a Peruvian. I also thought Iberico was in the running. In the end they signed Cordova but my point is it doesn't shock me that Ugarriza will eventually end up over here. No Peruvian club snapped him up and he's under 23 so it only makes sense. He's also a higher class Peruvian so chances are he knows fluent English.
  9. I'm not a journalist but a few of my closest friends are and have told me that Ugarriza is the player. So I'm taking their word for it. Both Peruvian and Canadian sources
  10. Hamilton lives in it's own bubble though. They hate being called a suburb of Toronto. So there's really no conflict with them since they don't identify as part of Toronto.
  11. Not really, many players had a concerning scoring record before coming to the CanPL and did it well here. The standard in Peru is higher than in Canada even with all it's problems.
  12. Keep in mind, Ugarriza would be coming from Alianza Lima, one of Peru's big 2 clubs. He was bad there but that's down to being a backup and pressure of the country's potentially biggest club. At UTC and Real Garcilaso he was great. He didn't score many but he did his job well and was very underrated by many here. In the CanPL, I can guarantee he'll score a lot. By far the best of the 3 Peruvians in the CanPL if he joins.
  13. Siucho is in China, he just changed his name and got a Chinese passport. Ugarriza is a free agent and I've been told by mates it is indeed him. We'll find out soon enough.
  14. If it's who I think it is (Ugarriza) it is one of the biggest and best signings to date. I am very much looking forward to this. Don't disappoint me!
  15. Disappointing. Atletico Ottawa at home against Forge should have been the opener. New boys against the defending champs.
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