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  1. I watched a fair bit of Pasher when he was at Indy Eleven as a good friend of mine was on the roster. I think you’re underestimating his technical ability. He scored 22 goals in 57 appearances as a winger. And he’s very quick. I’m sure he’ll continue to excel in MLS and work his way into the CMNT fold. Adekugbe is fine, but Pasher has a higher ceiling (despite being 26 y.o. and 8 months older).
  2. I’ve always thought Pasher was underrated. Great to see him proving himself in MLS. Given the consensus preference for having Alphonso Davies play further up the field and the relative lack of depth at LB, is there any reason Pasher could not start at LB for Canada? He’s played there before. He’s technically better than Adekugbe and he seems to have more pace.
  3. Lol - please screenshot. You will literally just be undermining your own argument. I was responding to the guy who insulted me after I expressed an opinion.
  4. I mean this is just a completely inaccurate depiction of what happened. I had an opinion. The reactions consisted of calling me a "covidiot" and suggesting I was a conspiracy theorist.
  5. I actually deleted that post because I realized UT was going after the other guy and not me (I think). In any case, I'm over it. You, on the other hand, seem to be quoting every post I make and then adding some inane juvenile commentary. Let's move on big guy.
  6. Guns blazing? My initial post was pretty unimpassioned. I'm not going to qualify every comment I make with a "trigger-warning" because of the miniscule possibility that I might offend a couple weak-kneed individuals. Also, the fact that a person relating their own experience is immediately construed as "diminishing other people's experiences" epitomizes the sorry state of modern discourse.
  7. Ah yes! Banning people for expressing an opposing opinion. I have a feeling you’re a really great guy!
  8. I’m sorry I haven’t posted 10 times a day for the last 12 years. I’m not going to engage in this discussion any further other than to say that I think it’s absurd that they are taking such precautions when there hasn’t even been a single positive test. Or even reports of anyone being symptomatic. The lengths to which society has gone to contain a virus that frankly isn’t nearly as dangerous or contagious as initially thought makes no sense. Perhaps I’m a Covidiot (very clever!), but I just don’t understand it. And the fact people get so insulted when anyone questions any of these public measures shows how politicized COVID has become. People in this forum are in tears (narduch, sebdeserio, etc.) because someone had the audacity to say that maybe these restrictions are a little over the top. Anyway, go soccer!
  9. Relax buddy. I assume you’re one of those who wears three masks and refuses to leave his mom’s basement. Sorry if I offended you.
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