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  1. No the summer 2022 event will basically be a U-19 tournament since the qualification is for the 2023 FIFA U-20 WC.
  2. The big dual Nats (Flores, Dias, Jebbison) are for sure question marks. Of them I think Dias is the most likely and Flores the least likely. Apparently Atanasov in Bulgaria is definitely interested and follows Canadian soccer. I think he's been in Bulgarian camps before. Dimitrov hasn't made his pro debut yet and I'm not sure about his allegiances. Smith isn't getting call ups to France's U19 team so I think he accepts a call up. The CPL and MLS guys would for sure be available although I hope the CSA begins taking the CPL seriously when it comes to youth scouting. Our 2019 U17 squad could have had players coming in who were in professional environments in the CPL and getting pro minutes and opted to ignore them for a full academy squad. (Pepple the main one).
  3. I made a rough list of our 03 and 04 depth a few months ago. It may be a but outdated. We need a camp for these guys.
  4. This means 01s and 02s don't get any football unless Canada makes it to the Olympics. 03s and 04s will be relied on to get us to the U20 WC and the Olympics in 2024.
  5. i don't like this as our 01s and 02s have no youth tournament football unless Canada makes it to the Olympics. Our 03 and 04s are pretty good though.
  6. He probably should be but if our strongest XI is a 5-3-2 he's Davies' understudy.
  7. I think the door opens to Ennin because of Akinola's injury and Herdman likes playing with two up top and right now he has four guys (Hoilett, David, Larin, Cavallini) for that role but I think the safer bet is five, especially with three match windows. I think atm you have Ennin fighting with Millar and Corbeanu, especially if Herdman doesn't think the latter two can play wingback and can only either be wingers or in a 3atb situation up top with a partner. I can't see Corbeanu or Millar being wingbacks I think they're better more advanced. All this depth is wild but also makes me feel a bit bad that not everyone can come along for the rides😅
  8. There are legitimate questions to be asked of the CSA concerning the fact that despite a growth of the sport in this country and 2026 why pre covid have they not done more to secure sponsors and funding for the program. It's easy to cry poor but when Carribean countries are apparently outspending you that's a problem. Especially when you parade the program as a top one in CONCACAF. Remember in a World Cup year in 2018 Canada played four games. Four. There's no excuse for that. There are definitely dual nationals who we will lose because they never get a chance to play in a camp with Canada and by the time we want to offer them senior minutes it's too late. Sali, Smith, Dias, Flores and Jebbison alone warrant a camp. Not to mention the MLS and CPL guys we have forging their careers at the moment.
  9. Oso is at his prime which is one of the better midfielders in MLS and a unique option for Canada which is great.
  10. I think realistically Waterman would have to be the understudy right? Doesn't he play RCB in a back 3 for Montreal?
  11. Yeah, I think the one reason Ferdi is now contemplating Canada is because we're in high stakes matches and Herdman is telling him that he'll get minutes whereas it seems the Dutch aren't even talking to him about senior opportunities and Turkey might be talking but aren't willing to give him the time Canada is. edit: Just wanted to add that Şenol Güneş apparently spoke with Ferdi at the beginning of the year, but that didn't lead anywhere as Ferdi opted to continue with the Dutch U21 squad and now he's aged out of that and Güneş is gone amid a number of issues with Turkey. Turkey could either scramble and add new blood quick for October or get a new guy in who will try to steady the ship with veterans. We'll have to see. I'm guessing Herdman will call him up again in October as a courtesy and we'll go from there.
  12. Younger and pre foot injury Michael Bradley could run forever.
  13. Someone mentioned that Vitoria looks like he would be the third property brother and now I can't unsee it LOL
  14. I hope he does move abroad but any buzz about him moving to Europe has completely disappeared, like with Kaye too.
  15. Wow watching the US dismantle Honduras at the end really makes our opening match against them seem like even more of a missed opportunity.
  16. I'm slightly worried. El Salvador has been great defensively, and even though they haven't scored yet either, I worry Canada will get frustrated by ES' low block. Our attack hasn't looked great either in a 3-4-3 which I assume Herdman will continue to use, although I hope we go 5-3-2.
  17. Nef is interviewing with El Salvador media and he's saying that earlier today he was told by a number of people that there are expected to be north of 7k El Salvador supporters at BMO. He's doesn't buy it but he thinks it will be more than Honduras. If ES fans outnumber Canada fans that's gonna be a bad look for the CSA.
  18. The CSA claims they've been "financially decimated" since way before COVID.
  19. Honestly this take can now apply to David 😆
  20. Jamaica looked abysmal even with all their attacking talent. Shows how little talent matters when you have a coach who is a pure motivator and has little to no tactical acumen.
  21. Herdman deciding to experiment in the Ocho should get him fired. Play three midfielders you idiot, that's been our bread and butter.
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