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  1. 1 hour ago, dyslexic nam said:

    Nice to see Cav get the start tonight.  Despite questions about his club form, he always puts in a hard shift for Canada when he is on the field - and we need the depth up front.  With Larin now back from injury hopefully our November window has more quality attacking options.  

    EDIT:  mind you, Phonzie did pretty good up there against Panama. 

    Eep. He gets subbed off, Brian White comes on and scores and helps the comeback win. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Kent said:

    Yes exactly. Hopefully the new league in BC can play a part in developing more players. Even if it's more of a rising tide kind of way in supplying better players for the CPL rather than outright developing a Davies level talent. For example the PLSQ, I'm not sure if there are any national team players that have played in PLSQ or not, but they have provided some of the more exciting players in CPL. If I'm not mistaken, Farsi, Abzi, and Toussaint are all from PLSQ. I'm sure there are others, and will definitely be others, especially once CPL is able to expand into Quebec.

    We've had PLSQ represented at the U23 level and probably will at the U20 level soon too.

  3. On 10/17/2021 at 8:59 PM, Kent said:

    To add a tiny bit to what @baulderdash77just said, the new BC league is starting up next year as well. Hopefully that can help develop players in the west like L1O and PLSQ have done in their provinces.

    Should be noted that perusing through the usual call-ups for Canada and what a strongest XI or even 23 looks like, there's a huge dearth of BC products playing for us right now.

    That needs to be a wake-up call. Vancouver touts itself for it's development but other than Davies and having a few guys who play for their first team their ain't much going on for the senior team.

  4. 3 minutes ago, red card said:

    Another article with some damning anonymous comments:


    “This guy is a lost case. He doesn't have a head on his shoulders. He was a guy who was badly advised, he was surrounded by people who did not know soccer and who made him believe all kinds of things. But he doesn't understand what it takes to be a professional. Unfortunately, I don't think he will ever understand it. There are several things wrong with him. "

    “I remember meeting him on his return from Europe, he was walking with security guards, I told myself that it was not his business. I understood that his entourage must still have an important influence on him. "

    “Only he can help himself. Several have tried over the years to help him, Mauro, Patrice, Hassoun, Wilfried, but in vain. Even with Didier it didn't work. If you are not able to follow Didier's example, it is because there is no hope. Personally, I no longer speak to him. "

    “I think his agents have some blame to take. When I got to know his entourage in Barcelona, I worried about him. Yes, there is the logo, that's fine, but that's not all. I tried to make him understand several times. But you know, when a kid doesn't want to listen, what do you do? "

    “In my opinion, he was too young at 16 to make the jump with the first team. He suffered from the fact that for years there was no reserve team at the Impact. "


    Yeah ultimately he was held in similar regards to Davies but really he's a Boakai. Of the 99s Millar is putting in the work to get better every day and Buchanon has exploded onto the scene and his on a huge upward trjectory.

    One thing I'll say is Millar has a good support system keeping him focused on the grind (his dad has mentioned this many times) and Buchanon seems to get attached to coaches who have advised him well (his Brampton coach who he followed to Colorado and then Bruce Arena who he has said taught him what kind of mentality he needs to come in with every day to be a professional)

  5. 20 minutes ago, El Hombre said:

    The thing about that, is that these were all happening at different times:

    We had a center back playing and starting in Germany’s top flight , we don’t have that now .

    I assume this is McKenna with Koln, so that would be around 2008/2009.  Unless you are talking about his time with Cottbus in 2001.

    Ocean was playing regularly in Germany’s top league as a striker

    Occean played in the Bundesliga in 2012.

    and so was Friend ,

    That would be around 2008/2009.

    DeGuzman in la Liga ,

    That would be from 2005 to 2009ish.

    Staltieri winning championships in Germany and then playing in the EPL

    He won the Bundesliga in 2003/04 and moved to Tottenham in 2005.

    and Radinsky too .

    Radzinski was quality for awhile but was best between 2002 and 2006.

    Simpson in Turkey

    Simpson tore up Turkey in 2010/2011.

    and Hutchinson,

    Hutch has always been class but was at the top of his game with Copenhagen around 2007ish

    Aguiar with Benfica ,

    He was with Benfica in 2003.

    how about Peschisolido in basically what is the English Championship right now .

    Paul was best pre-2002.

    So yeah, there are a ton of great players but they all hit at different times which is why we never pulled it together.  This team is a lot like golfing, one or two good strokes always keeps you coming back.  With this team, it was always one or two really strong players that kept you watching.  Unlike the current team where a bunch of guys are hitting their stride all at the same time.


    On paper it seems we should have had at least a decent chance of getting to the 2006 WC. The midfield would have had Atiba, JDG, Bernier, De Ro. Occean, Gerba, Friend as FW options and McKenna, Stalteri, Brennan and Hirschfeld leading the defense. But alas games aren't won on paper. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, Norrin Radd said:

    He also recently returned from an injury and may not be ready to go 90. I think this was the most minutes he's played in a match since the Honduras game. There's no point pushing him hard at this stage and risking another injury.

    Not unless you want to see.....The Brym

  7. 13 minutes ago, CanadaSantos said:

    Not sure why Larin subbed off over Batshuayi, his finishing has been atrocious and makes more sense for me to just place Larin in the middle.

    I think after seeing how hopeless the team is in CL, the coach would rather save him for the league.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Obinna said:

    Friend and Occean had pretty solid pro careers by concacaf standards. They gave us a solid one-two punch at the 9 position, while Gerba would come in and out of the team and outperform them both (despite playing at a much lower club level).

    There really isn't a good answer to this question, just our own theories I guess.

    I think what happened was that Gerba was the best out of the 3, but he was a bit of a nomad and could have/should have gone further in his club career. Perhaps fitness prevented him from sticking around at any one club for a long time. I recall him being chronically injured and once you gain that reputation it's hard to shake, I think.

    Friend should have scored more for Canada. Maybe part of it was the players around him for the national team. He probably would have scored buckets of goals with Davies, Hoilett and Buchanan providing service.

    Occean's goal ratio was reasonable for Canada in relation to his club career. At times it felt he should have been playing more for Canada, but again there was competition from Friend and Gerba (plus wasn't there some issue with him being out of the picture - I can't recall if he walked away or was frozen out, but something happened).

    He finished with 28 caps and 6 goals, but was only active for 8 years with Canada. 

    He played like 17 club seasons - in fact it looks like he's still playing as a player-coach in the lower leagues of Norway. 

    I believe he got suspended in like 2012 and was out for a long time and when he was ready to return Floro even said he was monitoring Occean but never called him up.

  9. 19 hours ago, Joe MacCarthy said:

    Can you imagine something like this happening now

    March 31 2006

    Marcel De Jong has signed with Roda JC

    Wow, it looks like two Canadians on the same day have signed with top tier Dutch clubs. First Will Johnson with a successful trial at Heerenveen and now earlier rumours look to be true (pending Dutch translation); it looks as though Marcel De Jong has signed with Roda JC.

    Rob Friend signs four year deal with Heerenveen

    Pending his medical. Rob Friend has signed a four year deal with Heerenveen joining Will Johnson.

    This is probably the greatest Canadian signing day in history. Looks like three Canadians (Will Johnson, Marcel DeJong and Rob Friend) have signed with top tier Dutch clubs in one day.

    In addition to DeGuzman, DeJong, Friend and Johnson, former Canadian U20 keeper Josh Wagenaar signed with ADO Den Haag about a month ago and I just read yesterday where ADO released two of their keepers, so he will get a shot.




    I never understood the deal with guys like Friend and Occean. They were decent strikers at their clubs in Europe but were pretty barren for Canada and didn't get that many caps.

    Why didn't they play more? And were we just abysmal at giving them service?

  10. Just now, Dominic94 said:

    He also learned to play and started the game here so…

    Well yeah. But like I said if he goes full Tabla, or perhaps more accurate is someone like Boakai, and Canada hasn't called him up in years. That's when the "potential" for a switch enters.

    I'd like to think though he won't end up like that. I have to hope so lol. I get sad when I think about how Boakai turned out.

  11. 38 minutes ago, EJsens1 said:

    I don’t know too much about him.  Is he tied to Canada or does he have the ability to play for another country?  

    He's provisionally tied to us as he's played for us at the U17 WC. I believe he is eligible for Jamaica too, but unless his career takes a Tabla-like turn (And doesn't get any caps for the senior team in the meantime) I don't see him playing for anyone else.

  12. 7 minutes ago, rydermike said:

    Well those guys are young enough that if they think they can make the Canadian team they'll hold out. Would you rather play for a top team in the continentand go to a world cup and face tour hero's or play for a middling team and never go anywhere. If they were mid to late 20s,the I'm sure they'd jump at the chance to play international but at age 20 guys like Pacius must be thinking I have a shot to join this greatness. 

    Sure but Haiti could be seeing 2026 as a realistic goal and would want to build a core going forward. 

  13. 29 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

    I am not crapping on Brym and I thought he did fine last night when he came on.  But I didn’t see much in the Mexico game to warrant the time on the field.  Jamaica was just too little to tell anything, scuffed cross aside.  

    My only real criticism is that this process isn’t the time to bed in young guys who are less impactful than their more experienced alternatives.   Tesho may not exactly be a game-changer at this level but I think he would put in a professional shift and that he would be more likely to contribute in a way that gets us the result we need.  

    And for me, that is the overriding consideration in this specific process.  We need to be 100% results oriented and to absolutely maximize our chances of getting every point we can.  And I can’t think of a specific situation where I would rather have Brym on the field over Tesho.  That may not be the case in a year or two, but it is right now.   

    My thing is if we're calling in guys from the Eerste Divisie, and guys who aren't even that productive at that level, I'd rather see a CPL FW called in instead.

  14. Wanted to add, assuming Haiti know of him (which I imagine they do), another one who is a casualty of the elimination of the U23 OLYQ is York's Cedric Toussaint who I could also see getting contacted by Haiti in the near future.

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