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  1. Eep. He gets subbed off, Brian White comes on and scores and helps the comeback win.
  2. We've had PLSQ represented at the U23 level and probably will at the U20 level soon too.
  3. Should be noted that perusing through the usual call-ups for Canada and what a strongest XI or even 23 looks like, there's a huge dearth of BC products playing for us right now. That needs to be a wake-up call. Vancouver touts itself for it's development but other than Davies and having a few guys who play for their first team their ain't much going on for the senior team.
  4. I think Nashville will be looking to sign him up to a better deal soon, especially if they expect some teams to come sniffing around for his services.
  5. Yeah ultimately he was held in similar regards to Davies but really he's a Boakai. Of the 99s Millar is putting in the work to get better every day and Buchanon has exploded onto the scene and his on a huge upward trjectory. One thing I'll say is Millar has a good support system keeping him focused on the grind (his dad has mentioned this many times) and Buchanon seems to get attached to coaches who have advised him well (his Brampton coach who he followed to Colorado and then Bruce Arena who he has said taught him what kind of mentality he needs to come in with every day to be a professional)
  6. On paper it seems we should have had at least a decent chance of getting to the 2006 WC. The midfield would have had Atiba, JDG, Bernier, De Ro. Occean, Gerba, Friend as FW options and McKenna, Stalteri, Brennan and Hirschfeld leading the defense. But alas games aren't won on paper.
  7. This is huge and considering most of the guys in Murcia are still around Herdman has done wonders to turn around the culture of this team.
  8. Not unless you want to see.....The Brym
  9. Anyone listen to his Tuesdays with Tesho Twitter Space?
  10. I think after seeing how hopeless the team is in CL, the coach would rather save him for the league.
  11. I believe he got suspended in like 2012 and was out for a long time and when he was ready to return Floro even said he was monitoring Occean but never called him up.
  12. I never understood the deal with guys like Friend and Occean. They were decent strikers at their clubs in Europe but were pretty barren for Canada and didn't get that many caps. Why didn't they play more? And were we just abysmal at giving them service?
  13. Thomas Nef dropping some inside news that Corbeanu is not happy at Wednesday and does not like the League One style. He's also not thrilled with Wolves and their decision to send him there.
  14. Well yeah. But like I said if he goes full Tabla, or perhaps more accurate is someone like Boakai, and Canada hasn't called him up in years. That's when the "potential" for a switch enters. I'd like to think though he won't end up like that. I have to hope so lol. I get sad when I think about how Boakai turned out.
  15. He's provisionally tied to us as he's played for us at the U17 WC. I believe he is eligible for Jamaica too, but unless his career takes a Tabla-like turn (And doesn't get any caps for the senior team in the meantime) I don't see him playing for anyone else.
  16. I think the most telling thing is that he went to Barcelona and came back a worse player. How the hell does that happen?
  17. Sure but Haiti could be seeing 2026 as a realistic goal and would want to build a core going forward.
  18. My thing is if we're calling in guys from the Eerste Divisie, and guys who aren't even that productive at that level, I'd rather see a CPL FW called in instead.
  19. Wanted to add, assuming Haiti know of him (which I imagine they do), another one who is a casualty of the elimination of the U23 OLYQ is York's Cedric Toussaint who I could also see getting contacted by Haiti in the near future.
  20. This is the full reaction if you want to see them go from supreme happiness to unending pain.
  21. I feel so bad for Miller man had no chance keeping up with that pace. I don't think moving Davies away from the left side was a good idea.
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