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  1. So many things to mention on that David goal that he did right. His first touch, moving away from pressure and shielding the ball, slowing his pace in front of the net and allowing the defender to slide by and the presence to calmly tuck the ball in the net. Impressive.
  2. Fury will eventually end up in CPL is my guess but CONCACAF won’t be forcing them into the league.
  3. Agreed. Best for him to be in an environment where he’s comfortable and a known commodity. This will give him the best opportunity to further his development at a good level.
  4. Just a year and a half ago he was beating up on some of the top clubs in Ontario. Not surprised about his abilities but to see him do it at the highest levels of football is impressive for his age. Got my eye on another local player who I think could be a vey high level player but needs to take care of his opportunity this upcoming season.
  5. To me there are two aspects of his game that separate him from almost every Canadian soccer player I’ve seen. 1. His touch. He knows how to touch the ball. He’s great at moving the ball on his foot to a shielded position, thus making it even harder for a defender to get the ball. And he can do it with pace. 2. The ability to get into the right spot. He’s extremely opportunistic and can pounce on a defender and turn it into a a scoring opp. He reads the play so well which allows him to always be in the right spot to receive a pass or to attempt at the net. He’s so good at coming in late on a play when needed and making his contribution. The sky is his ceiling and he may become one of the top attackers in the game.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/bonniesmsoccer/status/1063526164331982849 Attacking provincial player who led the province in scoring for a few years in a row. Really think he could have a big year. The Bonnie’s coach thinks highly of him.
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