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  1. 5 minutes ago, BuzzAndSting said:

    So then what's your problem with people not wanting him to work for the new club?

    You keep telling people to move on but you're the one who keeps telling people their opinions are wrong.

    All I said was he should be a candidate. That’s when people freaked out, pinning the same old rumours on him that disqualifies him for some reason. Still waiting for someone to prove their opinions right. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Viruk42 said:

    FFS, take off your blinders dude. A pro-JDG and pro-Fury journalist tweets that the team didn't want anyone in the CPL besides Bekker and you're claiming it's his opinion and only his opinion? Complete and utter bull and you know it.

    If you say so.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Viruk42 said:

    That's Graeme Ivory reporting on the Fury media conference in February 2019. It's unlikely that Ivory would have been invited to a media conference if he was, at the time, not a member of the media. It's also unlikely that he would have made **** up as you seem to be implying - he is/was very much pro-Fury and not a fan of the push to get them in CPL. I mean, just read his pinned tweet, where he specifically thanks Julian De Guzman, among others.


    He worked for the team and also worked on TSN 1200 doing a soccer show and did the games on the radio ( both CC and calling ).  Again he seems to be offering his opinion here; don’t see him attaching it to JDG. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    You keep on harping that anyone critical should move on, move on. But it's Ottawa that has moved on, don't you realise. the CPL is alive and kicking and in the same place it was last year. So you are reading the situation backwards. It is OSEG that was forced to move one--and maybe Julian de Guzman. 

    By the way, there is no evidence he cares more about the growth of the game than any other former national team player. As for what he could bring to the table: you mean most forklift drivers I suppose.

    My point is if the new club wants to hire him he’s more than qualified. But a couple Internet fan boys are attributing quotes to JDG that in their opinion disqualifies him from any coaching position. Let it go, there’s no real proof he said anything negative about the CPL. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Lofty said:

    JDG's value to Canadian football is a separate issue from how people feel about him.

    Frankly, after reading some of the disparaging quotes about CPL attributed to him I was left thinking he was a bit of a self-serving...Wheels on the bus go round and round, Round and round...

    Edit: one example; although I guess it is possible that somebody just made this up for no apparent reason:


    So some random poster on a CPL forum claims he said this. I don’t see direct quotes. Whether he said it or not, move on. 
    Only thing that matters is he cares about the growth of the game in Canada and can bring more to the table than most. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, MM3/MM2/MM said:

    I recall an article from last year with direct quotes where he dismisses the Canpl and his plans to lead the Fury for the next 3 to 4 years to success in USL, there was no indication of any interest in the CanPL.



    I’ve seen reports on twitter from people who’ve made the claim he’s ripped the CPL, and maybe he has, but I’ve not seen them from a reputable source. 

  7. 32 minutes ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    He just dug himself into a hole being zealously loyal to his employers--to the possible detriment of future considerations elsewhere. It was a misinterpretation of the role. In sports you don't have to slag others to defend your own, it happens a lot, but it can be avoided.

    But then At Madrid comes along, and it looks like a perfect fit: At Madrid could care less about internal CPL bickering, and JdG doesn't have other options in Canada right now, barring a future move to an MLS team, or national team coaching. But I am not even sure if he has his coaching licenses in order--does he?

    If someone had the feathers ruffled over something he may have said, tough sh!t. Move on. Only concern is what’s best for the development of the game and Canadian players. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    I seriously doubt Atlético Madrid would agree with you.

    If they have already been in Ottawa and spoken to people, the one person they would recognize would be Julian, who also happens to speak Spanish, know the Spanish league better than any other player, even have insights into Atletico. I would imagine he was a selling point, although of course the team could work with someone else, and you are right to say another could also do a good job. But maybe not on such short term notice.

    As for another's suggestion about Bunbury--he has great enthusiasm, but has no hands on, day-to-day experience. Julian does.

    I would even argue that the club loyalty JdG showed to Fury last year, which was a bit obnoxious and even insulting in some details,  could be seen as a virtue in this context.

    Anyone who is opposed to JDG being part of soccer in this country doesn’t know what they are talking about. He is exactly what this country needs more of. 

  9. 6 hours ago, Unnamed Trialist said:

    I'm totally in favour of the speculation, since it is fun. What was good about the whole Atletico Madrid case is that we would never have guessed. Except for that one post, after the fact, when someone said he knew that AM people were in Ottawa six weeks ago. Why didn't that guy tell us then?


    I alluded to it in a post on December 5th and again on the 13th. Knew before those dates about the club ( AM ) and their intention to put a team together for this season.  Also talked about it on the 29th and a couple days later. Wasn’t at liberty to divulge anything else. 

  10. 46 minutes ago, Blackdude said:

    Reading that Jeff Hunt who stopped investing in the Fury is involved. He's still a member of OSEG.

    AM approached Hunt to be involved in the new team, but it’s separate from OSEG. 
    Atletico will provide players for the the team but it won’t be anyone of high quality. 

  11. 47 minutes ago, Cblake said:

    Is John Pugh one of the five OSEG owners? Will be interesting to see how his possible involvement would take shape. 

    OSEG is not an owner in the new group. I do not believe Pugh is involved as an owner either. 

  12. 8 minutes ago, Zem said:

    Honestly, I hope they integrate as many scraps of the Fury as they can. I'm hoping the guy they're partnering with is John Pugh, and if JDG, Eddie Edward and Victor Oppong want to be part of the front office or coaching staff in some capacity, I'm all for it.

    I'm also excited for the possibility of more local players in the team between the few former Fury guys and the handful of other Ottawa natives who are out of contract. And, of course, the possibility of a proper professional academy in the future is huge. I think a lot of CPL clubs have gotten off to a good start with the U20 teams and will slowly expand their youth systems, but I'm hoping Atletico invest in a complete system quickly and look to set the standard for the league.

    The other thing is that this is a direct bridge to Europe, and even if it takes a long time for Atletico Madrid to actually sign an Ottawa player, they have loads of connections that will make it a lot more likely for a standout player to be bought by another European side. That, and Atletico Madrid will surely be scouting all the other clubs in the league too, so in terms of transfers this will be huge for the league and players in general.

    As much as Pugh has done to further the game in the city, he will always be viewed by the local clubs as Fury. Not pro soccer Fury but youth academy Fury. The name and what they tried to do was a major detriment amongst the local clubs. 
    This new club will have to get those clubs on board. Even if it means kissing the asses of some of the bigger clubs and those that rule them. 

  13. 30 minutes ago, Ansem said:

    The original fee was "pre-mediaPro deal". Anyone can see how MediaPro impacted the league's business and solidified its viability. You'd have to be unbelievably blind to not see that. Of course the fee will be higher.

    Stadium are mostly the issue

    Safe to say we'll get expansions in Quebec (Quebec City) and Ontario (KW) sounds promising.

    Most people understood why the Fury wanted to hurt but they F'UP in the way they handled their decision publicly, throwing whoever they could under the bus. This is where (Outside of Ottawa it seems) the sympathy for OSEG vanished. They came across as incompetent, liars and petty. 

    Have they handled their decision better, the Canadian soccer community would have been supportive of waiting it out longer.

    Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is also what's wrong with Soccer Canada.

    How many Hex participation or World Cup participations do we have to show for under the status quo?

    Change is uncomfortable for some but it was needed.

    You had one individual, the head of CONCACAF trying to muscle the Fury into the league. Once he threatened to sanction anyone who was helping the Fury,  he got his way. Not sure this qualifies as changing the status quo but he will make the CPL fans happy. It’s a shame the leaders of the game in Canada had only their best interests at heart. There was no need to try and strong arm the situation but he did out of ego and got his way. And it was all to force one team into the league that they would have most likely moved into next year. The butthurtedness was strong amongst the CPL fans on this matter. 

  14. 37 minutes ago, Bison44 said:

    By that point alot of people were of the opinion that they did it to themselves and if they chose to fold so be it.  

     Thanks for pointing that out. Instead of listening to the concerns of Fury and letting them provide a place for 15 Canadians to play soccer, many here took pleasure in the demise of the team because they didn’t want to join CPL. Which brings me back to my point about a previous poster; it’s my way or the highway. Not sure how this helps the development of the game. 

  15. 56 minutes ago, IAmPappy said:

    I think you missed my point.

    The expansion fee number isn’t the CPL’s either. It’s a number from a source in Quebec Soccer that claims familiarity. My point is that none of us on this board know the specifics to judge true valuation. For all we know, $9M (if that’s the number) could be a bargain for a 1/8th share of CSB. It’s all about the valuation of CSB. MediaPro is apparently investing $200M in Canadian soccer (i.e. CSB) over 10 years. That alone, excluding gate, merch, parking, and concessions, could value a new club at $9M.

    My opinion (and it’s as good and as bad as everyone else’s) is that the real issue is facilities. The $9M is just background noise for an investor looking at the 2026 opportunity. 

    I’ve never seen or heard anything about a report from Quebec Soccer so I can’t comment on what was said. 
    What do you mean the real issue is facilities?  Are you talking Ottawa or other locations?

  16. 1 hour ago, IAmPappy said:

    You seem fixated on the $9M price tag. I’m curious about your rationale/method for valuation of a new club, other than “it was only $1M last year”.

    Based on my back-of-the-envelope assumptions, I would be much more concerned if the fee was anything under $3M. 

    The expansion fee number isn’t my number it’s the CPL’s. And that was what the expansion fee was to start in the new league last year. 
    It has stopped expansion into at least one market. Maybe a strong second season would justify that $9M expansion fee. 

  17. 1 hour ago, narduch said:

    I would take Ozzie's posts with a huge grain of salt. 

    He continuously rails against the imaginary boogeyman on this site. 

    Most people here were hoping that the Fury would make the jump to CPL. 

    Most of those that posted either wanted them in CPL or to fold. There was very little middle ground. 
    As for Ozzie’s posts I enjoy reading a different perspective on things. I may not  agree with his points on certain matters but that doesn’t mean his other posts are off base. Too many folks have one opinion mainly based on group think and won’t see another angle. 

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