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  1. Seems we'll still have the advantage rest wise once you factor in our average squad age, the fact we'll rest some guys vs. Aruba and the fact Suriname will have to fly from Suriname to Chicago.
  2. Pretty good but with an aging squad they'll have to rotate the squad between Bermuda and Canada. Will be interesting to see how they manage that.
  3. You mean back to back to back to back Olympics (4 straight). They play with purpose and identity but we're on our way. If we could put it in Canadian layman terms, Honduras plays "playoff hockey".. while we've been the Toronto Maple Leafs for years. We may look good on paper and in friendlies (regular season) but then it comes down to the games that matter and we look average at best.
  4. This sort of reminds me of the time we faced French Guiana in the 2017 Gold Cup. We all sort of had a fear that we would blow it but the boys came out and took it to them. That French Guiana team wasn't as good on paper but had some players in France's L1 and L2. They also had more experience playing together than this Suriname team. They gave us a bit of a scare but at the end of the match it was a convincing win. Our squad is also much stronger than that 2017 GC team. So I'll predict a 4-2 victory for Canada.
  5. How ironic that it's Bryan Cristante being announced there. No wonder he didn't choose us.
  6. I'm well aware. What is your point? Him playing in a non-FIFA window means the US wants him? There have been some changes since then.
  7. As others have said it’s pretty surprising that Metcalfe is there over others such as Baldisimo, Teibert and even Chapman. I have to think this is a reward for his Olympic qualifiers because on club form it doesn’t make sense. Teibert though wow.. from a Canada regular to not even making domestic or taxi squads at 28. More of a testament to our depth than anything he’s done though.
  8. I don’t think it’s that surprising. He wanted a chance to try out our program in January and missed out.. now he’s back. It seems to me he’s far out of the US picture and is still hoping to impress enough to be back. Its hardly a case of “choosing” when only one nation truly wants you at this point. Btw he’s looked awful this season. I don’t think he would be in a Canada team even if he wanted to be. Akindele is even ahead of him.
  9. I had a crazy thought .. what if Atiba is on the taxi squad and they've just put him there because he's not intended to be used until the Suriname match anyway? Would be a smart/sneaky move.
  10. I think we'll see a lineup similar to the Cayman Islands vs. Aruba with Davies at LB. I also think we'll see David start up top as he hasn't played a Canada match since November 2019. I'd suspect/hope that both are subbed out in the second half. Also wouldn't be surprised to see Buchanan start in the Aruba match. -------------Larin-------------- Hoilett-------David-------Buchanan -------Wotherspoon----Piette--------- Davies--Kennedy-Henry--Johnston ------------Borjan--------------------
  11. Honestly it’s like someone said “hop on this forum about a team you know nothing about and opine on every thread with comments that pretend to be insightful” ‘Will Suriname be tough? Yea they will be based on the squad they called. Given this we could win but we might also lose. We could also draw. I’m looking forward to it.’
  12. Also, despite notching a brace, he was our worst player vs Cayman Islands.
  13. They can put together a strong XI for sure. The difference with our squad is that all our players are in their prime and have experience together. Of course the other difference is we have a couple word class talents while they don’t. Bermuda with their experience together could shock Suriname. That will be interesting to watch.
  14. He’s not - starting for MTL in 45 minutes.
  15. I’d imagine this could include Baldisimo, Priso, Shaffelburg, Teibert, Cornelius, Waterman..
  16. They will not be. They’ve called in 10 European based players. Cayman Islands was a completely domestic squad.
  17. Strong squad. No Atiba hurts but we should be fine still. Even without him there is still a battle in midfield with Wotherspoon in such fine form together with regulars like Piette, Osorio and Kaye. Then add in arguably our best midfielder in Eustaquio. The omission of Gutierrez is surprising. Anyone know if he’s injured?
  18. Corbeanu has 10 minutes of pro experience and was average at best in those minutes. Millar was not at a championship level - he’s never even played a championship club. They have potential but Hoilett is a proven talent at club and international level. There have been matches where he has been dominant for us. Millar on the other hand hasn’t produced much despite playing minnows for the majority of his Canada career. Herdman knows this.
  19. Altidore is nutty. About time someone put him in his place. I hadn't seen this before today.. but just wow. "I'm a hero" Calling Twellman a "white boy with connects" Saying kids that look like him struggle to make it (?) This guy is a toxic race baiting loser. What struggle is he on about? He played up multiple age groups. Who is turning down Altidore level athletic talents anywhere? Really doubt there is a single kid who cites Altidore as their "hero". This guy was one of the worst EPL strikers of all time and still can't humble himself.
  20. Change "we" to "some".. I'm with you! Just last cycle Hoilett was our god send/savior just before WCQ.. he's one of if not the best Canadian to ever play in the EPL. Only 31 this year and coming off a year where he didn't fit in Cardiff's system.. before that he was a key player. Now people want him dropped for Millar or Corbeanu? That's crazy talk. Maybe those two will develop to be EPL/Championship regulars but for now they're well behind Hoilett.
  21. Or even Doneil Henry over in Korea.
  22. There’s the stereotypical voyageurs post we know and love. Lets be real though. Look at the plethora of talent we have. Players need to be making an impact at the pro level to be called. Gloire isn’t a Larin/Morris level prospect .. he’s an overage college player that dominated weak opposition. He’s closer to Daniel Haber than Cyle Larin in my mind.
  23. Looks like they have some players with Eredivise experience. Joshua John made 25 appearances and scored 2 goals this year for VVV. We should smack them but will likely be closer to facing Bermuda than Cayman Islands. Good prep for Suriname.
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