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  1. Except if we lose Tuesday night we’re in the same boat.
  2. He has opted to stay with Canada for the Suriname prep and isn’t joining Trinidad.
  3. That’s transfermarket values. If he transfers there his value will be around that.
  4. He is damn good. The thing clubs at this level would see in him is his two way ability... he has potential to fit in anywhere down the flanks like a better version of Laryea. If not for the wonder kids in our program he would be hyped as hell.
  5. Scoring goals does not concern me at all. This ‘A’ squad has yet be shut out and they’ve faced the best in the region. Whether it’s the midfield that creates or our front 3 or fullbacks .. we’re scoring.
  6. Not until after the next goal. Any win is going to put us up on GD.
  7. Yes he would be. Have we ever had a naturalized player even back from the NASL days?
  8. Not sure that’s the case. His new club might be onboard with it.
  9. The issue is FIFA rules and he needs to live here for 5 years. I don’t think he will be of much use in 3 years time.
  10. How do we watch the Suriname match tonight?
  11. Basically anyone ahead of Kennedy from 5-9 is harsh. Also Bustos and Borges as 4-5 on the RW depth chart.
  12. https://www.canadasoccerstore.com/men/ga-23+z-9171379439-1736775071 Team store!! Complete with customized jerseys. Never thought I'd see the day.
  13. Yes to all of the above but it isn't an ideal situation. I wouldn't be overly excited if Leutwiler was starting for us right now.
  14. Back to the game there seems to be a lot of talk about Suriname's defence without mentioning their keeper. This could be a weak spot for them as their keeper is Anderlecht's 3rd string and didn't play a match all season.
  15. Because he does! He’s looked out of shape all season for TFC.
  16. Wheeler is okay as a quirky analyst but as a dorky sounding play by play guy I think it turns people off. It might be forgivable if he added some insight but he’s not very knowledgeable.
  17. With the way Akinola is looking these days maybe he can be the next Ali Gerba 😉
  18. Also, watching these matches I really do believe we have the best player in CONCACAF with Davies and in all likelihood the best striker with David. Successful teams in world football tend to be built around a foundation they stick with regardless of their club status. Dempsey/Donovan, Perez/Tejada, Suarez/Cavani etc. even Mexico and Costa Rica you see rolling out the old guys they’ve had for years with Guardado and Diaz respectfully. With those two we have a pair that is young, committed and has the potential to be the best pairing in CONCACAF... maybe even the best in this regions h
  19. He is. Shocking that he chose to represent the USA over the football mad country he grew up in.
  20. It’s crazy how many guys on the Honduran squad couldn’t cut it in MLS yet they’re looking like the USA’s equal. On paper they’re really not impressive at all... Pulisic likely makes more weekly than their XI combined but they just get it and bring it.
  21. Is he not naturally a DM for Galatasaray as well? It would make sense for Suriname to play him there to try to win the battle in midfield.
  22. Nice signing! Really rare to see a team's two marquee players being fullbacks so it will be interesting to see how Valour play.
  23. We bring the tactical acumen and intensity that we had against the USA in October 2019 and we win, simple as that. I'm not convinced that this Suriname team is a goal scoring force.. beating Cayman Islands 3-0 at home is pretty pathetic. And we can bemoan our defence all we want but the fact is that this Suriname has never faced a defence even close to the quality we have.
  24. I complained about that initially as well but the flight from Florida to Chicago is nothing. Suriname's travel is extremely difficult. If they haven't chartered a plane they're likely looking at a 19H + trip with multiple stopovers.
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