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  1. That tackle on the left side of our box in the second half was beautiful.
  2. That was a completely different Suriname squad.
  3. We have to be thankful for the experience in playing Suriname just before this series. We needed to get our feet wet in a match against a team of pros and we did. Suriname is a better squad on paper vs. Haiti but this will be a step up given the away factor and experience of Haiti. I think Haiti will be a little disadvantaged having not played a real solid national team in the lead up.
  4. The field is artificial and was just installed so it should be fine. As we know, Haiti likes to create their chances off direct play. Their forwards are athletic and they usually play with 2 up top. I think a formation similar to what we saw last night with a little rotation might do the trick.
  5. What happens if something does happen to us down there? I'd hope that CONCACAF/FIFA tells Haiti straight up: you can play at home but if something happens its a 3-0 loss.
  6. For the Octagon? Sure. But right now he's in his offseason and is probably not match fit. The boys are rolling right now and can get the job done.
  7. He was fantastic. Unbelievably composed in possession. I think his first touch was a missile off the chest and he handled it with ease. So so good and you could tell his teammates trusted him completely.
  8. @Ian Kennedymust be elated. Congratulations.
  9. Haiti just had an amazing chance off absolutely nothing. Basically just punted the ball high near the Nicaraguan area and they couldn't deal with it.
  10. That would be a huge letdown. Would much rather see players who actually play for their clubs.
  11. My only hope is that this is just some mid-day tweaking they're doing to fix the bugs from the Aruba game. I'm happy to support Canadian soccer, no need to bend me over and gouge me.
  12. Another way to look at it is that he has started 10 games and scored 11 goals.
  13. Besiktas won the league by one goal over Galatasaray and Donk was a regular for them. They had a regular for the Israeli league winners as well.
  14. So the police can’t contain these gangs, they already attempted to hijack a bus of footballers and now we’re rolling in with a $150 million squad? Who is paying for security? Absolute joke. Move the game to the Dominican at least.
  15. He’s their danger man but he’s not elite. He’ll be dangerous no doubt but doesn’t seem to be at a Hoilett 2015 level - probably closer to a Simpson circa 2010/2011. That’s still saying a lot though as Simpson was our best player along with Atiba.
  16. Squad staying at the Westin in Sarasota.. that's a great spot and good to see the boys being treated well. I didn't see Henry in this video and judging by Sturing's face on the plane he may not handle the heat so well LOL. I'd be happy with a Kennedy and Vitoria pairing tomorrow night.
  17. I think Herdman is going to get it right. Their attack isn't exactly scary and Herdman has shown that he can shut down a team like the USA with solid attackers.
  18. Adekugbe to Ferencvaros confirmed? Could be another Canadian in the Champions League.
  19. When did he say this? The latest I heard was that the Gold Cup squad would not be a "B" squad and that it would be stronger than people are saying.
  20. I think it’s pretty clear that Herdman is going with Laryea at LB and Johnston at RB Tuesday if you read between the lines. It’s clear he plans to start both or he would have started the odd man out last night or at least would have brought them on for Hoilett.
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