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  1. Different levels though. Jimenez has flopped at UCL clubs. There are plenty of examples of players who can excel for middling clubs but aren’t cut out for the very top.
  2. Yes. He’s the best player in the CPL but there are other players closer to getting a sniff with Canada. Bustos just doesn’t have the breakaway speed to be an effective winger at a higher level. Let’s put it this way.. he’s probably just as skilled as Buchanan and more skilled than Pasher. Those two have big time wheels though. Case in point Buchanan’s goal against Mexico - Bustos wouldn’t have had the speed to create that chance. Never mind the physicality that Buchanan brings in open play and his defensive chops. Different level. There’s two roles he can be at a higher level: a deep lying playmaker or a 10. For the former he has to improve his defence/tenacity and the latter is an incredibly tough role for any player to excel at that demands exceptional talent. Rarely do we see North American players fill such a role. I want him to make it big but he’s limited in terms of roles he can play.
  3. That was the 2nd straight tournament we didn’t score any goals. Under Herdman we have 25 goals in 9 Gold Cup matches. In our previous 14 matches we had 8 goals (with 4 against French Guiana). This included a stretch where we didn’t score a goal from open play for 10 games!!
  4. He’s a top 5 player. Not at the level of Davies or Pulisic. There’s levels within levels. He’s definitely in the top tier of CONCACAF players but not at the top of that level.
  5. A best XI is almost impossible to choose at this moment. Hoilett played like a starter this tournament. If he can find his club/form I think it will be even tougher to leave him out. The question is... where does he play?
  6. The thing with Maxime is that he doesn't have those crazy moments we have with Borjan. Borjan is probably a better keeper for matches where we are expecting heavy pressure but in a match where we expect to control I think Crepeau might be a better choice as he doesn't get bored and try to be a hero.
  7. I've followed him since the MLS draft and a few people at that time were saying he could go #1 and specifically his college coach was talking up his talent and potential, which is notable given the amount of talent that has come out of Syracuse. Revs fans and media were high on him early and he impressed but then he stopped getting minutes in 2019. Then last year he came back with a bang. Reading his story I think a lot of people, in particular Revs fans, foresaw this pretty early on. He's only going to get better too.
  8. We brought on Dale Mitchell as a coach to take effect after the U20 World Cup. He flunked at the U20 World Cup and then delivered some brutal results (losses to South Africa and Estonia stand out) then we headed into WCQ and we came out of 2 home matches with 1 point and the rest is history.
  9. Good riddance to this loser. I was all about him when he got canned but I’ll throw my hands up and say I was wrong. Very wrong.
  10. I thought the same after the Suriname game. But now I realize that feeling was just because we didn’t get a chance to see Buchanan or Hoilett. We have a “next man up” that only two other teams in CONCACAF can boast.
  11. At the end of the day you don’t disrupt anything to do with the “brotherhood” we have going. Arfield isn’t Iniesta and Hoilett, who has suddenly turned up a gear, seems to think there’s a problem with him. Give me Wotherspoon and Hutchinson. We have depth in spades.
  12. Agreed on the first part. But hard to verify the second part when Kennedy has yet to put a foot wrong for Canada.
  13. You can tell these guys love playing for Canada. There’s a reason a world best XI player wanted to be here. And like Hume said.. this is going to attract players. If you’re a Dias or Jebbison you better got onboard now.
  14. So proud of our boys. We played fantastic football while missing our world class players. Can someone explain how there was 7 minutes added though?? For what exactly?
  15. Eustaquio made a mistake there before Henry.. lost possession easily in midfield and left us exposed. I expect a better 2nd half from him, we need it. here we go!!
  16. Our away game vs. them is confirmed for Nashville. Or are you referring to our home leg?
  17. I guess that depends on Jebbison's commitment as well. Is Amanda an out and out striker though or more of a winger?
  18. I'd be more curious to see how Herdman would do in that era. We certainly could have used some more planning in Honduras...
  19. In terms of being a player's manager? Sure... but he had no tactical knowledge. He would basically just put out a best XI in a 4-2-3-1 and tell them to "express themselves"
  20. Suspensions as well with 14 matches we'll have plenty.
  21. https://www.tsn.ca/cf-montreal-kamal-miller-1.1667046#:~:text=CF Montreal has signed Canadian,option for the 2024 season.&text=CF Montreal has signed Canadian,the team announced on Monday. Just two weeks ago.
  22. I wonder what Miller's new salary is. Guessing it has to be at least ZBG level.
  23. It's just crazy to me how some of these "football nations" can be so ignorant about other national teams and players that play at top levels. Surely these Mexican journalists know about Timothy Weah and Eugene Pizzuto.. yet they don't know about one of the best players on the same club? The same guy who won the Golden Boot at the last Gold Cup?! Truthfully, I think we have the most knowledgeable football media in CONCACAF.
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