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  1. I think they just ran out of gas. Didn't sit back and defended the US to a man. Eventually the talent trumps work rate if you can't get on the board. They had the chances in the first half. If Pulisic plays like he did in the second they are the second best team in the competition. If not, they are very beatable. Soft in midfield.
  2. Have to say that though the US over preforming in an international competition does not warm my heart, it is great news for us that a team with 18/21 players developed in the DA can compete against the world's best.
  3. Given this Canada generation seems very talented, was the lopsided loss a result of the US team bring significantly better or us just falling apart. I see the Americans didn't start Yow and their first goalkeeper, so I thought we'd at least do better than 0-4 and under 40% possession.
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