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  1. How many roster spots still available ?? Think they bring in a few trialists
  2. Love to see TFC2 play an exhibition schedule vs the cpl teams
  3. If kianz moved to the CPL would be be one of the stronger players in the league
  4. is he playing well enought to get called up?
  5. Who do you think starts ? Lots of competition for places ...
  6. love to see Zambrano coaching an CPL club .. Might be in the minority .. lots of technical knowledge
  7. He's signed to the same agency as Alphonso Davies
  8. Colin Miller loved Tyson Farago and he did decent in the NASL.... Not sure what happened last year Had a short run in Ireland even tho one of his teammates jake Keegan really pushed for his roster spot.
  9. They might be the second set of brother to play in the CPL after the Zebies .. Depends on Gloire senior season. Already spent one year in the USL. Wonder if they both are on the tanzanian national team radar
  10. He had an unbelievable debut. Seehim I'm as an super sub. Never know may start
  11. Davies playing well .. brought this up the other day
  12. With the recent success and more more publicy of Alponso Davies success on the bundisliga ... My question is : Will there be an positive mpact on ticket sales if covid restrictions were removed and fans could attend. Will Edmontonions take soccer more seriouly as not be "euro soccer snobs" ?!
  13. Depressing ­čś× Make sense why he wasn't called up
  14. LIke the twin tower attack of Amoebi and Ongaro .. if the other teams CBs are shorter
  15. Does anyone know what happened with Cox? Injured ? Would have thought he would light the CPL on fire considering he's scored around 25 professional goals .. been a pro since he was 17 ..
  16. It would be a good club for cpl.. just need an investor and has club history
  17. Still got quite a few roster spots to fill out
  18. Must have an source ?! No threat of him joining the Algerian u23 setup
  19. Edmonton is a city that primarily cares about the Oilers. FC Edmonton under colin miller didn't do very much winning . Not much to write about for the local media
  20. Isn't he still young enough to play in the cpl .. 5 years out and almost 30 is too late
  21. Surprised Omar diouck or Randy Edwin bousu haven't signed anywhere yet
  22. Jeff Paulus doesn't looks so MAD after all. The roster has alot more balance with the Aleman signing. Doesn't look so shabby! Amoebi can bag some goals then fced has a shot of being competitive. Used all the international spots while to have a local presence on the roster.
  23. So Matt lam isn't playing at the same level as in Singapore
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