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  1. Swear monsalves barely played when he was signed to a team in nasl, cpl, MLS. Chased the dream for as long as he could.
  2. Get the best players possible. Only helps the local players in training. The team still has T-boy, Anthony, Marcus Velado, Darlington, 3-4 academy players / BTB academy signed to development contacts. Saw Holiday got some games with Edmonton Scottish. Plus zebie, dedic and shome are first team players from the academy.
  3. Sounds like the roster is going to drastically change next season
  4. Wow 16 year old Joseph Holliday might play this season
  5. who is this guy .. transfer market shows he played in 2019
  6. 1 vote - Andrew Jean-Baptiste - Valour
  7. Pretty good in the usl tho..played alot of games.
  8. Just look at the CEBL and what they are doing with the Edmonton Stingers. Probasketball has failed so many times in Edmonton market and they have just buzz. They have made attending a game an experience or event. Just clean social media content and posts, concerts .. casuals are talking about the final tmr.
  9. https://www.macewangriffins.ca/sports/msoc/2021-22/releases/20210820k6ybnc
  10. Hope he can get his younger brother a trial in Austria
  11. Well if he's innocent. Should get an shot. Who knows the details really.
  12. Jose Hernandez is pretty highy rated by the cavs. Think saw an interview where wheelman was raving about his technical ability
  13. Dont think it's an threat ..
  14. Ohin was pretty damn good player for valour. If he keep playing this well.. can see him CPL best 11 or playing abroad. Don't rmbr daryl fordyce playing in #6 role in the nasl days very much. prob to prevent injury. Think Fced coaches miscalulcated giving the start to #6 Adam .. might have been too much too soon. Missed 3 or 4 chances in the first half. would have liked antony caceras or kyle porter to get the start. Shamit hasnt really made a big impact yet .. strange
  15. Local Edmonton kid from MacEwan university signed in Portugal Third or fourth division. Former oleary/fcedmonton academy. https://www.macewangriffins.ca/sports/msoc/2021-22/releases/20210806slbcnu
  16. Not sure if I agree. the top local kids and players are training with the first team. BTB academy, Fc first team or Edm Scottish.. Have 4 academy players signed to the first team. Two goalies. https://fcedmonton.canpl.ca/player/5y19d075hzkz2nqb7z1pzp6vo ... I think is signed to an development contract Loan ended for Robert Avilva https://www.transfermarkt.us/austin-bold-fc/transfers/verein/68495/saison_id/2021
  17. hes still young ... can just wait until borders are open and can play in the usl. Think John Smits is still with UofT coaching vs. playing in the cpl.. more money in real estate with a soccer profile than the cpl
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