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  1. https://northerntribune.ca/fc-edmonton-2021-preseason/ Where are the trialists and academy players
  2. Make more sense Edmonton. Play with his brother / live with parents / former FCed academy
  3. Hoping Ajay Khabra recruits one of his old out of contract buddies - Bruno Zebie or ajeej sarkaria or even Hanson bowtie
  4. It looks like David doe is changing positions. Listed as defender with usl bend. Fced academy player Abe dukely also signed. Another bonus point for the academy is Prince Amanda brother Gloire might get drafted in the next MLS draft.
  5. https://northerntribune.ca/fc-edmonton-south-bend-lions-usl/
  6. https://www.southbendlions.com/2021/04/get-to-know-david-doe/
  7. They should be focusing on partnering with drake before the rock.
  8. Have to give the French FFF a call and consider it .
  9. Not sure what they are waiting for. Not preseason training camp annoucment. Have a few roster spots available ?! With a ton of local players available: David Doe, Prince Amanda, Hanson Boakai, Carlos Patino, Bruno Zebie, Usports picks : jackson Farmer, Jacob Bosch, David Cheng, Noah Cunningham.
  10. Next year - https://www.gazettetimes.com/osu-mens-soccer-amanda-named-college-soccer-news-national-player-of-the-week/article_64b0e0d0-bf6d-5d04-810d-1aa7d2449e17.html
  11. Gloire Amanda ?! Wouldnt his younger brother Prince Amanda be ranked higher. Playing in an pro environment since 16/17/18. Its late start to his pro career - gloire
  12. Atiba went to Florida as bestikas Canadian national team scout
  13. Heard .. Theo is going to be Besiktas too
  14. Nope. Have they posted any new vids ?
  15. Oumar Diouck ended up spending last season with Knattspyrnufélag Fjallabyggðar in the Icelandic 3rd Division. Scored 12 times in 19 appearances. Seems like he could move up the Icelandic pyramid. he signed a 3 year extension to stay in Iceland. Posted it on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CLw-GVwHDda/?igshid=1l6lobhpak3aq
  16. Rate Hanson as well. Hope he spent the off-season practicing 200-300 free kicks/corners a week. Biggest weakest in the island games. giving up possession on poor free kicks and corners. Margin of error too small in the cpl. Random Speculation : Is the club going to bring in trialist for the remaining rosters spots ? Think Matt Lam would be a great fit as he's out of contract in Hong Kong Premier League. 31 years old. Played previously with Kyle Porter. On cynical challenge, Jeff Paulus said there's a 16/17 year old academy kid knocking on the door of the first team.
  17. Jeff Paulus was raving about Lee on twitter
  18. Player Rumour Signing : Hanson Boakai is training at clarke according to his instagram. Assuming fced players are training together.
  19. Can Regina support a cpl team ? Or a div 2 team ?
  20. First goal should be a healthy second division before pro/relegation. Should get the canadian second division get it's own thread?! We know some of the teams already
  21. Tyson farango didn't spend many games in Ireland. Don't think it pays very well
  22. Didn't Dylan Sacramento take a break from pro soccer after new Zealand
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