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  1. We may be able to get a head to head encounter with el Salvador for the last spot in the hex. Since we realistically won't have the chance to play in the March or june windows
  2. What I would do to see David sign for my club Inter ­čśŹ
  3. Really curious to find out what this means...
  4. Karl Toko Ekambi just completed his transfer to Lyon. Looks like Johnny won't be going to Lyon... at least not in January.
  5. This is giving me some serious flashbacks to the state of our team 5 years ago... Just hoping for a lucky break to take advantage of a squeak out a 1-0 win!
  6. I mean the common denominator in all those goals is Godinho. To be fair the Barbados goal is not his fault, he simply played a part in a comedy of errors. We need to bare in mind that these guys never play together so these moments of confusing are going to happen. Back to the Gold Cup, Godinho was abysmal and should be 5th or 6th on our full back depth chart because of that. He isn't up to the national team standards anymore.
  7. Care to elaborate a bit further there dear Kurt??
  8. I hope for Pacific's sake that you guys do end up appointing a new manager, not just keeping Merriman on as manager next. I don't have anything against Merriman, I just don't believe he has enough experience at this point. Especially given the fact that Pacific has such a young crop of players.
  9. I remember DAZN carrying some games last year. Not sure if they still intend on playing those matches. They've really cut all their football programming after they got their greedy hands on the premier league. That's all they care about nowadays.
  10. Exactly, if ES do beat DR, then we should send all of our top players in March to Mexico to help us qualify for the 2020 Olympics. This would be a pretty big opportunity for our boys as well.
  11. What about our u-17 captain Facchineri? Could he possibly join the fold in 3-4 years. I've heard some good things about him.
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