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  1. TMG stands for Thomas Meilleur-Giguere. Still don't understand why on earth we went into this tournament with only two centre backs. Figures they both got knocks as well
  2. Loic Remy was about to sign for Benevento earlier in the summer, but he failed his medical. So I'm not really sure what's going on with him.
  3. As long as he doesn't join Juventus I am happy.
  4. Phonzie would've had a decent chance at Winning the CL this year. Bayern were looking pretty good..
  5. I really thought Lyon would've been a good place for Johnny to land in during the January window. They have such a long CV of churning out young players. I would be very happy to have him there
  6. TBF Lautaro is most probably leaving at the end of the season, and I think Sanchez will also be returning to Machester as well. But I could see David adopting the same role that Lautaro had at Inter in his first year... Playing second fiddle to Icardi.
  7. I'm a massive Inter fan as well! I would be beyond ecstatic to have a Canadian join my club!! Especially our future record goal scorer (knock on wood). It's crazy to think this wasn't even a thought 5 years ago.
  8. We may be able to get a head to head encounter with el Salvador for the last spot in the hex. Since we realistically won't have the chance to play in the March or june windows
  9. What I would do to see David sign for my club Inter 😍
  10. Karl Toko Ekambi just completed his transfer to Lyon. Looks like Johnny won't be going to Lyon... at least not in January.
  11. This is giving me some serious flashbacks to the state of our team 5 years ago... Just hoping for a lucky break to take advantage of a squeak out a 1-0 win!
  12. I mean the common denominator in all those goals is Godinho. To be fair the Barbados goal is not his fault, he simply played a part in a comedy of errors. We need to bare in mind that these guys never play together so these moments of confusing are going to happen. Back to the Gold Cup, Godinho was abysmal and should be 5th or 6th on our full back depth chart because of that. He isn't up to the national team standards anymore.
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