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  1. No PK. Paolucci is already starting to dive after his first touch. The keeper does make contact with his defender first who then falls on top of Valour forward.
  2. How this guy got be a professional referee is beyond me
  3. Cordova starting against Palestino in Chile's Primera Division action.
  4. I agree with Weng in that he has been pretty steady and has lots more to offer. I believe the back three formation restricts him somewhat as he prefers playing with a back four. His technique is excellent and can play up and down the wing as well as anywhere in the midfield. The word is that training and playing on artificial turf has been quite an adjustment for him.
  5. Cristian Gutierrez in the starting line up today against Palestino in Chile's Primera Division action.
  6. Diego’s full legal name is Diego Nicolas Gutierrez Zuñiga. Although he was born in Quebec his family including his twin brother Cristian returned to Chile when he was three. To honour his mother, he opted to change the name on the back of his shirt to D.G. Zuñiga , her maiden name.
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