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  1. Lots of talented English players aged 20/21 being released by Premiership and Championship clubs every May. Many have been at clubs since age 9 and been on professional contracts since age 18 playing in the U23s or on loan at Tier 4/5. Some of these Players will be prime for 1/2 seasons CPL 30/40 senior games in and sell back to English/European clubs. Many are technically gifted and intelligent players but just need a chance !
  2. Stanese? Would be a good signing for sure but more likely a League one Ontario CB on a short term deal until end of season
  3. Biello watched HFX train yesterday as well. I’m guessing U23 squad and eligible players Langwa Sinmons Skublak and Nsa.
  4. TBH I don’t think a U-Draft player can get paid just expenses and fees paid for
  5. Just saying ! Guess what, that’s exactly what they did on Saturday and win 1-0 with 52% possession!
  6. Have a feeling if Simmons and Langwa back in starting line up today for first time in six games HFX will get their game back on track for another run of games
  7. Love how Zoom Langwa is on the one soccer flyer for this one even though he’s probably still in Halifax serving his punishment!
  8. With all the mixing and matching of Defensive midfielders by HFX throughout the season so far I thought it was interesting to break down the success rate of the various pairings based on a minimum of two games played together. Notwithstanding that simmons has missed last five games through injury. Simmons & John GP: 5: W3 D1 lost 1 Simmons & Rampersad GP: 4 W2-D1 lost 1 John & Rampersad GP:5: W0 D0 lost 5 Simmons & Arnone GP:2: lost 2 Rampersad & NSA GP:2: W0 D1 lost 1 A simmons + John or Rampersad DM combo is far and away the most successful with only 2 losses from 9 games played. However John and Rampersad have the worst record with 5/5 losses!
  9. Oxner should be No 1 Imo too. He also plays out short and enables the DM or CB to drop deep and get in the ball whereas Williams will always go long and concede possession. Hart has to get the back four braver in possession and making short passes into the midfield. He has some excellent midfielders who can receive under pressure and on the half turn but they are getting completely bypassed by Gk and back four. The result is a really basic direct approach and not good football as it is turn over after turnover. Get midfielders like John Rampersad and Simmons on the ball deeper and quicker then the distribution to forwards will improve significantly and possession stats will improve dramatically. Leicester City Won the title with 38% possession but HFX are no Leicester City and don’t have Jamie Vardy on the counterattack! Also why have a now recovered & fully fit Simmons sitting twiddling his thumbs in Halifax whilst this marathon road trip continues? Last 4 games without him are 3 losses and a draw!
  10. Thanks Maybe he will be back v Fury
  11. Any update on Elliot Simmons? He has been notably absent in Midfield for HFX & presumed absent through injury for past three games. He Came off v Ottawa Fury in the second half of game on July 12th & not featured since. HFX have lost all three games since and look like they are missing his composure in the middle. Also where is Langwa and Lamy?
  12. Yeah playing Firth over a fit again John is a mystery given Simmons is out injured. I just think a lot of these players like Lida Garcia schaale bona Kourouma are clearly fatigued and that’s when pulls and strains occur.
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