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  1. People rave about Langwa but most of his tackles are a result of him losing the ball and having to sprint back ! The defence need to feed John and Simmons instead of hanging on to it. Some of the first touches by HfX defenders and forwards have been brutal
  2. If HFX can win the midfield battle and cut off the supply to the wings they can get a point at least tonight.
  3. simmons was HfX Man of the match as per the post game interview
  4. HFX parked the bus but Cavalry just went around it. The technical limitations of Langwa and Bona were very apparent. Being fast and egressive means nothing if you have poor composure and can’t get out of tight areas or pick the right pass. Schaale lost his mojo too and keeps going unnecessary long. Simmons was one bright spark for me, keeps his shape and always available with sharp quick interplay but defenders were often too slow in getting the Ball to him. He definitely adds quality to the midfield but would like to see him and John together. The team will never dominate possession until individuals start making the right passing decisions under pressure with far more consistently.
  5. I agree Schaale is best defender of the bunch who has played so far. N’sa has been a great stand in for Hocine its quite obvious Hart has not played his strongest starting 11 yet and is just mixing it up somewhat first few games. I read somewhere he didn’t think preseason provided sufficient quality of opposition Saturdays line up was clearly very carefully selected to promote various localised players and that’s understandable with a brand new club and shareholders/community/local media to satisfy. De Carolis does not have that pace of Langwa but will be better at keeping possession and more disciplined with positioning & team movement. There is a time and place for both of these players to be effective v certain opposition. Disappointed to see Sukunda dropped for the home opener but again I think this was a business decision home game 1. Simmons was a player in demand and one of the first signings. He was ever present and impressive in preseason and on paper at least a country mile ahead of both Firth and Outarra in every aspect but again I suspect Hart has held him back for the right moment and he was sacrificed for the home opener to give certain players the minutes and exposure and tick some boxes. Strongest line up for me would be Williams Sukunda. Hocine Schaale Langwa John Simmons Guti Garcia Kourouma Perea I would expect them this weekend to now start begin playing more attractive free flowing passing football through the thirds which they are capable of with the right players in midfield. Bottom line is Hart needs 23 players who can all step in and play at the desired level this season with the schedule so everyone needs game minutes to get them at an acceptable level.
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