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    The Real Marc got a reaction from Corazon in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    Who is going to pay $500,000 for Wootherspoon? Transfermarkt is fun but it's a crock.
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    The Real Marc got a reaction from Shway in Cristián Gutiérrez   
    Who is going to pay $500,000 for Wootherspoon? Transfermarkt is fun but it's a crock.
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    The Real Marc reacted to Shway in Former CanPL Players   
    Morgan Copeland, and Davier Walcott.... brings me right down memory lane.
    I commend those guys willing to continue the dream playing 7th tier ball. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to VinceA in Dayne St. Clair   
    Thomas Nef brought this up on Northern Futbol and I don't think it can be fully dismissed but the CSA and Herdman should understand St. Clair's situation.
    If he ends up feeling like he's 3rd choice (or even 2nd when Borjan leaves the program in a few years) and Trinidad and Tobago come calling offering him the #1 shirt he could end up switching. 
    Something to consider. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to archer21 in Liam Fraser   
    I hate that I’m finally being goaded into one of the Covid threads but here we go.
    The section that I bolded is why he’s “against science”. Anyone whose opinion is based on the science would not think their risk from the vaccine is greater than their risk from the thing they are vaccinating against. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Liam Fraser   
    I know someone in Spain, a wonderful colleague, who has polio. Because she is part of a generation in Spain that missed on the vaccines since Franco, apart from being a bloody dictator, also decided he was smarter than science in the mid 1950s. 
    Of course he did not have a conscience so could care less about those thousands of individuals who have had to spend their lives with an extreme disability. 
    Then, of course, since the Salk vaccine was invented in the early 50s, plenty of Spaniards got their kids shots privately, because the hypocrisy of a dictatorship enables that sort of mentality.
    How much do you want to bet that 99% of those being "skeptical" got their polio shots when young and never have had to imagine what it means to have two good legs?
    Maybe you can translate this...
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    The Real Marc reacted to Obinna in Cyle Larin   
    If he moves we should be prepared to expect him to come off the bench, at least to start. It was the same at Besiktas, where it took him going out on loan, and coming back to play with the right strike partner. There was a time where it looked like he wouldn't make it, but he did. I expect the same roller coaster if he moves to Everton, West Ham or Leeds.
    As for the Altidore comparison, well he moved to Sunderland for a relatively big fee and was the major acquisition for that club, so that's a lot of pressure. Then, things didn't go well and the pressure increased and it was a vicious circle he couldn't get out of.
    As impressive as Larin has been, he's not going to move to any of those 3 clubs and be the main player the club relies on. He'd probably feel the most pressure at Leeds, but Everton and West Ham have much bigger players than Larin. They'll spend 8-12 million Euros and expect production, but he'll be one of many and so the pressure won't be the same, I think.
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    The Real Marc reacted to SoccMan in Cyle Larin   
    He needs to go now if a team from one of the bigger leagues comes calling . He is turning 27 in 2022 , an athlete’s career is short . With what he has done this season I’m pretty sure a bigger team from one of the top four leagues in Europe will want to sign him . He can’t wait , he can stay and who knows gets injured or has a bad season and his opportunity of a big pay day and playing in one of the top leagues is gone. As an pro athlete if you can make money where once you retire you never have to work another day in your life if you don’t want to then that’s sweet. I think Larin would be in that situation if a top team  in any of the big four leagues wants him. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to narduch in Cyle Larin   
    Hard to say no to EPL wages. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to Floortom in Cyle Larin   
    He’s 26 year old and coming off the season of his life. He needs to take his shot now - no guarantee he’ll ever have a chance like this again.
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    The Real Marc reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Jonathan David   
    I agree he has a high ceiling. But Lille is not set up to favour his virtues. I also think he is lacking a bit of dribble and lateral mobility, as well as back-to-defender hold up play. All of which he would be doing on other teams where coaching required it. For example, I don't think he has much to offer any top Spanish team the way he plays, none of the top sides uses a striker that way, not one has any scoring like he does. Not saying, I insist, he could not learn. But he is not learning as things are now.
    Lille won't sell him. I think there are 4-5 other players who will go first. I have heard of rumours about Maignan the keeper, Soumare (no idea why his value is so high), and Renato Sanches. Those three would get them upward of 75 million euros, about 25 each. They'd be smart not to see Botman yet, he's still 21 years old. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to WheatsheafSK in Jonathan David   
    Lille have financial issues and have been a selling club in recent years - Although they have also been willing to reinvest some of those sales euros back into the play squad (e.g. bring in David for  $30M).  Lille is not the type of club to hold onto players and build for the future.  They are smart enough to know that the league is always PSG's to lose, they cannot compete on salaries and transfer fees, and they are best to cash in their assets now when they can receive top dollar.  If they believe that David's will improve and make them more money next year, then they will hold on to him.  If they get a good offer now, they will sell.  For a club where the owner has financial issues, and is saddled with stadium debt while covering costs in a pandemic year,  I suspect that Lille will lose three or four players this year.  
    Personally, I hope that he does not move to ManU. Ol Gunner and Woodward have not been investing in youth - including giving them enough time to settle.  I fear that he would be another Van de Beek, and be pine riding despite his talent.  I think he can make the jump to a big club, but I think he should be choosy and find one will give youth a chance - including time to settle in.  
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    The Real Marc reacted to canadianbacons in Will Johnson   
    I was also wondering about his status. I don't really see him as a guy that would drop down to the CPL.  If there are no suitors in MLS I think we've seen the last of him unfortunately. 
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    The Real Marc reacted to youllneverwalkalone in Caniggia ‘Ginola’ Elva - Eyed by Arsenal, Barcelona, Benfica & others   
    Elva definitely seems ready for a step up personally, after several seasons in B3. I'd love to see him in a camp sometime soon.
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    The Real Marc reacted to ted in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    And here I am, twenty-plus years later, trying once again to help you to understand why that is wrong. <sigh>

    The example of the Tigers is great because it is exactly what I (and others) have been arguing should happen all along. Rather than restrict their "target audience" to a specific national group, they have decided to be inclusive of all and play under the name BC Tigers. This honours the club's origins without falling into the "Canadians don't like soccer" trope which is reinforced when using objectively national names. If you name your team after a foreign nation, you are saying that the team is not for Canadians. 

    So no, there can be no complaint about BC Tigers, well not about ethnic identity. I would be happy to slam them for claiming to represent all of BC.
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    The Real Marc reacted to ted in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    And if soccer was a popular spectator sport built into the DNA of sporting culture in Canada as it is in England, we could have whatever names we wanted. 

    For whatever historical reasons, selling professional soccer in Canada is an uphill battle and the branding and marketing of clubs needs to build support, not alienate potential ticket buyers.

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    The Real Marc reacted to Cheeta in Jonathan David   
    The level of arse defending in this league is absolutely Dutch like.
    To be fair, Yilmaz is pretty fleet for an 50 year old.
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    The Real Marc reacted to Floortom in Theo Corbeanu   
    If Theo can’t get on the pitch with this type of performance from the Wolves squad tough to imagine under what circumstances he does get a look. They have looked awful.
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    The Real Marc reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Cyle Larin   
    I think, taking the example of a solid striker in Turkey like Yilmaz who transitioned successfully, that Larin would probably do well in France. That would be the right kind of step up, not to EPL.
    Cue hoards of Voyageurs screaming to themselves "I am NOT going to watch another Ligue 1 team, week in, week out, no way!" 
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    The Real Marc reacted to VinceA in Milan Borjan   
    The easy answer is he isn't really challenged much and as a result has become complacent which then comes back to bite him in the ass on international duty.
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    The Real Marc reacted to Cheeta in Cyle Larin   
    So well below the EPL median average wage?  Any multi year deal, if that becomes a reality, would have to be tempting.
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    The Real Marc reacted to RS in CPL General   
    Do you think soccer players stay outdoors 24/7?
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    The Real Marc reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Players on Loan   
    They seem to be on the same "logistical foresight and capacity" page as the CSA.
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    The Real Marc reacted to Free kick in Luke Singh   
    I did the same thing.  I started typing a long post relating to Singh’s match.    Then i stopped after a paragraph and was lost for words.    Then then i also started contradicting myself 😄
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    The Real Marc reacted to BearcatSA in Luke Singh   
    "The Voyageurs Forum, Over-analyzing since 199_" should be on the heading/title somewhere here.
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