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  1. Why would Tissot have cancelled his Calgary contract before actually signing with Ottawa?
  2. In a world where players come and go, it's interesting to see someone come and stay. Rollins isn't suggesting his kids are going to be internationals - he is using them as an example of how settled Bradley is in Canada.
  3. The number is likely debateable and regardless it's probably not the club that's coughing it up.
  4. I mean, transfermarkt values are second only to Football Manager for randomness but I digress. I just wonder how much money a third division Chilean side can have laying around to throw at a completely speculative purchase...or if this is his or some other agent fronting some money and finding a club that will provide a facade for a fee. Admittedly speculative on my part..
  5. Is this like that second tier Montevideo club that exists only to farm out players to Europe? Six figure fee from a third tier Chilean side? Are they counting the decimal places? What a career risk. Sketcheyyyyyyy Edited: I meant Deportivo Maldonado
  6. I doubt he plays for England given his poor track record in its lower leagues. Nigeria will cap almost anyone once or twice though.
  7. And that's the crux of my thinking - all this kerfuffle over increasing the salary cap is about helping work around the (strangely) negative emotions some have re: the perception of the Can PL as largely semi-pro. We've had a successful first season. Why all the fuss? Ideally, league wages would be living wages or at least make up a significant component of a player's annual income. Once a league generates enough revenues, a union will help ensure those dollars are shared more equitably and sustainably among the players. In the interim, a union will help raise the salary floor and provide benefits, etc. Advocate for a cap increase if you want a high quality import or want to bring a guy like Simeon Jackson home or want Kyle Bekker to buy a semi on the Mountain. But advocating for a cap increase to support the mid/low-range guys is about emotion, not economics or soccer outcomes. And it won't help. There is nothing wrong with a league being semi-pro or having a semi-pro component. Outside the big five, the AHL, and AAA MiLB, pay to play is what keeps sports leagues alive.
  8. And that's a rational line from Clanachlan but it's overstated and not accurate for the forseeable future. What's interesting is how everyone just bought it. It's a cover for the real reason for a cap which is creating cost certainty on one of the few costs that can be controlled for all teams by HQ. Sure, there is a finite number of Canadians playing soccer. But that number is in excess of what the league needs to fill roster spots in a seven-to-ten team league, as evidenced by the oodles of Canadians playing for peanuts (or no nuts) in marginal leagues or far-flung locations - not to mention local guys for whom pay is a secondary concern. The league has had no trouble staffing up, and that's without legions of higher-paid Canadian pros returning home from Europe and without emptying USL of all Canadians, let alone the Fury. I'm not arguing that Camargo's value isn't higher in Can PL. What I'm arguing is that it's really not that much higher given supply and his lack of market leverage and that's why cap increases won't go to guys like him. These players have already shown they'll play for expenses and a stipend in USL or a bedroom and pocket money in barely-pro European leagues. Few fans willing to spend money on Can PL are going to stop watching because a Camargo-esque player decided to be an accountant and is replaced by someone slightly less skilled. Save for York 9, these teams are competing for dollars with minor and junior leagues in other sports, and not with direct soccer competitors. Any player deterred by Can PL salaries is either Europe-or-bust or not up for pro career to begin with. The idea that guys like that are now pulling in 20 000$ to 30 000$ probably represents a decent share of the value they've created for their clubs/CanPL - particularly considering the fairly limited financial returns being pulled in by teams. Who needs each other more? It is clear that Can PL has the leverage, and that's why a salary cap increase won't go to the mid and lower range players who are really just filler.
  9. "Festively plump" - I'm borrowing that. Sadly, Macron sizes and fabrics are really not conducive to casual wear unless you're 5'9 and 160 lbs. I think they've done a good job with the jerseys - they're nice looking - but it may have made more sense to go with a manufacturer with a more North American friendly shirt profile for the jerseys (if that option even existed.)
  10. The cap is about establishing cost predictability for investors - it is in owners best interest so it’s not going away. Cap benefits re: parity are helpful for league HQ in a league where teams with highest attendances are more than double the lowest - avoiding imbalance based on financial resources is secondary but beneficial particularly in a small league. A cap doesn’t stop someone from spending themselves out of the league because they can still do that within a cap system if their resources are limited and they’re a moron.
  11. But why is everyone so convinced that low salaries are only resulting from the cap and not supply, demand, and market leverage? The idea that a Sergio Camargo type player needs a supplementary income seems pretty reasonable given that a year earlier he was playing amateur in the same town with Cavalry’s feeder club, and his club career has been largely low level USL. The creation of Can PL has given him a broader stage but in terms of sports economics it hasn’t altered his value that drastically in a year. A union will do more for wages than a cap increase, IMHO - improving wage minimums, distribution, benefits, and stability. A cap increase is going to help the Edgars that have options and leverage, not the Camargos that are going to play Can PL no matter what and can be easily replaced when the dream has run its course.
  12. If he’s so wrong it shouldn’t affect your enthusiasm. That other leagues inflate attendance doesn’t negate the financial margins the Can PL is living on.
  13. If players anywhere need a union it is in marginal leagues like this one.
  14. That's too bad. I guess that one good season in Finland was the best he had. He made a good run of it. Good on him for trying.
  15. The only thing cuter than TFC taking a swipe at York 9 is how hard Forge fans work at hating York 9.
  16. 20 years ago this would have been a Northboyz thread.
  17. Would he risk it? The last thing he needs is to tweak an injury playing in Central America.
  18. Yeah those are not remotely comparable. Regardless, if you read the Scots boards you’ll find that this isn’t the only knock against him - sure, it’s just fans, but it’s strangely negative, both on and off the field. I hope he’s a success. I hope he’s on to an MLS club or better after he’s done in CPL or rips up the league for years. We all know Valour could use it. But let’s not pretend we’re getting someone at the height of his career or that had better football options than a summer in Winnipeg. (And if he was a product of the Greenock Morton academy, we’d probably be not so excited.) That said, all the best to him and to Valour this year.
  19. Yeah I mentioned that months ago. You think that’s the only reason? Please. If he makes decisions like that, you think they’re only off the pitch?
  20. Are you not reading or are you being obtuse on purpose because you have no response? Try reading the post and understanding the nuance. What's whitebread in Argentina isn't going to be whitebread over here. It's completely reasonable to understand why he felt outside of the Canadian mainstream, see Ivanovski above. This is pretty basic stuff we're talking about here. To you, maybe. To him, not necessarily. I've lived in Mississauga too, and while there are parts that are very multicultural, there are also parts that are pretty, honestly, whitebread. And we have to remember - his experience isn't Mississauga as an adult in 2020 - it's Mississauga as a kid up til when he went to South America. I can see how in his situation, he may not have felt all that Canadian. That was sort of my point. He shows up when called, so he passes the test that matters. Whether he feels 0%, 100%, or 66.6% doesn't matter. The rest is just posturing and windowdressing, IMHO but if it works for Herdman in developing a team mentality and enrapturing the media, then go for it.
  21. Football forgives almost anything so long as you produce. So when you hear football politics as a reason for a player’s decline, that’s a definite alarm. Sidelined at Rangers once in the second tier and not more than a year at any club since, including United where he had a two year contract. Hope he turns it around and makes the most of the Rangers cache.
  22. I wouldn't put too much into the fact he's coming from the Scottish fourth tier - that was likely a tide-over contract after begin released by Dundee United early this season. Definitely, though, this is a career restart.
  23. I think most of the foreigners in low-paying leagues like our would prefer to be somewhere else - some are just better at hiding it.
  24. Do you see lots of Argentinian influence in our culture? Who are you to say that for him? Why are people so insecure about this? We call up guys based on their skill, experience, determination and willingness to show up. Why a values test too?
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