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  1. Not only this, but how many times have we heard some sob story about getting cut when too young or too small. It's lame but this stuff sticks with a player. Blackballing youth guys for not committing never does any good - just creates resentment. Heck look at Vitoria, how important he's become for us. If we had been jerks, he might have chosen to pass.
  2. I agree, but we also have to look at the quality of play. Sure, Friend and Occean were in the Bundesliga. They also weren't scoring. Aguiar was a Benfica backup, with most of the rest of his career in the second tier. Once Pesch went to Fulham, he didn't score more than maybe 6 or 7 goals a season for a decade. Edgar never really solidified his role in the UK. A lot of those others guys were on more marginal clubs. That's not crapping on any of them, they're amongst my favourites, but I feel like our European players are more critical to their clubs and more individually accomplished than in the past.
  3. Binstock really cracked his leg, I think that's what ended his time in Denmark.
  4. Agreed. I know the old adage is that if you're good enough, it doesn't matter where you're from. But the reality is as our reputation lifts, both for being a successful soccer national team and as a source of young talent, it can only help out players attract attention - particularly from agents, agencies and others that help broker opportunities in Europe.
  5. While I agree that saying anything is a bad idea, I think Corbeanu is right to question the move if it was in fact decided by Wolves. The pressure to promote is absolutely existential for a teetering club like Wednesday. There was never any room for error in a move like this. Moore doesn't have the flex to blood in an unproven kid. that his club doesn't own. Unless Wednesday were using loans to stocking up on backup subsidized players FM-style, this move never made sense. Of course, all is not lost. He still has 2/3 of a season to prove his worth. Hopefully he doesn't slink back to reserve football in January, his opportunity may come later than he'd like.
  6. And keeps the guys with other but lesser national team options hopeful of a call up.
  7. Wrexham seems a much more likely level of play than NAC Breda.
  8. Im pretty sure anyone posting about someone being a little bitch is not trying to be woke
  9. In response to Rudi: Wow. Well he certainly doesn't show it. Maybe that's by design.
  10. I agree fully. I think he comes by it naturally - not everyone is as new to the Nats as he is, so these moments and plays and events are new and fresh and meaningful. They're not all old farts like us that have been on this ride before
  11. This must be such a great experience for Wotherspoon, given his career and its trajectory.
  12. Based on results? Right now, Berhalter. Based on pedigree, Martino no contest. Comparing managers at this level is goofy and nothing but an exercise in emotional fortification.
  13. Two draws and he's the best manager in CONCACAF? That is a bit much. We really should be beating Honduras at home if we're going to qualify. Let's see what happens over the next two games. If we only get three points from this window, we'll have a much harder job to do. I wouldn't count on points from the US and Mexico at home.
  14. Tracking and signing up players is essentially Herdman's special purpose. So I doubt it's that he doesn't know about Ennin or his history. If we're leaving Arfields behind (also not calling up any breathing MLSer like we used to) we're not going to call up a guy mid WCQ whose history until 2020 is essentially quasi-amateur, potentially disrupting his good run with Novgorod to have him sit on the bench or appear as a late sub. The question is - is he eligible for anyone else? Ghana?
  15. Nice to see him have success at Raith, after disappointing spells in Partick and Ayr. Scored against the former yesterday.
  16. We should want the Shaffelburgian players to move up, not down. Halifax could provide 'employment' for 4 Canadian players with that wage (maybe 5!)
  17. At $110 000, that's a hefty chunk for a league that is still paying some players lunch money.
  18. US, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Guatemala, Colombia - he certainly wasn't afraid to try.
  19. Agreed but he’s the type that could get an exploratory cap or two or three and chase the dream for the rest of his career
  20. That is the weakest team in the group though. Can we pull off an away window in Honduras or El Salvador? Dunno
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