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  1. Who is going to pay $500,000 for Wootherspoon? Transfermarkt is fun but it's a crock.
  2. Maybe he'd rather be a backup on a World Cup squad than a starter on a more fringe team?
  3. I can't speak for any other part of the country, and it's totally anecdotal, but in southern Ontario I've never encountered anyone ever playing three-down football outside of the universities - none in organized, high school, rec, or otherwise. Even in the shadow of the Ti-Cats no one ever wanted to play CFL rules. Do minor football leagues play 3 down football?
  4. I’ve always viewed the league building daydreaming that goes go on here with an eye roll and a smirk. But St. Pierre and Miquelon on the CanPL really takes the cake ... that’s old Northboys level stuff.
  5. So the rationale for us not taking the forfeit is ... the hope we hit them for more than three goals?
  6. Interesting - will be neat to see how it ends, tho have to imagine the level is a bit low Good experience tho, likely learning that he wouldn’t get in Can PL
  7. No problem, I'll explain it to you. For Arfield and Wotherspoon: I'd bet my house that most of those guys getting called up by Jamaica probably felt their parents's Jamaican background was a notable part of their upbringing, if not something that directly contributed to or defined their identity. Whereas I'm think it is likely that Scott "Getting called by Scotland would be the pinnacle of my career" Arfield and David "Didn't cross my mind until Arfield asked me" Wotherspoon had their Canadian-born parent as a neat factoid but minimal (to non-existent) part of their identity. Don't m
  8. Kent is bang on. And to boot we're not in a place to be casting aspersions on Jamaica and their recruitment drive. Those players likely have a much stronger connection to Jamaica than Arfield or Wotherspoon have to Canada. (And Arfield, former captain, didn’t even show!) We are the country of Bircham, Valentine, De Jong, Gutierrez, Frank Sturing, Eustaquio, Tony Menezes, Leutwiler, Will Johnson, Pacheco, Issey, Greg Sutton, Richard Hastings, Canizalez...we could keep going but all these guys could be seen as having tenuous links to us. And let's not even talk about Ferreira and Vit
  9. 3 year contracts in the Icelandic third division?
  10. Maybe living in London, playing in the Prem, and the extra 15 000 UKP per week?
  11. Twardek just went from Ireland to Poland so with some luck, first team minutes, and scouting it might be a good or better bet - particularly at CanPL salaries. Plus, it's Ireland. What an adventure.
  12. Didn't realize The Briar Patch was still kicking. Blast from the past. Good article, although calling Marcus Haber a Can PL star is a bit generous. I think player/union messaging could use some more focus. I don't think the idea of Canadian soccer players in an upstart home-grown league having to get an offseason job or claim offseason EI is going to really rouse the support of the general public, offseason EI is the norm in a number of fields and it all seems the price to pay for living the dream. Ditto hardcore fans, as 40/42 week contracts are the norm in many semi-pro league
  13. Surprising to see former Football League team like Barnet losing by such a large margin to a barely semi-pro team that was defunct just ten years ago, but I guess that's why they're second from bottom. Saved by no relegation this year. English football may not always be the most beautiful but what a pyramid they have.
  14. They fired Tindall for Woodgate? Ouch.
  15. Depends where he saw his career going. If he thought he was in Mexico for the long-haul, Canada may have made more sense ... exposure to the Portuguese set up and coaches and scouts in Mexico would have been much lower than if playing in Europe.
  16. Is there really more to this than papers assuming Everton want to foist a Turkish player on one of the big Turkish three, and picking the guy in return with the most goals?
  17. Warschewski from the same club as Julian Ulbricht at York.
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