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  1. I'm excited about the potential Garcia-Marshall partnership (as well as Bent) and hopeful on Riggi, but I'm going to stay neutral on the latter due to the injury history. Hope the next six weeks goes by quickly...I want my CPL fix again. 😀
  2. Excited for the first home match of the season against Ottawa on the 25th and your first ever CPL match against us as well. I wouldn't mind seeing a little rivalry between the clubs.
  3. I also think the league did the right thing in having the first place team gain a bye to the final. A single table is OK as well...I never really warmed up to the split season. As it is only 8 teams, I think 4 in the playoffs sort of devalues it a bit in that you may have two really good teams, a decent third-place team, and a poor fourth team. You may have a situation where the fourth place team has more losses than wins, so I'm OK with this format on the whole.
  4. I'm happy the league has decided to play most of its games on the weekend. By my calculations, just 16 of the 112 games are on weekdays and 4 of those are on Canada Day, so the league got it right. The Wanderers have just two home games during the work week (two on holidays) which will be convenient for the casuals and may boost the walk-up crowd even more.
  5. Thank you for your efforts with this, it is much appreciated!
  6. Welcome to the board, Haligonian. Sadly, I could see the Museum being relocated entirely, it seems to be in the cards. I have no knowledge, just a gut feeling.
  7. Happy to see this happen as it will probably mean an evenly balanced 28 game schedule now. I would hate to see a re-draw for the Voyageurs Cup though.
  8. Chad Impact: The stadium is a contentious issue in Halifax at the moment. I believe Haligonians are about 60/40 against a stadium at the moment, but the Mayor is in favour of it and has been relatively quiet on the issue for the last few weeks. I'll be controversial and say that the issue should be put to a plebiscite in this fall's municipal election as opposed to the council itself, but I don't see that happening. A defeat on any sort of stadium plan would be a kick in the teeth to the mayor's 'legacy'. I can only assume a stadium would be for football and soccer (there won't be 2 new stadiums with public money) but the new site has not been put forward, so we'll have to see. Truthfully, I hope the Wanderers stay where they are as there is something special about the place and I truly believe it provides the club with a competitive advantage. In the end, I do think a capacity of 10,000 max is sufficient. Cheers, Terry
  9. With respect to the parking complex, the club are a bit irritated that the Municipality has not consulted them as they are on municipal land. Cue the back and forth between the city and the province on who should have contacted them. The concern I believe focuses on the fact that construction will take close to a year and potentially affect game-day operations at the Wanderers Grounds in 2020. Parking is difficult around that area and with this project all but likely to occur it will make things more awkward for supporters. I do admit that the parkade is necessary though.
  10. So we now have two full-fledged internationals in Garcia and Marshall. Hopefully he can produce the goods and give the Wanderers a more dependable second option to share in the goals as we need to improve our paltry return of just 21 goals last season. I still wonder if Arnone and Bona's demands were too great as I question if Restrepo is an actual upgrade from these two guys. At least things have not been dull down here since the CPL season ended.
  11. I like the format and am praying we get by Blainville to set up a dream match with the champions. The potential for regional match-ups and a Forge-Cavalry re-match is very mouthwatering indeed.
  12. The moves that have taken place I believe send a message to Hart that he needs to get results in 2020 or he will pay the price. Of the recent set of departures, the ones I am surprised at are Arnone, Bona, Kourouma, Perea, and Hocine. Arnone was the supporters' player of the year and looked great after an initial bad patch, Bona was a very competent defender and I think this was just as surprising as Arnone (still remember the headed goal against Ottawa that was controversially disallowed). Hocine deserved a better fate due to injuries, the season ending home game against Pacific, I thought he looked good, but maybe wages were an issue. Kourouma had flashes of brilliance, but there were other games he kind of drifted away and I'll always like Perea (the guy was money from the penalty spot) but he was hurt quite a bit and the goal return was low, so I guess I can see where Hart was coming from in that situation.
  13. Exciting times for the Wanderers with the new pick-ups and the re-signing of N'Sa. I'll be interested to see if we can hold on to Perea, Gutierrez, Arnone, and Bona. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there has been any update with respect to increasing the capacity at Wanderers Grounds?
  14. I enjoyed the draft...wish we had selected Waters at the end though. 😐 York's first pick might be a gem when all is said and done.
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