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  1. Exciting times for the Wanderers with the new pick-ups and the re-signing of N'Sa. I'll be interested to see if we can hold on to Perea, Gutierrez, Arnone, and Bona. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there has been any update with respect to increasing the capacity at Wanderers Grounds?
  2. I enjoyed the draft...wish we had selected Waters at the end though. 😐 York's first pick might be a gem when all is said and done.
  3. I was hoping for Waters too...treat him well Valour.
  4. Decent kit there TrenchGirl; pardon my ignorance but is King's Head an actual company?
  5. I'm happy we've re-signed Garcia and Oxner, two of our better performers. Oxner was a pleasant surprise and he is, for me, our number one keeper. Not surprised about Langwa or Skublak, especially the former after his shouting match with Hart. Wished Skublak could have come back as I would have liked to seen him get an extended run, but maybe Hart saw enough to justify his decision. SImmons and Ilda I don't really understand, but I wouldn't be shocked if one (or both) are back in the near future.
  6. Not digging any of these trophies at all, but rather have those trophies if the CPL remains strong for years to come.
  7. I hope it happens...the Cup match with those guys was some I'll remember for a long time. I would also think the Fury would be enticed by potentially being a big fish in a little pond as opposed to vice versa.
  8. I don't recall Hart playing the same team twice in a row leading me to call him the CPL's tinkerman...LOL!! The majority of supporters are behind him and, as a previous poster indicated, it is tough when this is a start-up league. I do think a couple of bosses, including Hart, could be in trouble if they get off to slow starts next year.
  9. I only see one winner today and that is Cavalry by a 2-0 score. They will want to win both seasons and send a message to Forge for next week that they are top dog. I'm unsure if I should take the over on the number of Escalante dives at one on Pro-Line. 😉 To be honest, I've been disappointed with Edmonton on the whole though Amanda and Ongario could be an exciting prospect next season if they stay healthy.
  10. Hoping to break the winless drought, but not too optimistic as Y9 are scoring goals for fun. I do think we'll get a goal; however, I'm predicting a 2-1 win for the stripes.
  11. I have a good feeling about Saturday, Ted. A vision of a 3-1 Pacific win keeps popping up with Campbell getting 2 goals to get the Golden Boot.
  12. Well...consider it a preview for the drinking this long weekend. 😎 A final note on the game and hopefully we get to see a full season of him and that is Hocine. He had a couple of nice blocks and there is a real presence about him. I'm not overly concerned about goalkeeping and the defence, but we need another striker and perhaps another midfielder although I want to give Guterriez the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully the Wanderers can end the away hoodoo next week.
  13. Not quite a sell out tonight, there were some empty seats (about 70-80) in the open seating section, but mostly everywhere else was filled to capacity. Really happy with how the city has embraced the team. Also happy we only lost two games at home...that's my positive anyway. 😉
  14. So the Wanderers home season ends with another draw; an even match which only came to life in the last 20 minutes or so. Perea got subbed late on (which was a bit surprising) and he seemed a bit irritated at the end; still, I think he maintains his 100 percent penalty record I believe. I was happy that Campbell was kept in check, but we almost lost it late on which would have been a downer. A nice night, a free poster, and $5.00 beers, so it was all good. 😀
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