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  1. From the BBC, this puts Valour's run in perspective: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49186402 Cheers, Terry
  2. That's awesome; thank you so much! Hopefully Forge can come up with a positive result.
  3. In 54th place at the moment, about 600 votes behind the Albanian league.
  4. With respect to my post earlier, I was not impressed with the number of times they (Ottawa) fell to the ground and the conduct of a couple of their players after the final whistle. They deserved to win on the whole, but the coaches and some players thought it was a Fait Accompli. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/ottawa-fury-fc-beat-wanderers-fc-advance-semifinals-canadian/ Best of luck to them in the semi-finals, but I do hope we play them again next year.
  5. A great game of football and Valour deserved a point. Perhaps this will turn the tide a bit for them.
  6. It would be nice to get a result and score a goal or two. Kind of funny how we can't buy an away goal in the CPL, but scored seven in three cup matches on our travels.
  7. At first, I was hoping for Ottawa to join the CPL, but now I'm rather indifferent to the whole idea. The comments of the brass and the players behaviour during the cup match a couple of weeks ago has increased my dislike of them. If they come over then fine, but I'd gladly play them again in the cup next year instead. Cheers, Terry PS: Having Vancouver and/or Montreal come over would be awesome...forget about TFC.
  8. I can't see any managers getting the boot this year. If a club falls apart the last 6-8 games then possibly the off-season, but as this is the first year of the league and there is a limited transfer window, I would be surprised if it happens. I would be shocked if they got rid of Hart here in Halifax...he has been firm with the whole Langwa debacle and he has been unlucky with some injuries to key personnel.
  9. So close to pulling it off...well done Wanderers! Now to focus on that league form.
  10. My heart is literally in my throat at the moment...just one more goal. No matter what though, I'm happy with the response.
  11. It also means they won't be involved in CPL as I thought with their EPL coverage coming to an end. I had hoped that they would make a run at CPL games for next season.
  12. What an emotional roller coaster that was! Thiago scores a brilliant opening goal and most of us in the stands are praying the floodgates don't open up, but I'm proud of how the Wanderers hung in there to level and then tie it up again in the second half. The crowd was rather irritated at the disallowed goal as it looked good from my angle and then the Fury get the winner. I have to say that #58 (Barnathan) well I don't have anything good to say about him. Then the craziness after the final whistle as Barnathan talks trash to someone from the Wanderers (couldn't pick out who) and then when a couple of our guys go to confront him, he races to the dressing room. On a more serious note for the Wanderers was the shouting match between Langwa and Hart. Langwa stormed to the locker room after being subbed and did not come back and then the two almost came to blows at the final whistle as the players clapped the fans off at the Kitchen end. I'll leave it to Grasshopper to confirm what I saw but Langwa's days may be numbered. Great game and another great crowd! Terry
  13. From what I saw on the website, it looks like a crowd of about 4,000-4,500, but hopefully a good walk up crowd. Looking forward to seeing how we match up with them.
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