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  1. Tickets officially purchased. Managed to convince two other buddies to join me. Dyslexic nam: hopefully you were able to have no problems getting your tickets. Now we just hope for a decent crowd.
  2. I have a feeling that Halifax-Ottawa will be on OneSoccer, but the other two might be on TSN. I still can't believe TSN is basically shunning the league.
  3. A nice early breakfast on Saturday and then time to purchase some tickets. It would be a nice 'trophy' to knock the Fury out.
  4. Things have started to take off now...what a thrilling match and how I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out next week. Tough on Forge in the end, but I believe it was a penalty. Cavalry are getting the results, but you have to think the lucky bounces are going to come to an end soon. In any event, I can see either team giving Vancouver a run for their money in round 3 of the cup.
  5. A nail-biter of a game, but I think we just about shaded the result. The ol' ticker was in my throat with that late Pacific chance that Oxner just managed to keep out. I have to say I was impressed with Kourouma and IIda turned it up a notch in the second half. Perea held the ball up quite well for the most part and Schaale was pretty solid as well. Still not 100 percent convinced on Arnone (prefer Hocine to him), but there is still time to turn it around. Haber was a disappointment for Pacific though I admit that I'm a fan of Ben Fisk...I wouldn't mind him on the Wanderers. Another great crowd and still unbeaten at home in the league, so some positives as the Wanderers head into Wednesday night. Cheers, Terry
  6. I think this has draw all over it, so I'll say 1-1 as Edmonton ends their scoring drought.
  7. Oh how we miss Perea from the line-up. We've had mostly the same defensive back four, but an ever changing midfield and front line. I'm forever the optimist though and I do think we will take all 3 points, but it might be a scrappy 1-0 win.
  8. Well we are definitely underdogs in the next round plus by the time the home leg occurs that will be three games in seven days. With that said though, I am optimistic of the next two league games versus York and Pacific. I sense Valour is due a 3 or 4 goal game as there is a lot of talent there...hopefully not against us.
  9. Now up to 52nd place and less than 300 votes behind the Belorussian League.
  10. Best of luck to York9 today for their home opener, hopefully the rain doesn't keep too many people away.
  11. Best of luck to Pacific today against York 9. Not sure how this will end up as both teams have been a bit underwhelming. I think this has the potential to be either a scrappy 1-0 or a six goal thriller (3-3). I can't see any middle ground here.
  12. Should be a good match tonight between two entertaining teams; I'm going with a 1-1 draw and a crowd of 5,000. Terry
  13. Voted and we are currently in 57th place. I believe the USL is around 40th place.
  14. I definitely see an expansion taking place if the attendances stay between 5,500-6,000. Even three days later, I'm still thinking about the match and the atmosphere. I do think as a non-season ticket holder, I may have to book some games in advance as the remaining tickets will go quick. I have to say that Langwa has been impressive as well as Iida and Schaale. I'm looking forward to seeing Hocine in the line-up and to how Gutierrez and Perea work out...hopefully Perea can get a little better service in future games. Can't wait for the weekend!
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