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  1. That's terrific, best of luck and look forward to seeing you in L1O. The kit almost looks like the AS Roma colours.
  2. I thought Kah had a shot at Coach of the Year so to see him not in the Top 3 is a shocker.
  3. I can't have no complaints about the result, Forge were full credit for their victory. We never really tested Henry on the whole. There was plenty of possession and the effort was there but the juggernaut was too much to overcome. I think even if Oxner had come up with that ball near the end of the game I don't think we would have gotten an equalizer. Overall, we exceeded expectations and the team really gelled as cohesive unit. The big challenge will be the club's attempts to keep some of these guys as I can offers coming in for Garcia, Morelli, and Schalle. Look forward to seeing Forge give Toronto FC a game in Voyageurs Cup. I'm sure they will do well in Concacaf League just like last year.
  4. Didn't see that coming...slightly concerned but nothing that a couple of rum and cokes can't clear. Agree with the others, less Kurt and more Laura.
  5. It would be nice to pull it off Gator but just hoping for another competitive match. And if Forge happens to win it then they will be fine representatives in both competitions.
  6. As expected Hart is playing mostly fringe players as this is a dead rubber. Looking forward to seeing Sanoh and Firth in action. I just hope Morelli stays healthy or doesn't get sent off.
  7. Congrats to Forge but big props to Cavalry for continuing to battle despite the injuries. Happy to be in the final but I think we're heavy underdogs.
  8. Not happy about the penalty but I think honours even is a fair result. Just have to hope we can get at least a point against Cavalry and beat Pacific to get to 5 points.
  9. Congrats Pacific. Look forward to playing you again in the second round.
  10. Pleased as punch with that. Great effort from Ottawa, the club has a solid foundation and a bright future. Happy to see Riggi get on the score sheet and also relieved that we are not relying on one or two players for goals like last year.
  11. I'm led to believe that a point would be good enough to go through as we have goal difference over Y9 but I hope we do not play tentative here. I've been impressed with our bottle over these six games and hope this continues. Happy to see Rampersad back and would love to see Marshall get one in the ol' onion bag.
  12. For all intensive purposes an elimination game for the Wanderers as I don't see 10 points (draw today and win Sunday) being enough to get through. They have had success against Valour in the past, but not having Morelli is a big blow so hopefully Hart gets the team-sheet right today.
  13. I also have to say that it was another solid performance by Peter Schalle and Chris N'Sa...the brass were alert to hold on to those two.
  14. I'm over the moon with that result, the 1 point feels like 3. It looked grim for a while but the boys stuck with it and maintained their discipline for those last 65 minutes. A beautiful free kick by Kreim and I thought it was the least we deserved. York threatened very little in the second half and seemed to just want to hold on for 1-0. A world class free kick by Aparicio, that was truly stunning. Halifax will have to win their last two to get in as I think 11 is the magic number to make top 4.
  15. That would be a great idea; wouldn't mind a CPL vs USL Championship event. Would be some interesting road trips. Out of curiosity if we took the top 8 teams in that league based on points against our league's current standings then the match-ups would be as follows: Cavalry vs San Antonio Forge vs Tampa Bay Rowdies York 9 vs Phoenix Wanderers vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds Pacific vs Indy 11 Atletico Ottawa vs New Mexico Valour vs Reno Edmonton vs Birmingham One can dream eh?
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