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  1. Well...consider it a preview for the drinking this long weekend. 😎 A final note on the game and hopefully we get to see a full season of him and that is Hocine. He had a couple of nice blocks and there is a real presence about him. I'm not overly concerned about goalkeeping and the defence, but we need another striker and perhaps another midfielder although I want to give Guterriez the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully the Wanderers can end the away hoodoo next week.
  2. Not quite a sell out tonight, there were some empty seats (about 70-80) in the open seating section, but mostly everywhere else was filled to capacity. Really happy with how the city has embraced the team. Also happy we only lost two games at home...that's my positive anyway. 😉
  3. So the Wanderers home season ends with another draw; an even match which only came to life in the last 20 minutes or so. Perea got subbed late on (which was a bit surprising) and he seemed a bit irritated at the end; still, I think he maintains his 100 percent penalty record I believe. I was happy that Campbell was kept in check, but we almost lost it late on which would have been a downer. A nice night, a free poster, and $5.00 beers, so it was all good. 😀
  4. Should be a tight match, but the Wanderers to get a much needed 2-1 win over Valour with Garcia and Kourouma scoring for the good guys...LOL!!
  5. Having watched the match back, I'm slightly disappointed we couldn't hold on, but I'm encouraged we didn't 'raise the white flag' and lose 2 or 3-0 not that I thought this would happen for one minute. Happy for Gutierrez to open his goal account, that was a stunning strike. Looking forward to the return match on Wednesday.
  6. Officially on upset alert...would be a wonderful victory if they can hold on for the 3 points.
  7. Another 1-0 to the Cavalry which effectively makes this a 2-team race. It would be nice to see the Wanderers kind of spoil Forge's shot at first in the Fall season, but it won't change the end result.
  8. That was a very game effort by Forge, they did the league proud. It will be interesting to see how they kick on from here. Like the Voyageurs Cup, the CPL is now a force to be reckoned with regardless of the competition.
  9. From the BBC, this puts Valour's run in perspective: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49186402 Cheers, Terry
  10. That's awesome; thank you so much! Hopefully Forge can come up with a positive result.
  11. In 54th place at the moment, about 600 votes behind the Albanian league.
  12. With respect to my post earlier, I was not impressed with the number of times they (Ottawa) fell to the ground and the conduct of a couple of their players after the final whistle. They deserved to win on the whole, but the coaches and some players thought it was a Fait Accompli. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/ottawa-fury-fc-beat-wanderers-fc-advance-semifinals-canadian/ Best of luck to them in the semi-finals, but I do hope we play them again next year.
  13. A great game of football and Valour deserved a point. Perhaps this will turn the tide a bit for them.
  14. It would be nice to get a result and score a goal or two. Kind of funny how we can't buy an away goal in the CPL, but scored seven in three cup matches on our travels.
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