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  1. Cavs will play B squad again in HFX. Massive schedule congestion for them, and they have done a ton of traveling last few days. HFX could take this one.
  2. I know most people are against CPL all star games, but boy would it be a treat to see Pasquotti and Borges on opposite wings.
  3. This kid oozes potential! I have heard very good things.
  4. Haworth is not CMNT quality. ^
  5. 3 for the red. 10+ for the afters would be fair, IMO.
  6. Careers such as investment banking are very lucrative. However they are not the norm, not just any semi/pro footballer can step into a career like that. Also it can’t always be all about the money. If a person values their high salary office job more then chasing their soccer career that is their choice. Also comparing NHL/MLB to MLS isn’t fair to the MLS. I’m not going to do all the homework to find out all the numbers but I know too NHL franchises generate around the 200M revenue per year, and are valued around 750m-1.5B! Atlanta is the highest valued MLS club at 350M and generated 45M last year. MLS doesn’t have the money to spend like NHL/MLB franchises have yet. Just to clarify, I absolutely want to see the baseline salaries continue to increase in North American soccer. However to expect them to be at the same level as more popular sports and more established leagues at this point is just unrealistic.
  7. I don’t believe this. My understanding is the minimum for a regular mls player is 70K salary in 2019. 24 and younger he minimum is 56k. They are consistently rising. Keep in mind the cost of living is cheaper in the USA on average then it is Canada. Then of course these are minimum wages for players who are most likely prospects, bench warmers, etc.... which means they are borderline pros or they should see their wage increase as they develop. I don’t think a MLS wage would be turned down by many semi pro players.
  8. I know a lot of people disagree, but I feel the rumoured “expansion fee” may have slowed things down.
  9. Yeah it’s really not that hard to understand why this country isn’t littered with soccer specific stadiums. If we flip the script, Canada has 58 hockey arenas with 5K + capacity. England has 11.
  10. Because there isn’t a 8th locked in yet.
  11. INFORMAL used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true. So yeah...
  12. Cavalry literally gifted you a pity win. 3 games in 6 days, tons of travel, played the b squad... and you still couldn’t take the win haha.
  13. Halifax has already talked about expanding to 8-8500 capacity. They stated they have the room to add more bleacher/seats. I’d expect that is the plan for next season.
  14. I just don’t see any money in a women’s league right now. Anyone willing to buy into one is surely going to lose money.
  15. ^ Didn’t Henry suffer a serious injury and probably won’t be available for Cuba ? Edit: Also I think Adekugbe should get a game against Cuba.
  16. Agreed. Zator is the center piece of the best defence in the CPL.
  17. So uh... what does this all mean ? I’m no accountant haha.
  18. I think any stadium being built for soccer in Canada should aim to have a roof. We have seen the extreme weather our teams play in already.
  19. That was a lot more then kicking a table. He kicked a table with a old man sitting at it trying to do his job. Launching the items and table at said old man. That’s assault. Murrel could be banned for the rest of the season and I wouldn’t bat an eye.
  20. Murrels behaviour was disgusting. The pushing of the ref is one thing, the kicking of the table has me fuming. A old man sitting for there trying to do his job and you kick a ******* table at him ? Throw the book at him. 10 game ban.
  21. Man these teams are bad. HFX is a train wreck on the attack. Valour can’t even hold possession for more then 5 passes.
  22. Yeah the argument for Larin because he was at Beskitas is weak. Many Beskitas fans considered him the worst player to ever play for the club. They wanted him gone! These same fans absolutely adore Hutch so it’s not a bias opinion from them.
  23. Like I said we have never had the reason too. Why would we be building soccer specific stadiums when we have had little to no soccer teams that are capable of utilizing them.
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