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  1. Malyk Hamilton has been the most impressive u-23 canadian wing/fullback in the CPL for me.
  2. Edmonton’s attendance is horrible! I think it’s a mix of location(bad area) and little to no marketing. I also think maybe a rebrand would have been a good idea.
  3. Man HFX is bad. Edmonton attendance worse. That valour crowd tonight tho, wow!
  4. Rivalries take time to develop. This includes obvious geographic rivalries.
  5. Very well deserved. I’d like to see him get one of the games against Cuba in Nations League.
  6. Hmm very interesting question. ——Telfer ———— Gattas ——— Borges - Camargo - Pasquotti ——Adekugbe — Belland G —— Gasparotto - Zator - Samuel —————— Carducci ————— 5 Cavs 3 Y9 2 Forge 1 Valour
  7. Yeah if they are expecting to see a sell out before thinking a CPL will be sustainable that just isn’t going to happen. I understand these games are important to test the market. The thing is they are still meaningless games, and casuals or non soccer fans probably don’t even know about them. Saskatchewan sports fans are all in. If they get a CPL club they will be top of the table for attendance.
  8. He isn’t close to good enough for the German top flight. If he didn’t make it in Turkey, and went to belgium. What makes you think he was good enough for Bundesliga ?
  9. Yup the Footsoldiers have been killing it. I agree I think they are the loudest supporters in the league. Do you guys got plans to start doing large scale tifos?
  10. I guess, but I don’t see many people interested in a pointless game mid week. League games at least hold value.
  11. Why play a game on a Thursday ? Weird.
  12. I expect some serious rotation for the Cavs. I’m guessing more of a B squad without Hamilton and Bittar both getting some U21 minutes.
  13. Man this kid is unreal. Not only is calm collected goal scorer, the guy can pass with the best of them.
  14. I think Gent asked David’s agent to keep an eye on talent for them. I mite be wrong tho.
  15. Yeah it sucks. However I don’t see the CFL Ownership teams moving into smaller stadiums any time soon. This was a easy way to get more use out of their multi million dollar stadiums. Which is a shame, Valour fans would kill it in a smaller stadium. The Kansas City mls stadium is my dream style for CPL teams in the future. 18K soccer specific, obviously this is years down the road.
  16. Canada doesn’t have more teams because there isn’t investment groups interested in paying the expansion fee. The NHL would not restrict more Canadian teams if their was investor groups willing to actually launch a team. The last group was the Quebec City team who would have a team right now if they put the money up. They didn’t. Vegas did.
  17. I really don’t understand what that has to do with anything ? All of the Canadian teams are spending to the cap other then Ottawa. The reason we haven’t seen the Canadian teams win has nothing to do with spending. Most of our teams have just had bad management. Also most UFAs are going to sign in big cities in the USA. The Canadian cities generally can’t pull high tier ufas which is a significant disadvantage.
  18. Caps ownership doesn’t want to spend to compete in the MLS. The Canucks have no issue spending to the cap. They aren’t similar.
  19. I personally would love to see all 3 Canadian MLS teams join the CPL. At the same time I’d like to see the salary cap abolished or greatly increased. I know people want parity but I do think teams like Forge, Valour and Cavs would be willing to spend the money and make the league more competitive overall. Keep the Canadian roster requirements that the current CPL has and it overall would increase our National Team to a greater extent as well.
  20. Since this thread deserves a resurrection. He has started to earn himself some good minutes for Cavalry FC. I really like watching this kid play. He has been playing RB and his overall game is very sound. He is extremely fast, a great dribbler, and great vision and crossing ability. He has also been sound defensively. With the major question marks at Canadas RB position he deserves to be monitored. If not for the Senior team give him a shot in th U23s perhaps.
  21. They can’t just make their own rules when it comes to working near live lines. I work near power lines and they instruct us to keep at least 7M away from them with our equipment. So raising their cameras mite just not be allowed at the moment.
  22. How do selections for ages like this work ? Does the CSA actually have the scouts to identify the young talent around the country ?
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