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  1. What do you consider extremely in appropriate ? I’ve watched most of his Tik Toks and wouldn’t consider any of them extremely inappropriate.
  2. David is playing for Man City in my FM save. Just saying. Haha
  3. Didic would be a free transfer. I’m guessing Adekugbe. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Carducci either.
  4. Waterman is more versatile. He can play CB/FB/CDM/CM. Could be a great depth player that can be slotted in all over the place.
  5. Kind of ironic that people are worried about Didic’s speed when Zator has been left off in favour of him. Zator is a much quicker player then Didic. Wonder what it is Herdman sees in Didic over Zator.
  6. Kid just scored a incredible goal.
  7. If Wheeldon has another season at the top wouldn’t be surprised to see him to move up to at least MLS. That would make his track record USL2 Champion, CPL Spring/Fall Champions, and whatever he does next season. I personally think he is the best tactical coach in the league, so will be interesting to see what happens if he does indeed have another good season.
  8. Front 3 of Bair - Cavallini - Raposo All Canada, eh.
  9. I’m with you. I thought he was the only mid fielder that actually did his job that game. He shut down a lot of plays and made some huge tackles. We know he isn’t a dynamic passer... that isn’t his job tho. Kaye,Oso,Arfield were horrible.
  10. They obviously aren’t worried about us or Ivory Coast stealing him.
  11. Out of curiosity I just did some quick math on David. This calendar year he has scored 27 goals for club/country. A David hat trick against the USA for a even 30 would be great haha.
  12. This kid is drastically improving in front of our eyes.
  13. Was roster announcement postponed again ? 4pm est almost.
  14. Seattle would be ideal if he does come to MLS. Not to far for me I catch games now and again. He would be dominant in the mls.
  15. Makes sense they were the worst team in the league, but to me they are losing some of their better players. Should be a interesting off season for HFX.
  16. Skublak is out of HFX too. Rumour that HFX isn’t paying a 5% increase on Simmons contract, and that’s why he is leaving. Kind of worrying that they are losing two two of their best players and money issues is the only rumour so far.
  17. I feel like this must be a loan move. Cruz paid $4M for him according to transfermarkt. Giving up on him and that money that soon would seem odd to me.
  18. Davies with his second start in as many games against VFL Bochum.
  19. That thing is embarrassing. Literally get a similar trophy made in my city for $100... what a miss.
  20. I’m going with a 2-2 draw in Hamilton. 1-0 win for Cavs in Calgary.
  21. Man this kid is going to smash the Canadian transfer fee record. No reason for Gent to sell him for less than 25-30M.
  22. Am I missing something ? That is a Larin goal.
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