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  1. No loan back. David has outgrown Belgium.
  2. Yeah, I’m not so sure about that.
  3. What makes you so sure he is a starter at BvB ?
  4. 1. Cavs (By a large margin. Very clean kit) 2. Valour (Clean, nice pinstripe) 3. Forge ( Upgrade from last year, not over the top) Big drop off in quality here for me. 4. PFC ( Looks good from distance but the stars are weird up close) 5. ( I like clean kits, but this is a little too simple) 6. York ( Not digging the middle stripes) 7. HFX ( UGLY! The design on the bottom ruined the kit )
  5. The gent captain is honestly the biggest reason they aren’t moving on. Failed to make the right passes in the first leg, probably costing them 1-2 goals. Then just didn’t pass at all tonight. Took bad shots all game that were not threatening at all. After this 2 game display I’m glad it proves my thought it getting David out to a higher level right. He is too good for this team. Should be a interesting summer.
  6. Yes, I can confirm it’s simmons. I’ve known about him coming in for about a week, just wasn’t sure if it was on trial or actual signing. He will fit the Cavs perfectly. Hell of a midfielder. Just need to get some more defensive depth and Cavs should be good to go.
  7. Feel bad for David. His teammates screwed him out of a goal or two today. He was doing all the right things off the ball. He was in dangerous positions, but the service never came.
  8. I don’t get the champions league argument. Yes he will get to play against the best teams, but only a handful of times per year. I’d prefer him playing against top teams all year long.
  9. I’m not a part of the supporters group, and had no interest in meeting Malonga. Didn’t even know about this story you are talking about. I just didn’t like his style of game. Yes he scored goals, but other then that he didn’t do much of anything. Of course you want your striker scoring goals and he did that, but I think he benefitted greatly from the players around him. I could be completely wrong but I expect Cordova to be a better player at that position for us. So yeah none of my dislike for his game is a dislike for his character. So chill out.
  10. Nope. I watched every Cavs game last season. I shouldn’t say Malonga sucked, but he was very over rated. I personally as well as many Cavs fans am glad to see him go. Far to lazy.
  11. Apparently Cavs are bringing in Richard Luca, Mo Farsi, and Elliot Simmons. Very excited about Simmons, seemed to be one of the best player for HFX last season. Farsi could be a top notch prospect, and Luca is pretty unknown but good depth at the very least.
  12. I would never use the UFC as a point to argue treatment/payment of athletes. The ufc is disgustingly bad at underpaying and treating their fighters like ****.
  13. What kind of money is he making ? 1-200k per year ? Going to the cpl would have him drop to 40k. It’s not realistic.
  14. Waterman was actually 3-4 on depth for they Cavs. Malonga sucked, he was carried by his team mates. Statistically he was one of the worst forwards in the league, but the team gave him endless opportunities to score. I too believe the league will be much closer this season. I don’t expect the Cavs or anyone to absolutely dominate the league like last year.
  15. https://youtu.be/nkBeP5XFS90
  16. As I referenced Camargo is going to be working during the CPL season. He was taking interviews last week.
  17. The league isn’t even fully professional. If anyone watched the YouTube video that Camargo and Niko posted, Camargo was going out to job interviews. He was one of the best players in the league last year and has to work a part time job. This should not be the case. If the league truly wants to develop talent, and sell players off we need these guys focus on football 100% during the season. Lets speculate the starting 11 eats up 60% of the cap. The average starter would make around 40k. However if we bump the cap even too 1M. That number jumps to 55ish which makes it significantly easier to live as a full time pro. I hope the league tries to bump up the cap even slightly ASAP. It makes a big difference for the players and hardly any difference for multi millionaires. If we are looking at 2026 as the year this league should take off. Even bumping to cap to 1M would only cost the owners 1.5M from now till then.
  18. No clue what Kurt has been saying. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be a top team tho ? I think we have one of the strongest and deepest teams going forward if Cordova is as good as I expect. The backline which was one of the best in the cpl is still intact, we have the best GK in the league... the concern and only real concern for me is midfield. Tommy has to bring in 1-2 solid midfielders, if he does that I predict we are in the finals again.
  19. That back heel was beautiful. This kid is something else. I’d be very surprised if he is back at Gent next season. Someone is going to make a offer the the club can not refuse.
  20. A good chunk of the Cavs team has spent several years with Foothills which is essentially the Cavalry Academy. They have Pepple who is arguably the best u18 prospect in the league who they have brought up.
  21. Cavs look poised to remain a top team in this league.
  22. Yeah Millar is a hell of a prospect. Just not in that David/Davies mold that we expected Tabla to be in. However I do think Millar is still far from finished and is probably our best youngster outside those 2. I love his game. Works his ass off.
  23. Imagine Tabla had a better attitude before. He may well have done a lot better in Europe. And we could be talking about 3 great upcoming talents in Europe. Hopefully he has fixed his attitude and can get back on track now. The talent is there.
  24. Scored a pen today. 2 goals behind the Juliper goal leader. If he keeps taking pens he mite win Belgium’s golden boot.
  25. Haha I don’t see a big issue here. Is someone going to watch this and decide “Nope. That’s it I’m not buying those new Nikes” I highly doubt it.
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