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  1. Haber is horrible. Even with his goal today he completely botched 3 other great opportunities. PFC essentially knocked out of Spring split with 5 points in 5 games.
  2. PFC - 2661 - May 18 Underwhelming for a long weekend Saturday match. Cavalry attendance looks to be atrocious on ticket master.
  3. I could be wrong, but I think I seen someone post they won’t release it till the 20th.
  4. Really like Borges, could see him being the first player sold. Zator has been the best defender in the league imo so far. He’s a unit.
  5. Valour fans would have a great atmosphere if they had a 6-8K soccer specific.
  6. Have to think it’s the CPL small cap. They probably shelled out most of their cap space on marcel and Haber.
  7. Cavalry looked like a tier or two above PFC tonight. All that while only starting 5 of their regulars. Cavalry are starting to show that they are a step ahead of everyone else in the CPL. Zator is an absolute unit. Best defender In the league for me so far.
  8. If we could get both Laval and Quebec City that would be great. I’d really like Ottawa to join then too. That would give us 10 teams so we can have easier scheduling. Durham and Sask for 21.
  9. Yeah the way PFC has looked I don’t think they have any chance at beating a MLS side. Cavs I could see actually snagging a win. That said PFC-Caps would be a cool experience.
  10. It was said in a video interview. Can’t remember which one it was some time around the launch of the league.
  11. Yeah not sure. They mite honestly wait till the fall season is done too. Maybe announce it during the championship game ? Who knows. Be interesting to see if it gets leaked before they announce.
  12. No we will have a new team next season. The commissioner has said a team is ready to be announced, but it’s not a good time for that right now.
  13. Man PFC has been lacklustre since their first match. If they can’t get a win or even score in this game after being a man up for 60 minutes their spring split is over.
  14. Edmonton has a solid turnout. 4K minimum if I had to guess. Canadian footy fans just suck at showing up on time haha. Stands haven’t been filling out in these games till 15-20th minute.
  15. Huge win for the Cavalry. If we can get another W next weekend against Edmonton it will be hard for anyone to catch up in the short spring season.
  16. Ah damn. If here were eligible do you think he would be on the roster ?
  17. How far off is Carducci ? GK of the year last year in PDL. Starters role for Cavalry this year. Has looked excellent in first two games. He hasn’t had many chances against but the ones he does he plays the ball well. Excellent rebound control.
  18. I don’t know much about him, but damn he has been good. I love the energy and compete level he brings.
  19. I wasn’t aware. I wonder how the fortune was divided. None the less the family has boat loads of money.
  20. Ron Southern who owns spruce meadows is worth 2.2 billion.
  21. As a Cavalry fan I’m interested in winning, and our style has been doing that. We dominate possession but we have still been generating a lot of chances so I’m entertained. Other games definitely have been more enjoying to watch, but that’s because most teams don’t play as tight as us and give up way more chances.
  22. It also isn’t clear if westjet is a league sponsor or a Cavalry sponsor. Cavalry mite be making a fair bit more in sponsorship money then the other teams.
  23. Are you sure ? What teams are spending more then even a bottom tier MLS club ? Or did you mean to say CPL? Anyways about the game... Cavalry are hard to play against. They challenge every ball and teams have to expect to get a little beat up playing them. Their midfield continues to look top tier for CPL. On Wheeldon I wonder what happens when Mason Trafford gets healthy ?
  24. Apparently they have made changes ahead of Wednesdays match to the parking/shuttles. So hopefully that fixes things.
  25. Think the issues comes from he horses being an all day event. People come and go at random times. Today everyone showed up in that same time frame. You would think with their experience in putting on events they could have predicted this however.
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