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  1. Good to hear. I really liked this kid in that last nt camp.
  2. Officiating in this game was horrible. Not going to say it’s the reason Cavs lost, but damn. Weak yellows, full on misses calls, bad offside calls. Cavs played a good game with half their bench starting and playing a man down the whole game.
  3. Reign

    Mo Farsi

    Even Farsi as a last 20 minute sub could be dangerous. That guy with his speed and energy attacking tired legs... wouldn’t want to be a defender.
  4. Reign

    Mo Farsi

    Farsi could easily play wing instead of RB, so that gives options as far as national team.
  5. Reign

    Mo Farsi

    https://twitter.com/onesoccer/status/1303871440752644097?s=20 Goal from tonight. Also caused the pen for the first Cavs goal.
  6. “ A native of Montréal, Quebec, Farsi first began to be noticed as a “player to watch” at 14 years old while playing Notre-Dame-de-Grâce AAA. He started playing in Quebec’s Semi-Pro La Première ligue de soccer du Québec (PLSQ) league at 17 years of age prior to switching to A.S. Blainville. In 2019, Farsi as part of A.S. Blainville took part in the first round of the Canadian Championships facing off against newly formed Canadian Premier League team York 9 FC, where he caught the attention of the Cavalry coaching staff. Prior to committing to Cavalry FC of the CPL, Farsi had also had an offer to play professionally in Algeria. Farsi has represented Canada at Futsal – and in 2019 he was named Ballon d’Or (for best futsal player) of the province by Soccer Québec. “ canpl.ca This kid needs his own thread. He has been an electric player for Cavalry FC this season. He can play as a wingback or winger. I heard he also has played some CM in PLSQ. He has explosive speed, great dribbling, and an incredible work ethic. In my opinion this guy has been not only one the best u21 in the cpl this season, but one of the best players in the league. At 20 he could definitely end up moving to a higher level one day.
  7. He had 2 big miss plays last night.
  8. That’s pretty messed up honestly. I would feel a little upset if I was Boskovi, not going to lie.
  9. How long does his contract go ? If he doesn’t get a loan can he leave on a feee anytime soon ?
  10. If they are working other jobs they aren’t professional athletes. The league loves to talk about how they are a full on division 1 professional football league. That isn’t the case if they have to work night shift after practice. This isn’t about this season. The salary was going to be the same regardless of the pandemic. Which means these guys would have been training and playing games for what 8 months ? During the off-season they are still expected to stay in shape and continue to do things for the club off the pitch.
  11. The average Canadian citizen isn’t struggling to earn over 15k a year. These wages are not fair to the players. The argument that it’s this or they wouldn’t be playing is a bad one. Just because these players don’t have an abundance of other options mean they should be taken advantage of ? I also don’t like the “new league, low revenue” argument. If I open a mechanical shop today, that doesn’t mean I can pay my mechanics $12 an hour because it’s a new shop. I have to pay them a fair wage and expect to lose money for a few years.
  12. Was curious if he would be wearing #9 or #10... pretty cool. This kid is going to rip in up in France.
  13. Yup. He was underwhelming compared to guys who are struggling to find minutes in similar leagues at the last national camp.
  14. Man I need this move to happen so I can stop checking this thread 5 times a day.
  15. Yeah this guy is good! Can’t wait to see him in red again. He could be massive in generating a strong counter.
  16. It only takes a couple minutes in a game to secure the player. It’s worth it even if it isn’t a position of need. Both kids have high ceilings, and both could play for different countries. Avoid the risk of them breaking out and getting capped elsewhere.
  17. Wouldn’t be surprised if Canada plans on capping both him and Corbeanu asap. In Corbeanus case it sounded like it’s happening sooner rather then later.
  18. No loan back. David has outgrown Belgium.
  19. Yeah, I’m not so sure about that.
  20. What makes you so sure he is a starter at BvB ?
  21. 1. Cavs (By a large margin. Very clean kit) 2. Valour (Clean, nice pinstripe) 3. Forge ( Upgrade from last year, not over the top) Big drop off in quality here for me. 4. PFC ( Looks good from distance but the stars are weird up close) 5. ( I like clean kits, but this is a little too simple) 6. York ( Not digging the middle stripes) 7. HFX ( UGLY! The design on the bottom ruined the kit )
  22. The gent captain is honestly the biggest reason they aren’t moving on. Failed to make the right passes in the first leg, probably costing them 1-2 goals. Then just didn’t pass at all tonight. Took bad shots all game that were not threatening at all. After this 2 game display I’m glad it proves my thought it getting David out to a higher level right. He is too good for this team. Should be a interesting summer.
  23. Yes, I can confirm it’s simmons. I’ve known about him coming in for about a week, just wasn’t sure if it was on trial or actual signing. He will fit the Cavs perfectly. Hell of a midfielder. Just need to get some more defensive depth and Cavs should be good to go.
  24. Feel bad for David. His teammates screwed him out of a goal or two today. He was doing all the right things off the ball. He was in dangerous positions, but the service never came.
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