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  1. 1 hour ago, Ansem said:

    Maybe he'll repeat his 1st year at Gent... under the radar until he exploded in Europa. I'm hoping that he's dominant next Thursday.

    He scored like 5 goals in his first 5 appearances or something. Don’t think he was ever under the radar, just couldn’t score more cuz he was still a super sub. 

  2. Also to add to that. One player isn’t going to scare off clubs from taking interest in cpl players. Pepple is getting calls from all over Europe. Farsi apparently has a ton of interest. Zator was almost in the championship. That’s just the Cavs alone. So even if Borges does nothing in Europe it’s not going to impact the league by the looks of it. 

  3. He parents are both doctors, so he has intelligence and hard work built into him. Couple that with his insane physical ability and the kid could do things. At 17 he has a 4% body fat. He is very raw, and wherever he ends up they will have the chance to develop him how they see fit. Will be interesting to see where he lands. 

  4. “ A native of Montréal, Quebec, Farsi first began to be noticed as a “player to watch” at 14 years old while playing Notre-Dame-de-Grâce AAA. He started playing in Quebec’s Semi-Pro La Première ligue de soccer du Québec (PLSQ) league at 17 years of age prior to switching to A.S. Blainville. In 2019, Farsi as part of A.S. Blainville took part in the first round of the Canadian Championships facing off against newly formed Canadian Premier League team York 9 FC, where he caught the attention of the Cavalry coaching staff.

    Prior to committing to Cavalry FC of the CPL, Farsi had also had an offer to play professionally in Algeria.

    Farsi has represented Canada at Futsal – and in 2019 he was named Ballon d’Or (for best futsal player) of the province by Soccer Québec. “ canpl.ca 


    This kid needs his own thread. He has been an electric player for Cavalry FC this season. He can play as a wingback or winger. I heard he also has played some CM in PLSQ. He has explosive speed, great dribbling, and an incredible work ethic. In my opinion this guy has been not only one the best u21 in the cpl this season, but one of the best players in the league. At 20 he could definitely end up moving to a higher level one day. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Colliedor said:

    Deserved. Playing really well. Valour's backline may be a big turning point for them this season.


    Btw gotta love TFC twitter giving props to Dunn, forgetting about Boskovic lol.

    That’s pretty messed up honestly. I would feel a little upset if I was Boskovi, not going to lie.

  6. 35 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    Are they precluded from getting other jobs? These players are playing one month of football this year and many have had the opportunity to play on scholarships before that. Do you really think what they're doing equates to $12 per hour?

    Let's get with reality and move away from entitlement. They're getting an opportunity that never existed prior in a start up league. If they want to push back against that they'll be back to earning nothing playing football before long. This platform is a springboard to better things so make the most of it OR use your degree to find something else.


    If they are working other jobs they aren’t professional athletes. The league loves to talk about how they are a full on division 1 professional football league. That isn’t the case if they have to work night shift after practice. This isn’t about this season. The salary was going to be the same regardless of  the pandemic. Which means these guys would have been training and playing games for what 8 months ? During the off-season they are still expected to stay in shape and continue to do things for the club off the pitch.

  7. 12 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

    Exactly - and these players are still eligible for CERB benefits as far as I know. They're average Canadian citizens and should be treated as such. Anyone who cares about Canadian soccer can't honestly advocate for an adversarial union at this stage.

    The average Canadian citizen isn’t struggling to earn over 15k a year. These wages are not fair to the players. The argument that it’s this or they wouldn’t be playing is a bad one. Just because these players don’t have an abundance of other options mean they should be taken advantage of ? I also don’t like the “new league, low revenue” argument. If I open a mechanical shop today, that doesn’t mean I can pay my mechanics $12 an hour because it’s a new shop. I have to pay them a fair wage and expect to lose money for a few years.  

  8. 13 minutes ago, TGAA_Star said:

    By capping both of them it just adds to Canada's midfield depth and Canada has an overabundance of midfielders since Mitrovic is a winger and Corbeanu is too right

    It only takes a couple minutes in a game to secure the player. It’s worth it even if it isn’t a position of need. Both kids have high ceilings, and both could play for different countries. Avoid the risk of them breaking out and getting capped elsewhere. 

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