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    Stanley reacted to Kent in CPL General   
    Don’t do it guys! This sounds like a suicide pact.
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    Stanley reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL Players' Union   
    The real reason for Marcel de Jong's union activity?

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    Stanley reacted to red card in CPL new teams speculation   
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    Stanley reacted to kacbru in CPL new teams speculation   
    I still think you could put a team in Swangard and it would do well. I know all the excuses used against it, but there aren't many places that compare for watching a game on a warm summer night... I miss the Whitecaps there. 
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    Stanley reacted to SpursFlu in CPL General   
    The name says it all. Onesoccer 
    Just because TSN plays politics doesn't mean Onesoccer needs to. I think its great. Landon Donovan was great. It also lends credibility to the platform and CPL to the general soccer public. Very important. I'm a soccer fan I like it all
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    Stanley reacted to RS in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    Those are the Atletico Madrid kits. 
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    Stanley reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CSL (any and all info/memories)   
    Twitter seems to know I would be interested in this:
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    Stanley reacted to SoccMan in CPL new teams speculation   
    Could happen but not that beautiful enclosed proper looking stadium design not here in Canada. The design would most likely be that beautiful Canadian looking stadium design, you know the two big massive grandstands a la BMO Field Tim Horton Field design and the new Lansdown Park design in Ottawa the kind of designs that just make you want to go back for more after attending games at these so soccer friendly stadiums lol!
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    Stanley reacted to ThatOlCeePee in CSL (any and all info/memories)   
    Put a bunch of games up on the site www.csl1987.ca and YouTube 
    Includes the likes of Supra, Fury, 86ers, Steelers, Kickers, Intrepid, Blizzard. 
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    Stanley reacted to SkuseisLoose in CPL General   
    5 substitutions will just result in even more time wasting. It will also make it possible for big teams to start a worse team against small teams and then if it goes to **** bring on their 5 best players and turn it around. The rule would only give advantages to big teams with lots of depth and hurt smaller teams who lack it. It should stay at 3 otherwise you might as well just go to rolling subs and **** all the small teams over quicker.
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    Stanley reacted to Trois Reds in Hello   
    Hello everyone!  Long time lurker, first time poster.  I've been a soccer fan ever since '86, as soon as I saw Canada play France in the World Cup.  Since then, I followed the old CSL (go North York Rockets) and continued following Canadian soccer through the old A-League until today.  I was a referee for 10 years, played until my 30's, and have been rabidly following the CPL since 2016 when it was first announced in the news.  I am originally from Toronto, and moved to Calgary two years ago. Because of this, my two favourite club teams are TFC and Cavalry FC, but I always cheer for and follow all Canadian professional teams, especially internationally.
    I know this forum isn't looked at very often, but I felt that my first post should be entered here, so you have a bit of an idea who I am if I start posting all over the board. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe in these trying times, and I look forward to reading and posting on here!
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    Stanley reacted to RJB in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    I seemed to have missed a lot... but I must admit, @Lofty was clearly not interested in dialogue.  This was about lashing out, otherwise your original post wouldn't have called us the Voyageurs Corporation.  I should know, I've used this tactic before
    Now, I actually think that there is always a good time for this conversation, assuming it is civil.  You have not been civil, and your actions that followed were a little embarassing.  I should know, I've done that before too
    But now I'm old and I recognize that everything in life takes a lot of time and energy.  I'm not sure who our one director is (if your post is in fact correct.  I'm embarrassed to say I don't know who's in charge here), but I can assume that they are a busy adult.  As such, even making moves to add directors or respond to this thread take time and energy that they probably don't have. 
    I think what would be more productive is if you came forward and offered to start a proper dialogue, and then offer your time and energy.  It's petulant of you to be sour about a person who volunteers and gets all persnickety because they haven't volunteered to your standard.  
    I am content with how the Voyageurs are presently run.  What would you like to see change about the Voyageurs, and most importantly, what are you prepared to do about it?
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    Stanley got a reaction from RS in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    I like potatoes.
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    Stanley got a reaction from hamiltonfan in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    I like potatoes.
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    Stanley got a reaction from jordan in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    I like potatoes.
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    Stanley got a reaction from neuker in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    I like potatoes.
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    Stanley reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    Do you believe the bull sh*t you type on here? Either you are fully aware it is excrement and you're being disingenuous on purpose, perhaps because you have an agenda and that, on top of a deep seeded hatred and a bone to pick with a few of us, has caused you to behave this way...or you actually think it's the truth as a result of some heavy left-leaning indoctrination. The club you are a member of and, if I recall correctly, you being in academia may indicate the latter, but I wouldn't rule out the former either. 
    Anyhow, let's break everything down shall we?
    "I complained that the image of all white male fans was not something we should aspire to in Canada" No, this is not what happened. Someone posted a video of Norwich City fans celebrating a late game winner against Man City and the poster wished the energy displayed in that crowd would one day be replicated in the CPL. You came out of left field and stated it was a BAD representation of the game because there were so many white men in the stands. People just liked the video for what it represented, passionate supporters and you brought in race out of nowhere, shocking everyone in the process. If the above quote is truly what you were going for, there was certainly a better way to express your view instead of the 'So many white men = bad' comment that you lead with.   "He basically abetted the racists on the board and I had no recourse" No, there was no racism that came from anybody else. Well, I guess you complaining about there being so many people of a certain race could be argued as racist. However, do I think you're racist? I don't know you well enough but I don't think you are. Misguided yes, but not racist.  " In fact, I was warned for my post, which the racial supremacists complained about," No, a bunch of us, myself included, calling you out for race-baiting where you made an issue out of nothing does not make us racial supremacists. Also, of what race would I be a racial supremacist of? "And not a single person here came to my support by the way" Are you surprised? You attacked a video of a bunch of happy fans for its racial make up, you tried to stir up something along racial lines when nobody else even had that thought in their head. It's this kind of behaviour that keeps racism alive. This is the behaviour that Thomas Sowell refers to when he says racism is kept alive by politicians and race hustlers. In this instance, I am of the opinion that you acted like a race hustler through your baiting, and I'm sure a lot here would agree. The intelligent people anyhow. "And he was legit racist as well as sexist" Disagreeing with your race baiting and having a minor gripe with the Dames of York 9 does not make somebody racist or sexist. Unless, you are referring to something else. If so, please point out said racist and or sexist behaviour of Lofty.  In your private message to the mod which you posted in the York 9 group, you even alluded to me being a white supremacist which is a blatant lie. I haven't said anything on here that would remotely indicate me of being one. I also haven't said anything racist as well.
    You gotta look at yourself in the mirror from time to time and take a step back, re-think things about yourself, about your life. You seem like a salvageable human being but your behaviour is astounding to me. And I don't mean astounding as in impressive.  
    I hope you survive brother.
    I hope she recovers.
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    Stanley reacted to Tigers in CPL General   
    Now how would you feel if someone said they hoped the CPL went bankrupt and switched to MLS farm teams or something equally terrible? 
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    Stanley reacted to Mikmacdo in CPL General   
    Ew. CFL rules are way more exciting. 
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    Stanley reacted to SpursFlu in CPL General   
    15 million. C'mon that's peanuts compared to the money being tossed around. In fact why not just give the CFL 135 shmil and the remaining 15 to the CPL
    I was personally hoping the CFL went bankrupt and was bought by the NFL and then switched to a 4 down league. But that's just my twisted mind
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    Stanley got a reaction from BuzzAndSting in The Voyageurs Soccer Supporters Corp.   
    I like potatoes.
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    Stanley reacted to RS in CPL General   
    Sorry, I looked in the control panel and didn't see anything there. As I said before, I rarely use my mod access so perhaps I was staring at the correct answer without even knowing it. Anyway, thank you for taking care of that.
    I'll delete your account by the end of the day.
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    Stanley reacted to ironcub14 in CPL General   
    Rintaran, much respect to what you have done here and on NSXI, you know I've been a supporter of NSXI since the very beginning, much respect. And we all wish nothing but the best for you in your fight, I had no idea. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help in any way.
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    Stanley reacted to Winnipeg Fury in CPL General   
    .........or woman.
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