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  1. Is it the guy formerly known as Mad Cap Mac?
  2. I didn't quite understand the yellow paint myself.
  3. They weren't always placed on the track on the non grandstand side, that was a later era Whitecaps thing. And yes I watched everything from the Southside which made everything better. Still more preferable than watching games at BC Place in my opinion
  4. Swangard was a great place to watch the 86ers and non MLS Whitecaps. More enjoyable than watching the MLS Whitecaps at BC Place without a track.
  5. Is this stadium completed, or do they plan on putting in seating behind the goal (that is to the let side of the TV screen)?
  6. At least he gives an accurate number. The game report on the official CPL website originally said 6,200, now says "6,000 odd supporters".
  7. Kind of like Swangard stadium in Burnaby.
  8. I saw it somewhere yesterday, and googled it again and the Victoria Times Colonist also has that same number in an article on the game.
  9. That was a bit of a disappointment. Not that I was too interested in opening ceremonies, but given that they were not showing what was happening on the field (ie. Players warming up, getting ready for kickoff, I thought I had time for a bathroom break, and was shocked to see I had missed the first 90 seconds of the game when I returned.
  10. Good game, good crowd...hopefully it can only get better!
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