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  1. The problem with a back 3 is you are now leaning on your CBs to be passing from the back. None of our CBs can pass. in a back 2 a midfielder usually drops back to start the attack.
  2. My point was not to diss Toronto in any way. In almost every way, Toronto is the best place to host matches and I understand that. Attendance is usually good, good pitch, easy to get the players there, lots of the players are from the GTA area, etc... My point is that spreading the games around the country might be less costly than I originally thought. And it might have some long term benefits. For example, not saturating the Toronto support, gaining support and awareness across the country from the casual fan, growing Canpl awareness, etc... I also wasn't trying to speak specifical
  3. Sell more than 15k though? What I mean is the little bit of extra effort to spread games around might grow the popularity of the men’s national team. If there is hardly a difference in attendance then it really isn't much of a financial problem.
  4. If you think about it, selling out 2 games against team who likely has fairly small appearance fees like T&T is a good plan. Toronto and the larger cities seem to struggle selling any more than 15k against a team like T&T, so really, 2 games of around 7k is almost as good. Let the smaller CPL places get the smaller countries, and share the big games around in the MLS cities. Will grow the game across the country.
  5. Hey guys. Is there a group of supporters who travel from Nanaimo for games by chance? Or some sort of mid island supporters group? There is a chance I end up in Nanaimo this summer and carpooling is much more appealing than making the drive alone.
  6. I agree, Henry and Cornelius are the two closest. But both came through on terrible teams (at the time). Henry moved on, and Cornelius came in as a bit of an established player due to his national experience. MLS has roadblocks to all positions...
  7. Whitecaps are missing a bunch of midfielders and central defenders who people are hoping will be starters. Hopefully the game last night was an outlier... But anyone who has watched Puebla play will know that Cav is used to working with little service.
  8. But what team has been patient enough to let a young defender come through? I can’t think of a Canadian homegrown defender in the MLS. Yet we still have had a few forwards come through. I see your point, in theory it should be easier, but the MLS teams aren’t patient enough or trusting enough with their academy defenders.
  9. The Canpl will bring more defenders to the national team. It is much easier for MLS teams to give an opportunity to an 18-20 year old attacker than defenders because defenders usually develop later. In the MLS, young defenders sit on the bench and don't get on the field (save a few). But young forwards get sub appearances etc... The Canpl is actually quite heavy on the 18-25 year old Canadian defenders. Of all positions to make progress from the Canpl it is defenders and goalkeepers (later developers).
  10. Don't forget that both of these games for MAK are essentially preseason games. It is very normal to see MLS players struggle and unfit in the Champions League.
  11. I suggest everyone listen to BBC live football daily's Most recent episode. High praise for Davies, and David also mentioned.
  12. I have a sinking feeling that we will all be disappointed with who is called in the end. Release a top 50 list with some real talents only to call TFC 2 in the end.
  13. I have a feeling the CSA will have no excuses when booking friendlies now.... If they use Davies and David right the CSA should be able to actually develop an international brand. What a gift this kid is. Not to mention the gift to the Canpl... People across the world just realized Canada can actually play, and we actually have a league full of young talents to showcase.
  14. Why is Escalante wearing a Brazil jersey?
  15. Actually looked very good in the other highlights as well, not just his goal. I wasn't sure he would have the physical abilities for the MLS given his size. But his quickness seems to make up for that, perhaps a bit tchera like.
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