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  1. The results I found were that if a new stadium, is being used in conjunction with a new development or revitalization it is more successful. So Langford may be a good example of that. But so much of it actually just comes down to the contract agreement. In Rogers place example, the Katz group promised a minimum of investment in the area around the stadium, which sparked investment from all parties in that area of Edmonton. As for the New the vs. old team argument. Some teams add to an economy, and some take away. Lots based on salaries and structure of ownership, etc... All this said, there are many intangibles as mentioned above. It is highly debated how much these intangibles actually affect anything. Being a general fan of sports I tend to appreciate the intangibles more than the average person.
  2. I actually wrote an economic research paper on the impact of the professional sports on Edmonton's economy. One of the major factors I looked at was the use of public funds for Rogers Place. In most cases, new stadiums don't really affect an economy much, so public funds shouldn't be used. However, in the odd case, new stadiums do add value, in which case it is justified to use public funds. I am of the opinion that each case should be treated individually. The problem is that you can never know the affect on the economy fully untill years after completion.
  3. I hope you are right, but they "rated" Crepeau too...
  4. I was really tempted to quote that post... Just to mess with people.
  5. Bustos has always looked good, but he has his problems. The main one being not knowing when to pass and when to dribble. He is unpredictable to the point of being hard to play with. Can't count how many times he dribbled through 3 guys just to be dispossessed. One of those players who does the hard things well, but the easy things poorly. Bustos has rare skill, but the good ones usually have rounded out their game a bit more by the time they are Busto's age.
  6. Like Hanson moving up to div 1 Canadian league? I think ballou could make the step up.
  7. My prediction, Hanson only really shows up for the big games. He gives Edmonton a good run in the Canadian Championship due to some great goals/assists. But in the league, he is fairly average due to him being poor defensively and Edmonton rotates him and the academy kids on the wing. I have high expectations, but don't expect consistent production. Edmonton still needs another solid winger to supplement Hanson, Prince, David, and Marcus especially given their average age of around 20...
  8. Liam has the skills for the modern game. His passing is actually quite good as well for his age. I could see him in the Premier League in a couple years. Obviously he still has a ways to go, but the majority of good players don't progress like Davies and David.
  9. I've said this before and I'll say it again. It is a group stage of 10 games. Canada has proven that we can beat the big teams. But we have also proven that we can loose to anyone too. For example, if we play Hati level teams 4 times, I would expect 3 wins and a loss. We play combination of USA/Costa Rica 4 times, I expect maybe 1 win, 2 draws, and 1 loss. That gives us a record of 50%. My theory is tested too. Canada's record this year is similar. We are 1-1 against the states. Did decent in the gold Cup, but bombed in the semis. A cup structure is not Canada's forte.
  10. I know Arfield has played out wide many times before, but I just don't see why. Even in the Premier League with Burnley they always played him out wide, when he has always been more effective in the middle. Maybe I am biased or not in the know, but he certainly seems to have skills for the middle and lack some for out wide...
  11. I love how last year people were singing red star’s praises because they got some results, and now people are claiming the league is fixed just because they couldn’t repeat their success in the champions league. Shouldn’t their result against Liverpool last year have been fixed? Obviously a team like Liverpool should have the ability to beat red star! ok I just making fun of everyone. Why are we arguing when obviously nobody has a clue weather the league is fixed?
  12. As a fan of FC Edmonton in the NASL era, this lack of expansion announcements is actually encouraging. With all the talks it is obvious that there are groups trying to join the league, the fact that they haven't yet because the league is waiting until they are fully ready is awesome. Many people will see this as a bad thing, but I don't. You want your expansion clubs to come in fully running and established behind the scenes and on the field. If a year is what it takes then I am all for that .
  13. I look forward to a few more half field goals next year.
  14. https://canpl.ca/article/roster-analysis-how-does-fc-edmonton-look-heading-into-end-of-2019 JP confirms that is isn't restricted free agency in the CANPL. Ongaro was out of contract and free to move anywhere in the league.
  15. ^ totally agree. Honestly If you give me the choice between placing last in the hex. Or have the opportunity to play in the long route. I would rather play in the hex. I give Canada no chance to make the world Cup from the long knockouts. We are too inconsistent and our fields to flat for true CONCACAF knockouts. On a side note, maybe we should train in Calgary... There's a bumpy field and a diving Honduran.
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