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  1. Love how all the people who said Didic isn't good are all of a sudden using Waterman in their comparisons. Last year it was all Zator, Zator, Zator. Maybe, us fans don't really know that much.... Maybe Didic was a good player on a terrible team. More importantly (if I dare say it), maybe we have multiple young CBs who are just starting to develop because they have never played pro consistently. Cornelius, Didic, Waterman, Zator, and even Samuel. Throw in some even younger guys like the kid from Pacific and we might be looking up.
  2. This is funny, given that the NASL gave out franchises to anyone with pockets (not even deep pockets). The CPL is yet to announce a team. Not similar approaches...
  3. Sure we have unattached FC there. But it is off season for the north American leagues, and we can really only call north American players for this camp. If Didic (technically unattached), James, and Morgan are still unattached come spring, then we have a problem.
  4. Not a bad squad actually. Happy to see 3 games. Glad to see some of the younger euro based players called, and glad that James will final get a look. Jayden Nelson is a bit of a weird inclusion, but if he is as talented as hoped he might step up when surrounded by more experienced players. I expected maybe a Ben Fisk as an extra winger, but going young might not be a bad idea. I expect the majority of the roster will get some playing time with 3 games. It will be exciting to see how our depth players turn up. I think it is important not to have extremely high expectations for these games given the roster though.
  5. David Davies Cavalini Honorable mention to Godinho, the only player who qualified a national team to the hex... Unfortunately it was El Salvador.
  6. This is only for the full game correct? I have the touch version downloaded at the moment.
  7. Actually, Larin's team got relegated in my Belgium FM game. And Larin was glued to the bench for much of the year. It was odd considering how well they are doing right now.
  8. Let me summarize... Canadian clubs from across the country: actually communicate with each other. Canadian fans across the country: oh no! The CPL is going to die!
  9. Hey guys, if you want more info why not just simulate a couple years in football manager, it would be just as accurate as all of your arguments.
  10. Never heard of one of those types of clauses: "If Bayern feel like Davies is good enough, they will give Vancouver Whitecaps more money just out of the generosity of their hearts." There's gotta be something measurable. I am just wondering if you know, or are just thinking since Davies is playing well he must have gotten them.
  11. More on topic, what are the chances they bump phonsie forward with Coman injured?
  12. Or, they locked him down for a transfer fee. Perhaps MLS, but more likely he plays half a year and get picked up by a European club.
  13. The results I found were that if a new stadium, is being used in conjunction with a new development or revitalization it is more successful. So Langford may be a good example of that. But so much of it actually just comes down to the contract agreement. In Rogers place example, the Katz group promised a minimum of investment in the area around the stadium, which sparked investment from all parties in that area of Edmonton. As for the New the vs. old team argument. Some teams add to an economy, and some take away. Lots based on salaries and structure of ownership, etc... All this said, there are many intangibles as mentioned above. It is highly debated how much these intangibles actually affect anything. Being a general fan of sports I tend to appreciate the intangibles more than the average person.
  14. I actually wrote an economic research paper on the impact of the professional sports on Edmonton's economy. One of the major factors I looked at was the use of public funds for Rogers Place. In most cases, new stadiums don't really affect an economy much, so public funds shouldn't be used. However, in the odd case, new stadiums do add value, in which case it is justified to use public funds. I am of the opinion that each case should be treated individually. The problem is that you can never know the affect on the economy fully untill years after completion.
  15. I hope you are right, but they "rated" Crepeau too...
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