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  1. Has his limits, but is a rock of consistency in a young Canadian team. Biggest thing for me is his willingness to move the ball forwards. Isn't flashy but is efficient and effective. Seems like the old man in a flashy and young Canadian offence. It sounds negative, but it is desperately needed, and something I am sure the USA would like right now. Being a west ham fan, Oso reminds me a bit of Noble, which is a high compliment. People don't quite understand him, but his results are proven. Only shortfall is his penalty taking, I bet TFC fans wished he was like Noble when it came to pens.
  2. I really don’t get why this is such a big issue for people. And yes, I am a soccer fan in Canada posting on the voyager forum not because I played it, but because a read a book about it when I was a Kid. Hahaha What you said in you comment was exactly what I was getting at. 4-6 weeks, if the season is over, is just recovery time. I have seen stupid athletes play through hamstrings before. Because he has MLS cup to play, he comes off because it means he gets to play. I honestly don’t understand why you are arguing, we are basically saying the same thing. Literally all I was saying, is that the injury is likely not that bad, and he probably came off because he was making sure he will be healthy for MLS cup.
  3. I knew people wouldn't like what I said. What I am saying is, if LAFC isn't in the playoffs, he might play through a slight tweak, because he doesn't have anything to go back to. But since LAFC is in the playoffs, he wants to be careful with a muscle problem. I didn't once question his commitment to Canada. It's just a reality that there is more that just one game in the mind of a pro player.
  4. I know people might not want to hear this because we want total Canadian commitment, But my guess is he had one eye on a MLS championship. I think it is smarter for him to be subbed out and stay healthy than keep going and be out for the playoffs and possibly November. It worked out in the end, and I am hopeful he will be fine.
  5. I'd like to point out that making money from TV advertising on soccer games is extremely difficult. The only time available for ads is before the game, a small section at half, and after the game. That is a huge reason that TSN and Sportsnet are committed to tradition north American sports. Football, hockey, basketball all have way more time for ads. This is a huge reason I am a supporter of subscriptions for soccer, and a big reason why DAZN and ONESOCCER are able to outbid the traditional broadcasters. The subscription model doesn't rely on ads to make the majority of their revenue. I think wether we like it or not subscription services will start to take over soccer in North America just based on the model fitting the product better. We need to find a way to sell these services to our bars and other sports fans.
  6. A few of my thoughts... Vitoria has earned a starting role in my opinion. Showed very well and was calm all game. David actually had a poor game by his standards. Don't get me wrong, still was good, but seemed to struggle a bit with the physical center backs and his finishing wasn't quite there. Good thing we have 4-5 players who can score and we aren't just relying on him every single game. I was screaming at the TV when Fraser was subbed on over Hoilett. I thought he wouldn't be mobile enough, but he looked very good in a 4 man midfield. I think the formation covered a lot of our individual problems and suited the strength of our midfield and backline. I wouldn't be apposed to them using that against top level opposition. I think the 433 is great for the lesser nations, but it leaves our back line and midfield a bit too open. This formation worked wonders.
  7. I am thinking 3-5-2? Either Davies or Kaye at wingback. Cornelius - Vitoria - Miller Lareya - Kaye - Piette - Oso - Davies Arfield - David
  8. I agree. Most of my friends don't know anything about the National team. They cheer for a country they have affinity with or a country where a lot of their team or favourite players are from. For many of them, Davies is hardly a big name. They don't know who David, Cav, or Hoilett are. Most don't know any of the Americans either, aside from Pulisic, Altidore, Bradley, etc. A win for Canada in this game will help, but we are still a long way off. Having a game in Edmonton might convince some people that Canada is worth following. But the only way to keep them, in my opinion, is for the national team to continue to win, and continue to get headlines in one of the top 4 leagues. I think the most important factor in making the national team popular is individual star power. Which means we are relying on one of our young stars to make a name for himself in a top 4 league. And more than that, top 4 team in a top 4 league.
  9. Definitely harsh on Shome. He is very good positionally, and a very safe passer as people have mentioned.. He isn't flashy, or physically gifted. But he is always in the right place, connects play extremely well, and is developing his creative abilities. I think that is the reason he doesn't get attention. Years ago when he left Edmonton I predicted he would be Montreal's replacement for Bernier and I stick by that. His soccer IQ is very good and we will see him become a very creative passer. He should be above Fraser for a callup, and soon I think we will see him above Tiebert and Johnson as well.
  10. I am pretty sure I heard from the FC Edmonton staff before the season that the club holds the contracts. I am not saying for sure I am right, but instead saying there is conflicting reports. In the end, I am pretty sure that the CPL falls somewhere in the middle of MLS and open system, which honestly is the best we can get in North America.
  11. Not sure I buy single entity. At least when it comes to player contracts. Otherwise why would Pacific go with such young players if not to make selling them a part of their business model. If they don't get all the proceeds, like the MLS, then there is no incentive.
  12. If matches were "meaningless" I would have no reason to watch soccer. I am an FC Edmonton fan and a west ham fan. Neither team has really been anywhere close to winning things in years.
  13. Well, it's now cheaper for me to get seasons tickets than to pay for my yearly Onesoccer subscription and go to as many games as I have.
  14. It's really easy to pick apart defenders on single moments. But in that instance, Didic was actually defending the center on the 6 yard box. But FC Edmonton did not have a capable defender on the front post area, so Didic had to move backward to cover an area he shouldn't have had to. A lot of Didic's mistakes have actually been a result of other players mistakes pulling Didic into situations he shouldn't have to be in. Of course, we have that same problem with the national team: weak fullbacks.
  15. Millar has a couple things going for him outside of league quality. He can play both wing and CF. Borges really only would play on the wing for the national team. He also has a bit of a boost just due to the fact that he is on loan from Liverpool. Additionally, I don't think Millar is a guarantee for every callup. For this one in particular, with no Larin they need extra cover at CF. Borges will get called soon I am sure.
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