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  1. Herdman looking like a freaking tournament management genius right now! Joking aside, we have our team as ready as they can be going into the KO phase. Bring it on.
  2. I won't reply by mentioning all the big pens Sinclair has scored over the years because I'm sure you can see the difference in pedigree.
  3. They said that they wanted to use Canada Day as the climax to the Spring Season. Which makes sense. Balanced would be better but then you have an even more artificial break between the two seasons. (With this format, I believe the New Year usually separates the seasons.)
  4. I think the question then becomes whether that was an effective way to support her and whether that decision was what was best for the team at that moment: taking the penalty kick away from the team's best penalty taker and giving it to someone who is not the team's best penalty taker -- at a moment when your life in the World Cup depends upon scoring that penalty.
  5. My thought too. We have a lot of very good players and that is what really stings. They could have achieved so much more.
  6. So, barring an epic collapse, Cavalry win the Spring Season. Question 1: What exactly do they win? Question 2: If Cavalry win the Fall Season too, the other berth in the Championship Game goes to the team with the most points over the combined seasons. In which case, as teams chase that berth, it will be a Combined Seasons table that will be of interest, not the Fall Season one. Unless Cavalry drop out of 1st place in the Fall Season, then we are back to the Fall Season table. Does this seem a bit hokey to anyone else?
  7. 352: Schmidt ---------- Buchanan ---------- Zadorsky Lawrence ---------------------------------------- Riviere ----------------------------- Scott ----------------------------- ---------------- Fleming ---------- Sinclair ------------- ---------------- Huitema ---------- Leon ---------------- That is all.
  8. In her post match interview Beckie said that Sinclair asked her if she wanted to take it.
  9. For me, the biggest fail was Heiner-Moller. Predictable team selection and unimaginative tactics. Simply not up to the job. I am a fan of Beckie and I know we will see much more from her in the future, but she wasn't producing here and should have been dropped.
  10. And we have our answer on the pen. Sinclair asked Beckie if she wanted to take it. And I think that just about sums up the confidence level of this team. You cannot win if you don't believe.
  11. I doubt whether they will end up opening extra sections but it is possible. Still some decent pairs of seats available but not many.
  12. Go home it is. That was disappointing, but predictable based on what we had seen.
  13. Canada now making substitutions to keep the margin of defeat down to one.
  14. Huitema had a quiet first game although they played her out of position. Canada sub when down a goal with ten mins to play: swap a defender for a defender.
  15. You know it's not gonna be your day when... Beckie should not even be out there. Sinclair should have taken the pen. Sweden look like they believe.
  16. I think we are more likely to see a second from Sweden than an equalizer from Canada. We need to shake things up.
  17. Canada under performing again. Absolutely no imagination in attack. Not very surprising if you keep picking the same under performing team.
  18. Crikey! I post here about once every 4 years, during WWC. Prior to this, I've responded to you exactly twice (this year, and frankly I don't remember any prior exchanges). And it was YOU who engaged ME, and in a rather offensive way. Not very wise if you genuinely find my replies so mentally disturbing!
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