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  1. What a soft free kick for the Cavs 2nd goal. I was not impressed with that ref. The quality of reffing in CPL is definitely not good enough. Lots of chippy stuff not adequately dealt with. Ledgerwood clearly deserved a yellow for flattening someone with a shoulder. The quality of play goes down when the goons get away with it. Reminds me of English football in the 1970s when skillful players were disparagingly called "fan dancers" and fair game.
  2. Has anybody else noticed the weird way the CPL website displays the standings? It defaults to "Both Competitions", which shows you the Fall Season table immediately followed by the Spring Season table. Or you can choose "Fall Competition" to make the Spring table disappear, or "Spring Competition" to make the Fall table disappear! 😂 What the heck is the point of making a table disappear when you can already see both of them?! It is idiotic! I think this is a classic case of the programmer not understanding the requirements. Surely the "Both Competitions" option should instead be a "Combined Seasons" table showing the Spring and Fall tables combined into one table, with all matches played in either season included. This is the table that will be used to determine the other team in the Championship Match if Cavalry win both seasons. We need a way to see this table. It is important! And surely it should default to "Fall Season", which is the current season, rather than "Combined", which only becomes relevant with a specific outcome.
  3. Ha! You sure know how to pick 'em! If that's what happens when you show up, don't be a stranger!!
  4. You just have to change the cadence. 😊 Instead of: Cooome ooon yooou reeeds, It's: Come on you maroooons. You can make it work the other way too, but one syllable certainly works better that way.
  5. Everybody gets a say, particularly those who like my ideas! The fans will have the final say by adopting it. Or not. Come on you Maroons!
  6. Good point Jono. Maybe a couple of CPL teams would get "screwed" then by having to play 6 players who "Canadian" under the VCup rules. And I am fine with that.
  7. Valour need a nickname. All football teams have a nickname. Edmonton have the Eddies and Cavalry have the Cavs. I propose "The Maroons". I like our very distinctive shade of red and its association to the Victoria Cross, and it is simple. Many nicknames derive from shirt colour or badge but the only thing I can come up with by looking at the badge is the "V's" and I have a vague feeling that is already taken by something important. 😁 I know Winnipeg have had both hockey and baseball teams called the Maroons but I would argue a few points: firstly, that was a long time ago, secondly, there were TWO such other teams so uniqueness is not very relevant; thirdly, it could be considered a bit of a tribute to those teams. I'm sure we all know there is more than one team nicknamed "the Reds"! Comments and alternative suggestions requested!
  8. Match Recap: Valour 3 FC Edmonton 1. The creativity had come in spurts, as had long stretches of dominant possession numbers for Valour FC through 17 Canadian Premier League matches. The finish? Not so much. Yet on a spectacular summer night at IG Field in front of 6,379 supporters, the floodgates didn’t just open for Valour FC, they were blown off their hinges as the home side exploded for three goals in a second-half tsunami that led to a 3-1 win over FC Edmonton. ... https://valourfc.canpl.ca/article/match-recap-valour-3-fc-edmonton-1
  9. I think they were just chancing their arm to see if they could get away with it. Good to see that the answer was "no". Now they are chancing their arm again with yellow lines although I don't know why they are doing it. Perhaps yellow lines are easier to erase? If so, by all means let us put the needs of the ground staff ahead of producing a professional match day experience.
  10. You seem to be comparing the Women's World Cup referees, the best in the World, to NWSL referees. As for the article, it is not surprising to me that MLS refs are typically better than NWSL refs because MLS is a higher level of play; and refs will work at the highest level they can reach.
  11. By all means, let's bandy words and split hairs over whether a franchise of an American league can be called an "American franchise"! 😂 How exactly would CPL teams that are required to start at least 6 Canadians in all CPL matches be "screwed over" by exactly the same rule in the Voyageurs Cup? Not that I would care anyway. This CANADIAN competition should have rules that make it for CANADIAN players.
  12. Squizz comments on Beland-Goyette's fabulous winner against FCE: https://canpl.ca/article/wednesday-wonders-squizzs-3-big-questions-from-cpl-week-17
  13. Sure, but that is only necessary when both sets of markings are present at the same time. Which is not the case in CPL. All Valour matches prior to the last two had white lines.
  14. Time to stop kow towing to American franchises and start insisting that in a tournament that is called "The Canadian Championship", all teams must have a majority of CANADIAN players on the pitch at all times (i.e. at least six).
  15. I get that you are referring to Murrell's table kick but I'm afraid that I still don't understand what you are trying to say.
  16. I have one other thing to add: I have never been to a professional football match anywhere else, ever, where the lines on the pitch were not WHITE. Why are they now using yellow lines? Embarrassingly unprofessional from Valour -- again.
  17. Based on official announcements, Murrell has served his 3 match suspension (for the red card at HFX) and is now available for selection.
  18. I'd also suggest Beland-Goyette from Valour.
  19. Valour's season record in all comps improves to (W-D-L) 5-3-12. Home record improves to 2-2-6.
  20. Attendance in Winnipeg this season is definitely a success story but on this Monday night I suspect the actual number was around 4k. Lots of empty seats in sections that are normally much fuller. But those who were there definitely brought the noise! It was a good night!
  21. Included a thousand or two give-aways due to the rescheduling so keep that in mind.
  22. 1. So that's what winning at home feels like. I LIKE IT! Honestly, after all Valour's struggles at home this season that felt like a cup final win. 2. Lots of firsts for Valour tonight: - First goal from open play at the Trench end. And WHAT a goal it was! Louis Beland-Goyette, take a bow son. - First ever 3 goal game. - First ever come from behind win. 3. Valour MOTM: Skylar Thomas. Now THAT is the player Gale thought he was getting! Immense Captain's performance tonight. He was finally as physical as I want him to be. Could have sworn he got a yellow after battering an FCE forward and nonchalantly walking away but I don't see it in the stats. Would have been the icing on the cake! 4. Chances, chances, and more chances. Valour got players forward in numbers and lo and behold, got lots of chances and three goals. Long may it continue. 5. Oh Mikey Petrasso! Need I say more? 6. Ohin is a physical player who seems to attract yellow cards like bees to honey. Which is why it is so important that he doesn't get them for dumb things like dissent. 7. With that said, Bustos gets a pass for his goal celebration yellow. It just felt right. You had to be there. But don't do it again. 8. Decent performance from Le Bourhis. A real shame he got his pocket picked for the FCE goal. Had a few other miscues too, but not bad overall. 9. I have noticed a growing tendency for Valour players to stop playing when they think/hope they have been fouled. Le Bourhis did it on the FCE goal. This malaise must be nipped in the bud. How old were you when you first heard the phrase "play to the whistle"? Time to start doing it! 10. Another good game for Garcia but he needs to stop being satisfied with losing a challenge. Maybe he was tired but a couple of times near the end he put in a challenge, lost, and just let the player with the ball run away from him. Not good enough. 11. Fantastic cameo from Peña, who was energy personified when he came on as a makeshift defender to plug the gap left by Garcia's injury/cramp. Rebuffed absolutely everything they threw at him, which was quite a lot. Carreiro also ran hard for the cause when he came on, which made a clear difference. 12. Paolucci definitely brings a touch of class. Which is a good thing because he certainly does not bring speed! 13. Dylan Sacramento brings much needed spark to the attack. Playing him further forward has been paying dividends. It surely won't be long before he opens his personal account. 14. It was crazy in there tonight! I'm loving the Valour fans, they are bringing it! 15. More of the same please!
  23. They opened several sections behind the non-Trench goal. I believe those were all give aways for a good cause (muscular dystrophy?).
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