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  1. Let the unfairly stifled "letter" debate continue...
  2. OK, sure. I just like big silverware and thought others might too. This seemed like a good thread for indulging and sharing that interest. And there is a lot of it out there, in great variety, as you can see. If I were trolling I'd post this (below) and many varieties thereof, which I'm sure would be of no interest to anyone. 😁 As opposed to a classic picture of one of football's most famous managers holding a major European club competition trophy, which really ought to be enjoyed by many.
  3. I'm very happy that Le Bourhis and Garcia have been retained, particularly Garcia. Both youngsters with promise and a good attitude. I'm a little disappointed to see Muenkat leaving because now I won't be able to argue with @Cheeta about whether it is two syllables or three. More seriously, I think I saw more in him than others but based on that social media gaffe we are probably well rid. I'll shed no tears over Mitter, who seemed to get noticeably worse as the season wore on. And Golubar was not the force I expected in the little we saw of him in matches; so given his age, his release may be for the best. Although, we do need talented experience in the squad to bring on the youngsters.
  4. My God, that is hilarious! Brennan's version is just as funny. Start listening to the podcast at around 54:00 to hear it.
  5. You have framed the options in a very biased way. Using the teams you mentioned: Path 1: Beat (on points) ALL THREE of Costa Rica, Hondurass and Jamaica; OR beat TWO out of the three and then beat one of Panama, Haiti, Curacao then face a South American country like Columbia, Chile, or Uruguay; OR finish 3rd or 4th out of the four and be immediately eliminated. Doesn't sound quite so rosy as "compete for 1.5 places against Costa Rica, Hondurass, and Jamaica", when called out in detail. Path 2: Is a KNOCK OUT competition so it will not be necessary to beat Panama, Haiti, and Curacao because, barring a very strange draw, one of those 3 teams will knock out one of the others in the semi final. So, in terms of matches, it probably amounts to beating TWO out of those three, not all three. THEN of course the two difficult knock out ties follow. You are probably right in saying that we have a better chance with the top path but I don't think the difference is as big as you seem to be implying. For me, the main advantage of the top path is the experience gained by playing lots of matches against the top teams in CONCACAF.
  6. Yes, I think that would be a good place to start.
  7. ^ I think we need to secure buy-in from the league before sending out a letter such as the one above.
  8. ^^ That thing is horrendous. If ever there were an argument for a nice shiny piece of silverware, that is it!
  9. I know what you are saying and while I was certainly in favour of the inaugural season try outs, I think that needs to be the end of it because going forward it looks very amateurish.
  10. The big advantage that we armchair coaches have is that our dissenting ideas will never be put to the sword, er, test. So of course they would all work fantastically well and much better than the ones that were actually used. 😁
  11. https://www.fanchants.com/football-songs/queens_park_rangers-chants/your-grounds-too-big-for-you-4/
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