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  1. For better or for worse, this forum is still the de facto central meeting place for The Voyageurs Supporters Group. So it is the right place to have this discussion.
  2. Here is the clause on class of member (copied from above). Why does the Voyageurs Corp. need non-voting members? And who knew they had non-voting members? ~~~ Subject to the articles, there shall be two classes of members in the Corporation, namely, Class A members and Class B members. The board of directors of the Corporation may, by resolution, approve the admission of the members of the Corporation. Members may also be admitted in such other manner as may be prescribed by the board by resolution. The following conditions of membership shall apply: Class A Members a. Clas
  3. I'll end my comments here on all phrases containing the name of a large country in Asia because I'm pretty sure I've already covered it above. However, the direction of the Voyageurs Supporters Group is still very much open for debate.
  4. And the delicious irony in all my posts being deleted is now he will never know! I can't resist giving him a clue though: where do QPR play?
  5. I have no idea whether this is true and I don't much care because I don't let those people dictate to me what words I use. I do know that the Chinese Communist Party has been trying very hard to suppress the use of that term and I don't let them dictate to me either. Hence I will use it if I feel like it and without any racial intent (China is a PLACE).
  6. Nice strawman! I don't use the N-word! As for "Chinese finger trap": not racist. "English pub", "Spanish Flu", "Chinese you-know-what": also not racist. As for the old "embarrassing yourself" ploy: what a sad little cliche! 😂
  7. The only way for hackers to get your password is if the website stores it as "plaintext". Best practice is to store it as "ciphertext": you enter your password, the software encrypts it on the fly and then stores the ENCRYPTED text (ciphertext) in the database. When you login, the software encrypts your password and compares the result to the ciphertext stored in the datadase: if they match, you are in. So, the plaintext password is not stored anywhere and it is not possible to recover it from the ciphertext because the ciphertext is created using what is called a "one way function". So,
  8. You do know ghat China is a PLACE, right? And that given the conext, that phrase clearly refers to the PLACE, not the race? Just checking because you seem confused.
  9. Please stop. You are getting boring.
  10. @rob.notenboom and @MrsC I am saddened to see you guys being so defensive. Would it not be better to simply answer (or find answers to) the questions Dwayne is asking? I'm sure there is a civil conversation to be had here (I don't mean to imply that this discussion has not been civil), where questions are asked and answered and transparency rules. Particularly with one of the "founding fathers" of the Voyageurs!
  11. This rather perfectly sums up one of the key points being made: there is no central place to go to discuss all things Voyageurs. A place where these issues can be raised and discussed. Is that not a problem for you? And there is really no point in indicating a now defunct site that nobody visits or a facebook page that is also far from universally accepted or used.
  12. Please support that accusation of slander with evidence. Otherwise it is itself slander (or more accurately libel). (I've already shown above why your first statement is nonsense.)
  13. This is extremely disingenuous. You know very well that nobody visits that site anymore because all the football content was moved here! Many people do not use facebook. If you asked a bunch of random Vs to identify the central place where they could go to discuss all things Voyageurs, how many would say "facebook"? I'm just going to assume this is sarcasm because the alternative is idiotic in the extreme. I was not the only person involved in that conversation! And I strongly disagree with YOUR OPINION, which by the way has never been voiced to me by a mod, that my pos
  14. There used to be only one type of Voyageur; and that type did fundraising so that everybody could contribute so that there would only need to be one type of Voyageur.
  15. Well Rob, I could say what I think of you for making ad hominem attacks instead of sticking to debating the issues raised but that wouldn't be very helpful, would it? By the way, a caustic comment with a smiley face is still a caustic comment.
  16. Oh dear. Everybody is offended. I wonder if they'd be offended if every post they had ever made and every thread they had ever created over a period of 12 years had been arbitrarily and summarily deleted? But I'm not offended. Just sad. Sad that what used to be a thriving forum has degenerated to such a level where this can happen and good people are leaving in droves because of the toxic behaviour of many. Is this not a stain on the current "leadership"? Just because you are putting in a lot of time and money does not mean you are doing a good job and if you are doing a poor job it
  17. I've only myself to blame. I should've washed my hands, as many others have done. Live and learn.
  18. ^ Thanks. That is good history regarding how we got to where we are today. But the question remains: does The Voyageurs Corp. actually represent The Voyageurs Supporters Group? In other words, have The Voyageurs Supporters truly agreed to bow to the greater knowledge and wisdom of the one or two enlightened individuals running The Voyageurs Corp?
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