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  1. Firstly, I would like to point out that all the armchair referees on here, with the benefit of unlimted slo mo replays, can't even agree on the correct call in many cases! 😂 1. Haber: the officials blew that one big time. The foul was way outside the box. 2. Paolucci: seasoned pro that he is, he knew he wasn't getting a chance from there so he played the ball then dragged his right foot so that he would fall over. He was not tripped. If the defender and the keeper had stopped dead in their tracks and stayed two yards away from him he would still have fallen over and looked VERY stupid! 3. Ohin: Clearly got his toe on the ball. Ironically the ref seems to have not realized it and deemed the contact not a foul. I think more refs than not would have deemed it a pen (assuming Ohin had not cleared the ball) but in the end he gave a goal kick instead of a corner and the most important decision (no pen) was correct. 4. Thomas: If it was a foul instead of a handball, wouldn't THAT be denial of a clear scoring opportunity and a red card? The handball was not denial of a scoring opportunity because Campbell was on the ground, not bearing down on goal. 5. Baldisimo: Got sent off for two yellows (very close together). The first yellow could have been for persistent fouling. I can't say for certain but it seems to me he was called a few times prior to that. And even if it was for dissent, a second yellow for then saying something objectionable would be fully justified.
  2. 1S panel comments on the controversial moments in the match:
  3. Breaking News! Unprecedented! Gale blames ref for Valour loss! "I feel like we've had it taken away from us". https://canpl.ca/article/im-furious-valours-gale-fumes-after-controversial-loss-to-pacific No word yet on whether Gale thinks it was the ref or Petrasso who failed to convert that late golden opportunity for Valour. Or whether it was the ref or Marcus Haber who beat Skylar Thomas all ends up to head the equalizer! 😂 Love the excuses. Very entertaining. But a little more originality would be appreciated.
  4. Valour's season record in all comps deteriorates to 5-3-13 with the loss at Pacific. Losing from a winning position -- again -- got me wondering just how many times that has happened to Valour this season. Halifax away (VCup): up 1-0, lost 2-1 Forge away: up 1-0, lost 2-1 York home: up 1-0, lost 3-1 Pacific away: up 1-0, lost 2-1 And the opposite: Edmonton home: down 1-0, won 3-1. Not exactly the sign of a team with mental strength.
  5. Football is a contact sport. A ref who blows his whistle for every tiny little bit of contact can absolutely ruin a game of football and encourage players to dive every time an opponent goes near them. But of course obvious fouls must be called. I agree that CPL refs are missing too much but it isn't obvious to me that this is the result of any "let them play" policy. More likely it is just the skill level of the individual ref. Football is undoubtedly the hardest sport in the world to officiate.
  6. Ha ha! If that's all it takes to flatten him then he is a p... weak man! 😁
  7. Really? I've seen him go down quite often. Sorry if I offended you with "pussy". Does "weak man" work any better? I think he showed a serious lack of physical and mental fortitude in going down so easily under such apparently innocuous contact. Admittedly I only saw a quick replay so I could be wrong but it didn't look like a Mike Tyson knock out punch to me.
  8. Really? Did they announce that or is it your diagnosis? 😁 Looked like a pussy crying for a foul to me. I'm not particularly a "Mitter fan" but I do think he has been our best CB. Which is not necessarily saying much.
  9. Again, I thought that Valour edged it on the play. Too bad we are not very good at scoring goals but quite good at conceding them!
  10. Controversial opinion: the ref has made mistakes but I really don't think he has been that bad. I think the unprofessionalism of the players and coaches has been a bigger issue.
  11. Mitter better never take up MMA. One half assed tap in the face and he's out for the count! Fcking pussy.
  12. Thomas as usual on the line instead of marking someone. Beaten all ends up in the air by Haber for the goal.
  13. Yes, very lucky, but credit for the professional play.
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