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  1. Looking further ahead, to QF: As winner: Italy/Brazil/Australia As Runner Up: Germany! The good news: No USA or France!
  2. Solid performance all around but fire power is lacking. My POTM: Sophie Schmidt. I really like what she brought today, rock solid and also often setting attacks in motion with incisive forward passes. Honourable mention to Nichelle Prince and there were a few other candidates. Excellent match from Jayde Riviere although she did drift out of it a bit in the second half. Sinclair looks as though the record chase is getting to her. First touch let her down today but she is still effective. We have still not seen the best of Jesse Fleming. Not even close. But lovely goal today. A couple of scary moments for Canada at the back. Will need to be better against the stronger teams. Looking forward to seeing Jordyn Huitema on the pitch. She is a natural goal scorer.
  3. Alex Morgan responds to goal celebration critics. I'm not trying to re-ignite the debate on here as I think all positions have been clearly stated already, and indeed I will not respond to replies. I just thought it was fair and proper to give "the accused" a rebuttal.
  4. You would at least remove the time wasting benefit, which would be a step in the right direction.
  5. Speaking as an "insider" (😆) I thought it was in, but I'm going to take a bigger picture view anyway and just say that Forge deserved it regardless.
  6. Good. I think your perspective on the prior discussion is very different from mine (and certainly not relevant here!). Anyway, this is for you. It lists a bunch of different styles of play. Possession based football is hardly the only one. http://expertfootball.com/wp/?p=495 As to why you would make a snarky response to what was clearly just a throw away quip, well, I guess you are the only one who knows that.
  7. Ah, you're butt hurt over that other discussion. Now I understand why you are trying to pick a fight.
  8. Good that Forge finally won. When you try to sit on a lead and don't even pretend to attack, you deserve to be punished.
  9. So you don't know what it means??? It is a very distinct style of play and I don't know why you think all teams claim to play that way because that is absolute rubbish! (Also seems like a weird thing to try to pick a fight over.)
  10. Exactly. Just stop the clock for all the things that cause time to be added and: 1. The half/game ends at 45/90 mins. 2. No more recording of goals at the ludicrous 90+3!! VISIBLE CLOCK.
  11. And there it is. Very well deserved. For a team that claims to be possession based, Valour are not seeing much of the ball!
  12. Forge goal looking imminent. Valour playing what I call the "allow" defence.
  13. There is an "Interpretations" section in the rule book which clarifies exactly what is meant by each of those three conditions. I quoted it in an earlier post. I'm not going to go around in circles with you on the difference between "playing" and "touching" the ball.
  14. Yes, but the Jamaican keeper did not have one foot on the line at the moment the ball was kicked.
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