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  1. They have not, although they did post a picture from training and I know people have been inspecting it for possible additions.
  2. Think PFC has any interest in Ben McKendry?
  3. Yes! This right here. I am stoked at the signings so far this off season, but I am afraid that the team will have a big drop off in talent when we look at the bench, and have no depth like last year which is problematic. They need 2-3 more experienced players before I feel good about the 18.
  4. Issey appears to be done with PFC if his cryptic Instagram Post is any indication.
  5. Also mentioned by Friend.. they have a player signed who is "experienced" and has potential to be captain. Also he highlights the lack of leadership last year (Issy, Harber where were you?) Has there been any other about changes to the Beer Garden side of the stadium? Or is the Hydro Pole remaining for season 2?
  6. Wonder if Adam Straith has any interest in coming home?
  7. Marcel apparently will be on the bench for tomorrows game...
  8. Great effort by the boys today. Great to see Staro back. Would love to see this team without injuries, they would be fun to watch. Really hoping they make one or two experienced additions though.
  9. From their instagram story of Kaden Chung from a few days ago, they had tarped off one of the wooden stands, and the other appeared to have seats installed. Not sure what is going on with the family zone section but last month they were laying the foundations.
  10. I am pleased with the amount of playing time the young players are getting, I really am, but.... I really wish we could score a few goals once in awhile.
  11. I know what Jame and Kadie were doing, but what about John and Mo?
  12. Don't have a photo but they are building the foundation for the supporters stands at Westhills. Not sure if they are keeping the current stands and just adding a pre-fab part behind, but should look good when done. Anyone have any idea what they are putting underneath the current wood stands? Seem to be putting up walls for something.
  13. So did they sign Shun Takano? Wondering how close to 23 players they have, and why that hasn't been announced if they did sign a few more to fill it out.
  14. Yeah as someone who made one of those comments; I guess you are right, it probably takes a significant increase in workers to make a significant difference and the cost probably isn't worth it for the city. Just seems odd that something like the actual seats being put in before the game in the new grandstand isn't a priority. Regardless, I am excited and know that in the latter half of the season the stadium will be looking pretty good.
  15. As per the PFC Facebook... the game is sold out with only a few standing room tickets left.
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