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  1. I do hope Bekker does well. My brother plays for Sigma and knows Kyle somewhat. He'll be happy to see him do well.
  2. I reckon Halifax will have the best attendance percent of the league, just due to it's football roots and not having a team in anything. I can see them being fairly consistent. In terms of numbers though, it's got to be Forge.
  3. As someone who has seen Luis Perea for a couple years at USMP, I'd say he's the favourite for the golden boot.
  4. I'm really keen on Adjei and Hoyle. I've heard the latter is underrated and could put up a good fight for the golden boot. The former had good numbers in Sweden (albeit a lower division). Those 2 will be an interesting watch.
  5. Title says it all. I've put a few options on poll. I don't see anyone other than Perea to be honest.
  6. I think looking at the Scottish league isn't too bad an idea. At least early days if the money is there. Being a part of Commonwealth helps.
  7. I'm obviously just being sarcastic. I'm sure Hart will do a wonderful job. It must be said though. #Banter
  8. Like I said, I think Halifax will top the league this year with players of their experience and quality. Of course though, they have Hart who is probably the only manager to concede 8 goals against Honduras in anything ?
  9. Yup - very modern kit who experiments with new things. Nigeria is the same deal, as I mentioned earlier.
  10. It's early days, but it's annoying to see that only the actual shirt (the one with the sponsor) is only available for women. You can say the same vice versa if women want one without the sponsor.
  11. I don't know, I think the home kit would have been better as just purple. The trident creating the line in the middle splitting 2 similar colours, it kinda ruins it for me.
  12. Ours is very polarizing as I think I've mentioned. I see Canadians loving it, but some of my English friends think otherwise. Maybe cos they prefer a more traditional style. Probably the same people who hated the Nigeria world cup kit, which is the same deal. I tweeted this out, but I'll go again. Home kits 7. Halifax Wanderers 6. Cavalry FC 5. Pacific FC 4. Valour FC 3. FC Edmonton 2. York 9 1. Forge FC Away kits 7. Forge FC 6. Pacific FC 5. FC Edmonton 4. Halifax 3. York 9 2. Cavalry FC 1. Valour FC
  13. I must be the only one who thinks the home kit is dreadful. Good point, honestly I would have reversed the 2. Celestial blue seems more appropriate.
  14. Excellent. It's worldwide too, so I'll be able to see our games in Peru until I get back.
  15. The home kit is great, but it doesn't go with gray shorts in my opinion.
  16. From far, the home kit is dreadful. I don't like the shades of dark blue they've chosen. It just doesn't look nice to me. The away kit is better, but who decided to have a blue home and away kit with different shades?
  17. I personally like it. I feel it will be very polarizing though. Just like Nigeria's world cup kit, some will love it and others will hate it, with no inbetween. Can't wait to get mine.
  18. This federation is going to be exactly like the Australian FFA judging from how frustrating they've been with CanPL news. It's been 30 minutes and if I tuned in late, I'd think I'm watching other CanPL matters.
  19. Thanks for this - CanPL telling us to tune in, but not telling us where is typical.
  20. What time do you reckon it's launched then? I can't find this info anywhere ?
  21. Ben Fisk said the same thing. Apparently we're more sharp on Twitter. I'd guess it has something to do with them maybe not saying they have an announcement today on Instagram?
  22. I just noticed that Tomi Ameobi is actually the brother of Shola and Sammy. Him alongside with Halifax's Elton John will be a fun watch! ?
  23. Volleyball too... although that's not as big in Canada as it is here in Peru.
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