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  1. You’re right, he’s definitely really under rated, especially offensively. He’s played well at full back when he’s been asked. He literally chopped a defender In the box and won a penalty.
  2. Bobby said in an interview recently that he should be well enough to Join the team next week.
  3. I’m poland it’s projounced Zah-yontz, but I can guarentee you Marcel himself pronounced it Zay-jack, most polish surnames are Anglicized and pronounced in the “incorrect” way in North America.
  4. Again, not trying to be to critical here because I want everyone to have fun. But maybe it’s an important lesson for soccer matches in the future. Supporters sections are always the rowdiest and often times not the most family-friendly place to be.
  5. Honestly, I can see where you’re coming from but why would you buy tickets near the supporters section? Of course there’s going to be crude language.
  6. Do you have a source for that? He wasn’t on their 18 man squad announced a couple of days ago. https://www.gffonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Guyana-vs-Suriname-Squad-March-2019-Press-Release-2.pdf
  7. I wonder what happened, he said on Instagram that he’s signing with a Canadian premier league team that’s not Forge. He said they didn’t value him as a player after he spent weeks teasing he would join. I’m betting he has attitude problems, based in following him on social media for the last couple weeks.
  8. For sure, but there’s definitely still movement happening. Junior Kingue for example was going to sign for Forge, but didn’t impress during some trials a day or two ago. So they’re definitely still considering their options, defensively at least anyway.
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