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  1. Has any fans in Hamilton got access to this kit launch happening in Toronto tomorrow? I feel like it will be a very cool event. Would love to attend.
  2. https://i.stuff.co.nz/the-press/sport/87808823/canterbury-united-striker-stephen-hoyle-links-with-nomads-united Found this article for 2016 after searching the web.
  3. A lot of the New Zealand Premier League players spend the other six months with Regional top level club teams similar to the League one Ontario level where you still get paid good $ at better teams. I spent a year playing there with Napier City Rovers (regional club) where his brother plays! Unfortunately I couldn’t secure a NZ Premiership deal for summer with the foreign player ruling. I know Hoyle was the Director of the academy at one of these clubs, and his Canterbury team is owned by 12 regional teams coming together. So a NZ prem teams like Canterbury strategically place their best players in roles like that to make a good living all year round. In 2018 he won the Mainland Regional player of the year and Golden boot scoring 23 in 20 games ha!
  4. Interesting to note that Oliveri won the Silver ball (second best player in PLSQ) in his title winning one season here. Did you rate him? Potential to come back and play CPL? He is 31 now though!
  5. Yes I saw that too! From what I’ve researched the MVP is chosen by opposition managers who vote 3-2-1 on other teams players after the game. Oliveri is in a weaker team so easier for him to gain points and I see he’s been doing well playing as a second striker, the two biggest clubs Auckland City and Team Wellington don’t have a player on the list because of the quality in their squad. Sounds like a flawed system to me.
  6. I hear very positive things about Carreiro from my friends in Toronto. Smaller technical number 10 who’s earlier career was plagued by injury I hope he can kick start his career at home in Winnipeg. Hoyle currently on 9 goals in 13 games and I saw on Twitter that after 12 games he’s in the running for the NZ Premiership MVP.
  7. I messaged him to say congrats on the move and hopefully he can help me secure a roster spot! I asked about Selkirk he played 2 games up there on a one month loan deal because of connections with Doncaster Rovers.
  8. Currently 9 New Zealander’s in the MLS
  9. As a Canadian who played in the NZPL league last season I can back up your comments! The level and professional environment is a good standard. The league just doesn’t have the fan base due to rugby and small population. Maksym Kowal a Canadian striker also plays at Canterbury United he has 1 goal in 7. & Patryk Misik who played for our U23 national team can’t get into his teams match day squad. Young kiwis are constantly leaving the league to play in better pro environments and teams like Auckland City and Team Wellington regularly have player turning down the Wellington Phoenix due to the $$ their players earn and lure of the club World Cup. I’m hoping my time in NZ will help me gain a CPL contract. I believe the CPL level will be a little lower than NZPL the first year.
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