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  1. While browsing r/MLS over at reddit I came across an article about wages in the Panamanian league: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/differences-between-english-panama-leagues-12771899 I thought the CPL could easily pay more than that and also other Central American leagues. Maybe someone like York9 or Forge could pick up some of the guys that beat TFC or the Herediano players that bossed Atlanta and they would boost the quality of CPL plus earning better wages. To start off the CPL should be at the level or better than Central America since they can certainly pay higher.
  2. I'll also argue David might even be better than Chucky Lozano scoring at a similar rate. Chucky's 5 years older.
  3. A non-Mex team breaking the status quo would be much needed to make the competition interesting. As long as a US team doesn't win, it's all good.
  4. It's clear that MLS's parity and silly rules are hurting TFC from being a truly great club. So if TFC will be awful to watch, maybe it's time to support 2 CPL clubs, eh?
  5. Like maple syrup and poutine, damn it! I'm interested in a serious discussion like you or anyone else but why do you have to treat this as a joke?
  6. I'll say it again as an American but I can't believe I'm jealous of Canadian soccer and its much better CSA compared to the incompetent shambles that's USSF and MLS. MLS is not a real league, it's shoddy quality entertainment like WWE that just plays soccer. The league doesn't care about developing American players and whatever half-assed piss poor efforts get praised by league shills as "progress" and academies could be called world class without producing any successful exports. Just focusing on development could easily put CPL ahead of MLS, so to avoid my trolling threads on CPL surpa
  7. David is better than all Yanks his age but the US hypes up Sargent and Weah while David flies under the radar.
  8. Maybe not practical but we should start a tradition of annual friendlies vs the USMNT and people would love to see Canada dominate them just like in hockey and rugby. Wouldn't beating the Yanks every year drive up TV ratings?
  9. Actually Riccardo Silva's deal was for the entire soccer pyramid, not just MLS. He wanted his club, Miami FC to have more exposure and a chance to win promotion to play D1. This is someone who threw a load of money to have a soccer stadium named after him. I hope the CPL can get a more genuine deal than Silva.
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