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  1. Although Toronto does have a largest Latin American population, Montreal will absolutely be filled with Latin American fans from Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador & Mexico. Not that Toronto will be much different and than add Jamaica on top of that as well. A blessing and curse for Canada. Blessing to be such a diverse country (represented in our squad) and curse that we will almost always have a large contingent of local fans of opposing nations.
  2. Just a quick stat - 11 of the 15 players that played yesterday are from Ontario. Wotherspoon has no direct affiliation to a province. Although Davies originally landed in Ontario, him Adekugbe and Kennedy are from Alberta. Of the remaining 10 from the bench yesterday, 6 are from the Greater Toronto area. Sturing with no direct affiliation to a province and then 3 from Quebec. I would like to see some of the games distributed across the country but know some of the players and I know that they prefer playing at BMO over other stadiums. Mind you, most players are from the Toronto a
  3. I am not closing the door on Arfield and if he wants to return, I will welcome him back but obviously the more time he misses with the team, the less likely he is going to see minutes when he does return. With that being said, he absolutely offers something different in our midfield. I fully believe he would have created more goals/goal scoring opportunities this break if he was here. There were some glimpses of creativity in our midfield throughout this break but not the same as Arfield can create. Also, I do not mind him coming off the bench going forward as well. We have had some great
  4. The only downside to this game was listening to the commentators. Overall very happy with the performance today but definitely will need to be more clinical in the next round. Borjan - Again did a great job except for another scare with the ball at his feet once again. Kenendy - Quiet but solid performance for a third straight game. Doneil Henry - Besides a needless early yellow and a missed opportunity, he was very good. Viroria - Another very solid performance and great asset to have in the air Davies - Not great, doing too much once again but even still generates s
  5. Quick halftime thoughts; Eustaquio is an absolute baller. Need to see more from Kaye, Osorio and Larin. Although Davies is still one of our most dangerous players, someone needs to tell him we aren't playin CONCACAF minnows anymore. Losing the ball too often. David many missed opportunities but the goal is coming. Henry has been actually good minus his stupid yellow card and the incredible clearance header in Haiti's box. Another Borjan scare. Johnston, Kennedy and Vitoria have all been solid as well.
  6. Nothing important to post other then he looks like he is back to training. Hopefully he is fully fit. I knew he was a strong man but he looks like an absolute beast on Toronto FC's latest IG post (3rd picture). https://www.instagram.com/p/CQG5-hptijQ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. I am not sure if you are being ironic or not but didn't Canada just do this exact thing to Zambrano with the signing of Herdman? Again, perhaps there was a reason for his termination but CSA kept it all very hush. FYI - I agree coaches should be given some time as a coach and I am by no means calling for Herdman to be fired.
  8. Good win, wish we could have scored another goal to take back "home" Borjan - Another strong performance again. Kennedy - Passing not quite as crisp (as expected on the pitch) but still another very strong performance. Vitoria - Good performance. Overall I thought his lack of speed did not show. Johnston - Solid performance again. Davies - Obviously not a great performance. Struggled on this pitch and tried to do too much at times. Laryea - Again, not as much going forward as we've become accustomed to but still a decent performance. Eustaquio - Another exc
  9. 1) The field is an absolute joke. Turf at this level is embarrassing. 2) Not too many times can you say both Davies & David were two of the worse players on the pitch for Canada. I expect more from both in the 2nd half. 3) Let's focus on getting another goal or two and take a decent aggregate lead back to a real pitch.
  10. Oddly enough, Turkey just beat the Netherlands in World Cup Qualifying back in March. Turkey also had an excellent Euro qualifying campaign as well. With that being said, Turkey is a far more likely destination than Netherlands but Turkey is still decent and Ferdi will have to do more than what he did this season to make a real shot at either Turkey or Netherlands.
  11. I was going to say the same thing.
  12. Completely respect your opinions and your statistics as well. I had Cav at around 1.59. Not sure where our differences are but he still ahead of Larin as you point out. Again, lots of factors to take into account. And the original point of my response wasn't to make an argument as to why Larin should start over Cavallini but just that production levels are much closer than you were making it seem. That's all.
  13. Hey man, no need to get defensive, I love Cavallini and would love for him and Larin to split a game each in the qualifiers. Not a bullshit calculation but I should not have referred to your calculation as you were going by caps and I missed that. I went ahead and calculated off the time period during Herdman's era; starting in September 2018 against the US Virgin Islands to present. It looks like you are going back to 2016 for Cyle Larin's statistics. You calculated over a period of games and I calculated over a period of time in which Larin, has played less than 500 minutes.
  14. They're scoring at an almost identical rate of goals/minute for Canada over that period of time you are referring too.
  15. If anyone knows any Canadian players that I have missed from the USL Championship, please let me know. Player Current Club Position GP GS MP G A Ryan James Birmingham Legion FC Defender 7 7 630 0 1 Aidan Daniels Oklahoma City Energy Midfielder 7 7 606 0 0 Malik Johnson Real Monarchs
  16. I figured I would put this out during this current break from MLS. Player Team Position GP GS MP G A Lucas Cavallini Vancouver ST 7 7 630 1 1 Richie Laryea Toronto RB 7 7 630 1 0 Alistair Johnston Nashville RB 7 7 630 0 0
  17. For me, Cavallini & Larin are two of the few players that you could swap out without significant drop in quality at that position. I would be in favour of them each starting a match.
  18. Some people swear by some of these types of statistics without taking in any deeper context.
  19. Statistics are important but I hope you can dig a little deeper to figure out why some of the statistics vary between the two. I am all for either one of them starting the upcoming games too.
  20. He's now up to 6 games played for Bulgaria. He's gone. His loss in my opinion but we are getting so deep that he may reach more caps for Bulgaria in a couple years than he would for an entire career with Canada. Assuming he doesn't progress much more than where he currently is.
  21. I was referring to the negative bias some people have towards some of our players. Maybe I'll reword the post.
  22. I know were all Canada fans here but some of our negative bias really shows on our takes. Overall, slow start but a great game for Canada. A quick breakdown for players. Borjan - was a great leader and captain out there and besides his terrible pass to start the game did everything right in my opinion. Johnston - Other than getting beat for pace on the one through ball, he was fantastic. Henry - He clearly still has a few haters on here who will try and bring him down. Had a few bad passes but I thought his overall game was actually quite good and as the OneSoccer panel m
  23. I don't think Tomori's dream with England is done but missing out on the Euro squad let alone the preliminary roster after the impressive 2nd half of season he just had with AC Milan has got to be difficult for him. Howver, give how well he has performed perhaps he thinks he is back on the cusp of the making the squad. AC Milan want him to stay full time and I think this will hurt his chances of breaking into the England squad so I am hoping he remains at Milan. If he wants to make England, he is going to need to lock down a starting role at one of the big clubs in England or to be an ou
  24. Not to stir the pot anymore on this subject as most want to move past it but there is some buzz generating on twitter and reddit in the past couple of days that Tomori may still be eligible for Canada. I am not going to bother digging too deep into it but worth checking out if your interested.
  25. Herdman has stated that Adekugbe is alright after that injury scare. Not sure how that plays into the next game anyways. Adekugbe to Ferencvaros would be exciting.
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