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  1. Don’t forget too the accommodation costs are big financial factors here too. clubs like HFX who may not have enough local commutable players to fill their roster up will probably have bigger operating costs than say York who will have a large proportion of local players who can remain living at home.
  2. Sukunda is very hardworking, intelligent, comfortable in possession and attack minded. Had a great coach at Ottawa Fury U12/13 in Kwesi, big focus on that program in technical ability and playing the right way. In many ways the Fury when still a PDL club were well ahead of their time with the academy program and produced a number of current professional players as the transition from the Fury to a more technical European style of play was a natural step to make. Not sure how he ended up in Australia as he fought his way into the starting line up at Umea FC in Sweden and had a cracking season in the end. Maybe better money down under I don’t know. Sweden tier 3 is a tough physical league so he will be ready for the CPL Pretty sure HFX have a few others like Sukunda under their sleeve!
  3. My error with the level of Kaiserslautern first team. Regardless Chung is a very talented young Canadian who was the best player imo for Canada u20 v England u20 2 years ago. A game I watched in person in Doncaster. He has not turned into a bad player overnight. For whatever reason it has not worked out in Germany but that could be for a multitude of non football reasons. Tier 5 Germany is not a great football spectacle and he is very much a intelligent, technical player who keeps it simple, makes excellent decisions on the pitch and likes to attack. He will flourish in the CPL which is what we want our young players to do isn’t it?
  4. Lots of players have signed contracts now so some of these make sense especially furlano and Borges. The league are just stretching out the releasing of names
  5. PFC signed a top young talent who was playing in a bundisliga 2 team and he is only 20. He will use CPL to kick on to a much higher level by 22. There are more like him to come over coming weeks
  6. many tier 4 Sweden have part time jobs organised by their clubs to supplement their income
  7. Sweden tier 4 would not pay more than 1200 euros a month max + accommodation and many on much less
  8. My guess is most managers knew there targets and pre contract negotiation started a few months back. A list of initial foundational and U23 domestic players were likely drawn up who were in demand & available Then it would have been down to the clubs to negotiate individually with their own identified targets. I’m sure some checks and balances would have been implemented by the league to ensure there was some kind of parity and clubs were not fighting over the same players where practicable. I also believe the average salary will be 30-35k for most starting players year one but maybe some creativity in there package to make it a more attractive proposition.
  9. Trust me most of the starting players will be on less than $40k year one,
  10. Around £1000-1500 per week in SPL outside of top 3 clubs
  11. I’m finding the military names a bit cringy if I’m honest. I understand and respect the concept but it reads more like a paintball day out rather than professional football.
  12. Sweden tier 2 Superettan pays around 20000 krona a month + food and accommodation thrown in which would be around 3000 can dollars a month. Some top teams may pay more and many less!
  13. Yes spot on and I’m sure the CPL club pre contracts have been rolling off the printer this past few weeks with the Scandinavian season having just finished. Southern Europe is another issue though as contracts tend to end in June so very few will be free agents in January window unless they have managed to negotiate a mutual early release from their club or move on loan transfer to the CPL. Don’t forget as well if a player is under 23 and his parent club have offered a new contract but he decides to run his contract down and join a CPL club training compensation comes into play and is not a Bosman. So all in allit’s not a simple process signing European based players unless certain factors are in place.
  14. Yes totally agree tier 2/3 Scandinavia is a very good professional level which I would say is comparable to league two England but not as well paid so would fit into 30-40k salary cap
  15. I’m hearing that salary range is 30-35k first year in the main with maybe the odd exception per squad.Owners will naturally be cautious in the first season.
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