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  1. Yes MLS has definitely raised the technical level of the elite few in these three clubs. Point I was trying to make is that the Scandinavian lower tiers are full of quality players. Recent example below, this is a 4th Tier team in Sweden who have just signed a 3rd Ex English Premiership club player released. Finland tiers 1-3 is abundant with Brazilians and Nigerian players trying to get noticed by Italian clubs that extensively scout this environment English Players Abroad (@EnglishAbroad1) 28/12/2018, 10:31 Another former #CPFC player has also joined ⁦‪@SkellefteaFF‬⁩. Defensive midfielder Will Hoare featured alongside ⁦‪@Jordan_Palmer94‬⁩ & ⁦‪@Rod8Young‬⁩ in a Red Bull TV show last year and is now headed off to Sweden #englishabroadpic.twitter.com/v8CCPh3B2S
  2. Well said sir! Having lived in Sweden for two years I’m a bit biased but I don’t think Canadians (inc myself) should knock the standard of Finnish or Scandinavian football or even try and compare it to what we think the CPL standard will be until we have seen the product on the field in 2019. Finland has a 6th of the population of Canada and yes Hockey is the number one sport but it’s currently 20 places higher than Canada in the FIFA world rankings and its Youth and National teams are actually doing very well in Europe. Iceland and Sweden also punching well above Canada. The CPL and Canadian soccer has it all to prove moving forward. If this guy has been playing 2nd Tier in Finland he will be a good player and the fact that he was able to secure a contract in Scandinavia over a European player should tell you about his quality as he would have had to have been paid a minimum wage as a non EU. Some ( not all) of these players returning from Europe will be technically and tactically way ahead of many domestic players coming in from the USL/NCAA/LIO so we should be pleased they have taken the opportunity to return to Canada.
  3. Many teams in the Finnish 2/3rd Tier train full time ie 6-8 times a week and it’s a very professional environment. The technical quality of player is actually very high, however the money is crap. This will be more than the Canadian Premier League teams will train due to the game and travelling schedule. I doubt whether CPl teams will train more than 4x a week once the league starts.
  4. I think the corporate sales manager at HFX might have just dropped a subtle hint on twitter with a retweet this afternoon of a CPL transfer player rumour ! ?
  5. Yes I assumed so too but this made me think twice
  6. Maybe he is being used as a CB ? As per no 3 and shown as a defender on HFX tweet?
  7. https://www.transfermarkt.com/elliot-simmons/profil/spieler/492954
  8. Yes MP Gk is Sammy NJock the Ex Cameron World Cup player
  9. Simmons was U19/21 At Dalkurd in 2017 but played first team all of 2018 on loan at MP in Finland, and was youngest starter week in week out. Ex Ottawa fury academy and Mk Dons FC. Seen some very impressive game stats on twitter somewhere.
  10. I’m losing the will to live.can we get back on topic to players we expect to see in the CPL?
  11. I know a young player (son of close family friend) who signed a CPL contract some time ago and I suspect will be announced at some point during the January transfer window. He is a young dual National Canadian and turned down a number opportunities to remain in Europe in order to return to Canada and play CPL. I acted as a sounding board for him during the negotiations so I know the figures being offered by at least a few clubs He had healthy interest from more than one CPL club. Im certain there is a modest salary cap in force for year 1. The owners are naturally being very sensible and cautious. 750k maximum for the squad would be my best guess. Maybe some clubs will have 22/23 players some only 18-20 which could provide more flexibility I’m sure the odd marquee player will be on more than the others but I suspect the disparity between the main playing core of the squad will be no where near what people are predicting I am only saying this as there is so much misinformation and speculation on the sites. The difference in packages offered by the clubs was marginal . Perhaps a few grand here or there and some other fringe benefits thrown in, but at the end of the day he chose the club he felt would be the best environment for him and his style of play. He knew from the outset he would earn less in Canada year 1 than remaining in Europe for 2019 (but not by that much to be fair given his young age). He turned down a very good club in Scotland to join the CPL as well as opportunities to remain in the country where he has been playing professionally during 2017& 2018 This was an opportunity to showcase his ability back in Canada having been away for a long time and hopefully move on to the MLS in a few years. The excitement of being part of something unique and brand new was a massive lure to him I think his was a typical profile of a young overseas Canadian player that the league were keen to try and get back to Canada Players that left Canada young to progress through some good professional European youth systems with personal profiles still on the way up and not down. There may not be that many of them out there but they do exist and I’m certain there will be a few more returning in the new year Money wise I have no doubt Year two CpL wages will rise. In the meantime please accept that some younger players especially returning from Europe are likely taking a pay cut to play in this brand new league and want to be here for varying career reasons, but most importantly they want to be here for the right reasons and be part of it! Likewise some younger players are getting paid to kick a ball for the very first time and are just ecstatic at signing there first ever contract, they won’t even be thinking of numbers. Some are coming to the end of their careers and just happy to be playing for another year and giving something back to the domestic game. We will no doubt have some international journeyman too to add to the mix. Let’s just embrace this diversity of players coming together to compete. The most important thing for me being a long distance fan is to see a good quality product on the pitch and one that will entertain fans but also develop our younger players. We need more Jonathan David’s and Alphonso Davies type talents being produced and sold on to Europe’s elite as it will only help our National team in the long term and put more investment back into the CPL and youth development. in the meantime let’s enjoy all the new signings as and when they get announced as I think there will be some good surprises in store for every club
  12. One of The big challenges is how the travel and time zones will affect the training patterns for each team. If Halifax are playing Pacific on a Saturday, then surely they would have to travel on the Thursday at the latest. They will Need a day at least to adjust to the time difference, somewhere to train and do match prep, transport and hotels for 2/3 nights. Quite an expensive road trip.
  13. If you are a true fan of football you come and watch your favourite club every game you can regardless of weather you might get cold, wet or not!
  14. Halifax have other players signed already but have just not announced them yet like all of the other clubs. It’s just being stretched out by the league to keep the interest high. First the older foundational or local player signings to create the community story, create interest, support and season ticket sales. Then next will be an influx of younger Canadian players who might have a background of playing abroad elsewhere these past few years and of course some older internationals who are within budget.
  15. Sekunda is 23 and has 83 professional games under his belt which is 83 more than a number of other signings announced. He is young, technically strong and has the potential to play at a much higher level but just needs the right development platform which is what the CPL is all about. We don’t want a league full of older players having to drop down a level to where they can get minutes, we need 18-23 years olds that can be developed and sold on after 1/2 seasons. Playing for Canadian youth teams is no guarantee of future success as individual managers stick to certain types of players who fit their style of play and we hardly have a legacy of success! This has to be a league that improves the overall technical standard of Canadian football, developing players that are comfortable in possession, can play our and keep possession under pressure, like all the top soccer nations can. If this is just going to be a boys club so old faces can get game minutes the product will be predictable and dire. I personally hope SH signs a whole team of exciting and technically strong U23s as the on field product will entertain fans. They might not win the league but you will get your monies worth.
  16. If you were a manager or pro scout, Would you rather have a young player with experience, who has worked his way up through a professional club, overcome adversity , lived away from home for last few years, played USL, Swedish tier 3 and Australia whilst having to overcome the many personal and mental challenges encountered during his professional journey so far, or a player who has been living comfortably at home with his family and playing LIO?
  17. Also Hart is vastly experienced and well connected. I have no doubt Some of his signings may well surprise a few people and provide realistic sell on potential for the club
  18. They have only announced one player so far who happens to be a very good young Canadian professional who has had valuable experience in Europe. Trust me more than one player is signed with the club they just haven’t announced them yet but will be soon. Quality over quantity
  19. Tier 4 England £1000 to 1500 per week
  20. Did tell you those exact figures a few weeks back
  21. Lots of contacts are signed but Some clubs are clearly telling their players to keep quiet and some are not. The league are controlling how and when names are officially released.
  22. Just as an example, Halifax has 3x the population of the city of Norwich in the U.K. Norwich city FC get 20,000+ to home games. So if The CPL takes off the long term attendance potential is incredible !
  23. Must be a Canadian citizen if born in Burlington ? york 9 don’t seem to towing the media line with signings being leaked out
  24. The league needs to be put into simple perspective. It has been designed to allow the best young Canadian talent aged 16-23 to remain in Canada, so they don’t have to join a European 3/4th tier to scrape a living and get professional first team minutes. The 1% best of the best Canadians will of course still end up at Liverpool, Bayern M etc as money will always win the day, however now these young players can use the CPL as a stepping stone to bigger things. Hopefully in time the top professional Canadian player can stay and have a 15 year CPL career as the league expands but we are a long way off that happening right now. Let’s just enjoy watching some of these young talents mature into top players and get bought for a few million by the richer European clubs and that money can be invested back into the CPL. I think most of the CPL managers will be looking to move their top young talents on after 1/2 seasons and keep the conveyor belt rolling. We do need these more experienced players in though initially to raise the bar and provide some much needed European experience to the league otherwise we could of just rebranded L1O to CPL use the same players and it won’t improve year on year in much needed technical quality.
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