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  1. I agree they will be very competitive season 1.

    a mix of very good young and experienced players. Sukunda, Hocine, DeCarolis, Simmons, Langwa all bring priceless European first team experience to the squad. Add to that four excellent players from T&T with tons of experience and likewise the two from South America and you have a very strong core. Schaale, Lamy and Kodai are very interesting players who I think will do very well and also make an impact season one. Players like Scott Firth-and the beast may need a while longer to adjust to the professional level. Need two more wingers/forwards IMO. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Twardek was on the radar for a summer signing as would be a good fit for HFX and ex teammate of Langwa at OSU ( possibly Simmons too).  

  2. What do you gain putting out loads of videos ?   Forge have just put some clips on line showing training outside. The first clip shows me a scout that they have at least one player now who has a very poor first touch and poor decision making under pressure as he loses possession unopposed !  Did they think that through when they put the clip out ?


  3. Maybe the lack of training videos and coverage is deliberate. All the other clubs are showing their hand, most probably in an attempt to increase ticket sales etc. I’m thinking Hart is a shrewd operater and keeping his cards close to his chest. Everyone has written off HFX before a ball has been kicked. I’m thinking an element of surprise with HfX come game 1. He has a good bunch of hungry players who will play good passing football. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, DigzTFC said:

    I can't tell if I'm being too picky because this is my CPL team but.... they are significantly lacking in marketing polish behind Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Hamilton.  We've seen local media and interviews with players daily.  If you're out of market (Halifax) and trying to chose a team, access to team updates with prove crucial to grow the brand and its reach.  Having been born and raised there its not a choice for me but to some it might be.  It will be interesting to see if the marketing increases post USports Final 8 Bastkeball Tournament

    Yes Hfx are playing it very low key in the media. Maybe it’s a deliberate strategy by Hart being the wise & shrewd operator he is. Would be nice to get an update on the trialists though? Are they all still there etc?

  5. 4 hours ago, grasshopper1917 said:

    How can you determine in anyway the 'roster doesn't looks strong?' I don't think anyone really know how these rosters are going to perform in CPL. I don't think its like any city is blowing out the lights with top level stars. To me there will be no way to tell til the action kicks off.

    Totally agree.  People are getting so excited with names from the past who have returned to Canada well past their prime in many cases. All this talk about plenty of pace, speed, etc.  Top level football is a highly skilled technical art not a running track for athletes.  I actually think Hart has recruited very diligently with a good mix of pace where it’s needed in certain positions but balanced out with some young strong technical players who can create and make a pass.  I think if he can get them playing as a team they are going to be a top 3 side 

  6. 6 minutes ago, Copes said:

    Still curious about the de Carolis versus Zoom question I asked earlier? Likely competing with each other for the LB spot? 

    Also, the remaining 4 or 5 players that we will get (that aren't trialist or draft picks) have got to be offensive players, right?

    I think Carolis will play Left sided CB where he played last season in Sweden. Along with Hocine and John in a back 3. Sukunda and Zoom as overlapping full backs. Simmons as DM.  

  7. I’m sorry but that is not the case.  Yes an English National league north player that trains 2/3 a week is not going to be anywhere near as match fit as a Championship or Premier league player. However a Spanish German or Scandinavian 3rd Tier player who trains 5/6 a week is going to be very close. CPl players will only train 3/4 a week max once the season starts due to the traveling schedule so will not be any fitter than a third tier player in Europe. Someone put out some interesting stats last week on a signed CPL player last week who was playing in the third tier in comparison to a national team player I will find them and attach 

  8. Sweden have a structured 10 tier league system and the players in tier 3 train full time ( ie.4-6 times a week) get food and accommodation paid for on top of their wages so it’s probably a little insulting to refer to them as part time just because in General there is not a great deal of money outside of the Allsvenskan and Superettan league but the quality of player exists all down the top 4 tiers. Yes some also have let time jobs as well.  The CanPL is paying wages of around 30-35k to a high proportion of players and not providing food or accommodation to most So actually many players in Sweden tier 1 are financially better off than thier Cpl peers ! Food for thought ! 

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