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    Mikmacdo reacted to Obinna in General Discussion on CMNT   
    My last memory of Ricardo Ferreira was watching him get roasted by Zardes during a friendly between Portugal and the USA. 
    It was his only cap for Portugal, but he really struggled against fast players.
    He is a big body, a threat in the air, a good passer. He is not very fast and I doubt he is faster now post injury. 
    Very similar skill set to Vitoria. 
    Just a reminder before we start to get too excited about him. He might not even be good enough for us at the moment. 
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from CDNFootballer in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    IF the blue jays are allowed to play in Toronto why the hell couldnt CPL teams play at home. If they are worried about flying have the teams stay somewhere in Ontario. Forge, Y9, Ottawa could all play at home. I think we are pretty close to the point where you could have some fans as long as they socially distance (I saw them doing this in norway). 
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Obinna in Manjrekar James   
    I have been critical of Henry recently, despite defending him (excuse the pun) in the past. The mistake against Cuba in nations league was the last straw for me.
    I want to emphasize that Henry and James can both have a role in our team, but I will not turn a blind eye to the risks with both of them.
    If you want me to scrutinize another CB, I will point out that Cornelius slipped on the grass in the second Barbados game, resulting in a goal. I can forgive slipping on the grass. I can't recall any other big errors he made in a Canada shirt. Miller also has been pretty much mistake free. 
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Shway in Manjrekar James   
    This is a scrutinized assessment. If you do this with James,  then you can/should do this with every CB - especially with our "#1 CB" in Henry. 
    I do think when James played for NT, that he was better than Henry, and 1 of our best all-round CBs...like someone mentioned above, it's just weird how his club football took a little break. Let's hope this is a sign of him getting back to playing.
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Floortom in Manjrekar James   
    I’ve always thought he was the best of our CBs when wearing the Canadian shirt - steady, solid all around skills and no glaring weaknesses like the others. Shame his club career hasn’t progressed.
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    Mikmacdo reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    As far as I know not a single player from that video made it past u16 at TFC  or plays pro. Except Liam. (If anyone knows different please let me know)
    there were some really quality players there a keeper named Alex. A defender named Jayden A striker who’s name I can’t remember. . Glen  M and Shaun Hundal came to TFC a few years later than this video 
    Ryan Raposo wasn’t selected as part of that group. (too small again, Liam and Ryan played together for one season in Burlington U12) 

    The voice on the tape is Rick Titus btw.  A great coach from NMSC and TFC. Played a few games for TFC too ...

    sorry for my limited replies. the twitter post of my response on here has forced me to be selective in what I’ say. I thought this was  a closed group didn’t expect to be quoted.... I even msgd the guy on twitter Asking to take down the post and he blanked me and left it up. 
    Will try to add what I can but won’t talk any specifics at all as don’t want it repeated outside of here ....
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from Nate3322 in Kamal Miller   
    I hope they see him as a CB. 
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from costarg in Kamal Miller   
    I hope they see him as a CB. 
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from N1ckbr0wn in Kamal Miller   
    I hope they see him as a CB. 
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Club Linesman in The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira   
    Henry is in the lineup for Herdman without a doubt.  He took him during a window when he was suspended and going to miss a game cause of his leadership.  Herdman will be starting Doneil in every meaningful game going forward until someone leaps over him in the Siz’s eyes. Let’s hope Ferreira stays healthy and plays regularly.  That would end Vitoria’s run in the team (and I rate him) but he is too slow to play against the faster forwards.
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    Mikmacdo reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Champions!! Amazing for Liam to be a part of such an amazing club and not a bad year to make your senior debut!! Onwards and upwards!! #ynwa!!
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    Mikmacdo reacted to SthMelbRed in Liam Millar   
    Harvey Elliot is going to be a star for Liverpool and England for many years to come. Being behind him is no slight on Liam. There are others at Liverpool that are also ahead of Liam for late-season Premier League minutes. I summarised this a page or two back. The important thing for Liam right now is to learn as much as possible in training over the next couple of months and to choose the best loan arrangement on offer for next season.
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Free kick in TFC 2020 Season   
    Looking at the western conference draw now.   The draw is supposed to be random but the balls are miraculously falling into place so that regional rivals are grouped together.  
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from SkuseisLoose in Omar Marmoush   
    Lol nope. 
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from CANMNT_SUPERFAN in Noah Abatneh   
    hopefully he grows and becomes a centre back lol
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from Nate3322 in Noah Abatneh   
    hopefully he grows and becomes a centre back lol
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from JuicyHam in Noah Abatneh   
    hopefully he grows and becomes a centre back lol
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Stouffvillain in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Re: re-branding
    They are looking at all things but there isn't a decision either way. Response they've received is balanced, people from outside of the market seem to be in favour of it.  Owners have put millions into the club already, asking them for more would have to be confident that it would cut into the market.  Would you invest a million dollars in a crowded marketplace without universally positive appeal? 
    Elements within the brand are strong (i.e. nicknames) but there isn't allot outside of the trillium flower and the stripes. 
    Club was behind where they should've been after the training camp in terms of marketing.
    No names disclosed, it isn't about a name it's about a brand. 
    Surprised from statements from supporters groups as none had spoke to him about their feelings.
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from Ivan in Gold Cup 2021   
    Vitoria is old and glued to the bench so I'd go with Henry right now. Miller has looked good too.
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    Mikmacdo reacted to TGAA_Star in The next Canadian superstar   
    Rutty would be the right age same goes for Coupland and even Nelson
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    Mikmacdo reacted to PopePouri in Stephen Eustaquio   
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from N1ckbr0wn in Stephen Eustaquio   
    I think Cornelius has high potential but I really havent seen much from him yet. Waterman looked pretty good for the Impact, hopefully more CPL guys make the jump like Zator and Didic and we can see what they can do at a higher level. But really playing for the whitecaps isnt really a higher level than the CPL lol. 
    I prefer Miller over Cornelius and I hope he can play for Orlando. 
    I would like to see a 3 at the back with Waterman, Henry and Miller. 
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    Mikmacdo reacted to Bdog in Stephen Eustaquio   
    Our midfield is much better than people (like clueless redditors) realize, it really is just a matter of our back line not sucking. 
    It sucks that we have multiple CBs that are at least MLS starter level  in Henry, Cornelius, Miller, James, Vitoria, possibly Waterman/Zator/Didic or even Atiba yet no one is a clear #1. There’s a bit of depth if someone gets hurt but all these guys still scare us when they’re out there. At least our core is generally still young enough that one or two CBs can eventually emerge and we’ll still have a solid team around then. 
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    Mikmacdo reacted to LeoH037 in Stephen Eustaquio   
    He's still relatively young, playing at a good level, and his career is trending in the right direction.
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    Mikmacdo got a reaction from TGAA_Star in Best young players in the CPL   
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